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30th Apr, 2016


Looking for a Voyager fic (B'Elanna/Seven, Janeway/OC)

I'm looking for a fic called Everything. I don't remember who it was written by.

20th Feb, 2016



Supergirl (TV) recs?


Do you have any Supergirl (TV show) recommendations?


9th Feb, 2016



Clexa or similar stories

Are there any good Clexa stories that aren't on ff.net or Archive of Our Own?
With more than 80k wording.

Or similar stories to Clexa and SuperCat, as in angst-y stories?

Or teacher/student stories? (Student being over 18, but still in HS)

Fingers crossed for some stories.

Thank you! :D

7th Feb, 2016



First EVER fanfic attempt. Stella Gibson x Tanya Reed Smith 'The Fall'

The elevator dinged to announce it's arrival and Stella was spooked out of her contemplation of Reeds sudden departure. She stepped onto the elevator and push the button to her floor and leaned against the wall releasing a frustrated sigh and pushing the hair from her face, The elevator arrived on her floor and the doors opened to reveal a flustered looking Tanya with a shy smile on her face, Stella stepped out and turned to Tanya 'I thought you left, croydon girl' Tanya blushed and stuttered over her words 'I got as far as the cab rank outside, and realised I was throwing away the most exciting opportunity I've been offered in years, But I'd like you to come home with me, the house is empty and I think we'd be more comfortable' She waited with bated breath for Stella's response......

'Do you promise not to run away from me again if I do' Stella husks, raising a perfectly shaped eyebrow at the beautiful woman standing before her, 'Ye ye yes I will try my best' the professor nervously mumbles and turns to call the elevator, suddenly she feels the soft shape of her companion mold into her back and fells stella's hot breath on her neck as stella whispers seductively into her ear, making her shiver involuntary 'good because I'm not letting you go again'. The elevator arrived and was luckily empty so no one witnessed Professor Tanya Reed-Smith trembling with anticipation.
Back ont the Ground floor of Stella's plush hotel she catches the attention of the bartender and asks for a cab to be called and two double Connemara 12's with Ice on the side, she turns to her left and draws Tanya closer to her, passing her a glass with a slow smile, 'Drink, it will settle your nerves'. Tanya takes the glass from stella's well manicured hand and returns the smile, 'thanks, but I'm not nervous, just very excited to learn what will come once we reach my home' leaning forward to place a soft kiss on Stella's cheek, blushing as she does so. The bar tender approach's the striking look pair of ladies to let them know their taxi has arrived. Once outside the hotel Stella allowed Tanya to walk ahead to give the taxi driver her address and opened the door to allow Tanya to enter the car first, it gave Stella the chance to ogle the professors pert bottom in her skin tight leather trousers, Tanya sat herself on the far side of the car and waited for her date to join her. Stella seductively slid into the car and sat as close to Tanya as she could, placing a hand on her knee she leant over and gently pressed her lips to the sweet skin underneath the professors ear, she slowly began to lick and nibble her neck whilst sliding her hand higher up the leg she was stroking and was pleased to find Tanya relaxing her muscles to allow Stella's hand to slide higher up, she released the breath she had been holding when the hand stopped short of the junction between her thighs, 'don't worry Tanya, I won't embarrass you here' Stella whispered into her ear. The car jolted to a stop and the driver alerted them to the fact they had arrived, Stella handed the driver the fair and told him to keep the change then opened the car door and climbed out, holding the door open for Tanya, who accepted the hand that was offered to her and lead them to the front door of her modern Irish house, taking a sobering breath she lead stella to her kitchen, striding over to her top of the range Egg fridge she reached in and retrieved the cold bottle of sparkling water, turning to stella asking if she would prefer something else, 'No, water is good, i'd like us both to be clear headed, I don't want either of us to feel I took advantage of a drunken you, now would you like to take this somewhere more comfortable, she asked with a raise of her eyebrow. Tanya picked up the glasses and bottle of water and brushed past stella with a coy smile and come to bed eyes.

4th Feb, 2016


fic search

Does anyone recall a fic where tara helps buffy to heal through meditating in the woods using the magic from the ley lines and they fall in love

4th Jan, 2016


Cosi Fan What Now?

Fandom: VERY LOOSELY based on the Mozart opera Cosi Fan Tutte
Title: Cosi fan What Now?
Author: KJ
Rating: T
Pairing/Characters: Bella Long/Lily Tremaine
Word Count: 47,063
Summary: An inappropriate wager and hidden agendas lead to two women finally recognizing the love that had been before them all along.
Note:   This story is based on one performance of Cosi Fan Tutte where the chemistry between the singers playing Dorabella and Fiordiligi was off the charts amazing.  It is posted on Archive of our Own, so I am linking there instead of posting all eleven chapters individually.    I've never done this before so I hope I am doing it correctly and I hope you like.


3rd Jan, 2016

faith S4 puppy


FIC: Friend In Need (Dark Angel, Max/Cindy, Explicit)

Happy New Year!

Title: Friend In Need
Author: frogfarm
Pairing: Max/Original Cindy
Fandom: Dark Angel
Summary: Max is in heat. Cindy can't bear to see her best friend suffer.
Rating: Explicit? Oh mais oui.
Words: 10,842
Warnings: None
Partial list of kinks: Awkward romance, best friends, light angst, light dom/sub, spanking, blindfolds, trust, no safeword, orgasm delay/denial, mother nature being an asshole, crack treated seriously, the author regrets nothing

Started thirteen years ago and set aside. Recently inspired to finish. Hope you have as much fun as I did.

Alternate take on "Meow". Cheerful Bechdel test fail. But it's still all about the femslash.

"Never let it be said Original Cindy didn't rise to a challenge." Her determination softened as she stroked Max's forehead, moving down to cup her cheek. "Don't you worry about a thing."

"I -- you mean --" Max sat up, her bewilderment slowly turning to something else.

"I mean you and me." Cindy let her eyes do the talking just long enough. "Gettin' busy."

(Read at Archive Of Our Own)

21st Dec, 2015

Amelie 2


Buffy Fic Search

I'm looking for a Buffy story where after she died the PTBs allowed her to say goodbye to one person. She choose Faith. While saying goodbye in a Slayer dream she asked Faith to watch over Dawn. After Faith promises she goes up to heaven. The Watcher's Council has Faith freed & returned to Sunnydale. In Sunnydale Faith makes amends with the Scoobies & eventually begins a relationship with Willow & Tara. In this story Anya & Xander get married in Vegas when the group goes there for the weekend, while Buffybot which Faith stop from destoryed kills the demon that tries to stop the wedding. Also, Buffybot has a boyfriend who knows she's a robot but, doesn't care he loves anyone. Spike falls in love with someone, too & because of all his helping out earns his soul.

I think the name of this story is Second Chances. It used to be on ff now I can't find it. Am I using the wrong name? Or was it removed? If it was removed is it posted anywhere else?


7th Dec, 2015



CSI Sara/Sofia fic recs

Been having a CSI marathon and noticed the connection between Sara and Sofia that I haven't before. So I was wondering if there where any long fics with them. Am finding a lot of short ones.

4th Dec, 2015

Anne Tucker Quote


Fic: In the Cradle of Her Hands (How to Get Away with Murder, Annalise/Eve)

Title: In the Cradle of Her Hands
Author: phoenixfalls
Fandom: How to Get Away with Murder
Pairings: Annalise Keating/Eve Rothlow
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 474
Warnings: Contains breathplay, under-negotiated kink
Author's Notes: Written for the 2015 Annual Femslash Kinkmeme on Dreamwidth
Summary: Eve’s hand slipped, just a little, to push against the front of Annalise’s throat, and Annalise pressed into it.

( Read on AO3 )

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