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20th Jan, 2017



CSI Miami femslash?

i know there is some Calleigh/Natalia fics out there, but is there any Calleigh/Tara fics? watching 07x17 and after the gazebo falls on Tara, Calleigh says "oh babe, come this way" and i can just imagine them being together and Calleigh slipping up in her worry.


7th Jan, 2017


Supergirl fics

Guys, what's the best place to find SuperCat fics with over 40k wording other than ao3 or ft.net ?

10th Dec, 2016


Alex/Olivia fic search

Hi, I'm searching for an Alex/Olivia fic from way back ....the scene I remember is that Alex had stayed over at Olivia's and is in the shower when Elliott calls to the apartment. Alex walks up the hall towel drying her hair asking Liv where her belt is. Elliot doesn't know they are together. Thanks :)

27th Nov, 2016


Looking for Fic

I am looking for a fanfic about Emma and Regina from once upon a time. In this fic Regina is with Robin and Emma curses herself to forget her feelings for Regina. No one at first realises anything but finally Regina figures out that it was her Emma forgot. Does this ring a bell?

27th Oct, 2016


searching for a swan queen fiction


I am desperately searching for a Swan Queen fiction that was taken down from fanfiction.net. It was an excellent story that I would love to read again. Does anyone have a copy that I can read of The Princess and the Prisoner by chrmdpoet? It is not often one stumbles over such a fantastic story and I am heartbroken that I can't find it anywhere. Please help

22nd Oct, 2016



Will that be all? Original fiction

Original title: Ce sera tout ?
Author: cleo_dacieuse
Translated from the French by: hotladykisses (with the author's permission)

Fandom: Original fiction
Pairing: F/F
Genre: Action/Romance/One Shot
Rated : PG

Summary: A French bakery at closing time. Young shop clerk Maud knows the drill inside out. But tonight, she is about to make a life-altering encounter…

Read the short story: Will that be all?

17th Oct, 2016


Brittany/Santana fanfic search?

I'm looking for a Brittany/Santana fan fiction I read ages ago, it may have been a multi chapter story or it may have been a one-shot.
I can't remember a lot of specifics but I do remember it had lyrics from Daydream Believer by The Monkees, what I do remember is that Santana's family reacted very negatively to her relationship with Brittany and locked her in her room so Brittany and I think Quinn, maybe some other Glee club members came to rescue Santana and in the back of Puck's pick up truck Brittany sang to Santana
any ideas?
It was great and my iPod was on shuffle and Daydream Believer came on and made me think of it, I'd love to read it again

27th Sep, 2016

beach tswift


Law and order Svu

I'm looking for a Casey/Olivia story I've asked for before but didn't get a result. But since I'm going crazy looking for it I'll try again.
What I remember from it is that Casey was raped or almost raped in this story and she stayed at Olivia's afterwards. In one of the chapters they Were talking on the couch and everything was so emotional for Casey and they began making out on the couch and Casey got off while grinding on Olivia's leg and she was so embarrassed but Olivia ensured her that it was fine. The story is an old one. At least 5-6 years old. Don't think I read it on the ralst site, but somewhere else.

If you know of it please let me know, cause I've been thinking about this story for about a year and it's driving me insane that I can't find it!

16th Sep, 2016



(no subject)

does anyone know where to find thw virtual seasons of Women's murder club? i know ive read it in the last 18 months, but now the site is down. is there any other place than grumpy designs to read it?

3rd Sep, 2016



Lost Treasures is available in paperback and eBook formats

Originally posted by jazwriter at Lost Treasures is available in paperback and eBook formats

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