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15th Jun, 2017



Supergirl fic search

Hi folks,

I'm looking for a Cat/Kara story, it's a part of a series, and in this one a guy who Kara went to the prom with is revealed to have date raped her, although Kara didn't realise that's what had happened. Cat wants to fire him but Kara says no and the guy continues to harass her at work with both Cat and Alex wanting to kill him. Any ideas?


21st May, 2017


Parks & Recreation Leslie/Ann Fic?

Ok so this might be a long shot but I remember reading a great Leslie/Ann story where Leslie is being interviewed by a journalist and talks so much about Ann the writer thinks they're a couple and comes to do a story on them and stay with them so Ann and Leslie pretend they're a couple and live together and actually do have feelings for each other
Does this sound at all familiar to anyone?

4th Apr, 2017


Looking for a story....

I'm not sure if anyone can help me, but I'm giving it a go. There was a Warehouse 13 story a few years back, but even thought I've scoured every place I know to look, I can't find it.

I remember Myka going back in time and meeting Helena at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. H.H. Holmes was involved as a villain, and Tesla may have been in the story (which may make it a Sanctuary crossover, but I can't be certain).

There were a couple of other stories I remember regarding Myka ending up in the Victorian Era, but that's the one I remember the most about. If anyone has any info on that or any other story like it, I would dance a jig. :)

31st Mar, 2017


Looking for 2 Otalia Fanfics

I can't seem to find 2 different stories. Can you help me?

1) Olivia is a vampire, suffering from amnesia she got in a fire. She's sired Natalia, who loves her. This is a completed work.

2) Olivia and Natalia agree to go on their first date. However, when Olivia goes up to her room at the Beacon, she's attacked by Frank. She winds up at the FOL with Natalia caring for her - though her knee is injured and she can't speak from being choked by Frank. Don't think this was finished. I recall a last seen I read as Alan coming out and being told to go away (not the actual words) by Emma and the rest of the family protecting Olivia.

22nd Mar, 2017



Fic: Even Heroes Have the Right to Bleed - Supergirl

“Mon-El has officially asked if he could court me.” Kara fidgeted, pushing her glasses higher nervously.

The silence was deafening. Alex blinked, sure that it was that last shot of whiskey that was still rattling around her belly, causing the burn in her gut. She wished she had another one, that she could swallow down along with her unexpectedly raw feelings.

“So tell him the truth, Kara,” Alex finally spoke, when she could breathe again, meeting Kara’s worried gaze. “Tell him that we are already bonded.”

Read more here: 1 / 2 /3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Author's note: This fic is in progress and is romantic Kalex (Kara Danvers/Alex Danvers). If that bothers you then please don't read. Otherwise, please enjoy!


20th Jan, 2017



CSI Miami femslash?

i know there is some Calleigh/Natalia fics out there, but is there any Calleigh/Tara fics? watching 07x17 and after the gazebo falls on Tara, Calleigh says "oh babe, come this way" and i can just imagine them being together and Calleigh slipping up in her worry.


7th Jan, 2017


Supergirl fics

Guys, what's the best place to find SuperCat fics with over 40k wording other than ao3 or ft.net ?

10th Dec, 2016


Alex/Olivia fic search

Hi, I'm searching for an Alex/Olivia fic from way back ....the scene I remember is that Alex had stayed over at Olivia's and is in the shower when Elliott calls to the apartment. Alex walks up the hall towel drying her hair asking Liv where her belt is. Elliot doesn't know they are together. Thanks :)

27th Nov, 2016


Looking for Fic

I am looking for a fanfic about Emma and Regina from once upon a time. In this fic Regina is with Robin and Emma curses herself to forget her feelings for Regina. No one at first realises anything but finally Regina figures out that it was her Emma forgot. Does this ring a bell?

27th Oct, 2016


searching for a swan queen fiction


I am desperately searching for a Swan Queen fiction that was taken down from fanfiction.net. It was an excellent story that I would love to read again. Does anyone have a copy that I can read of The Princess and the Prisoner by chrmdpoet? It is not often one stumbles over such a fantastic story and I am heartbroken that I can't find it anywhere. Please help

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