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7th Aug, 2016



Fic: Fruitful Endeavors

Title: Fruitful Endeavors
Author: Semerket
Fandom: Batman
Pairing: Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn
Rating: T for language, but some chapters might go up to M. Appropriate warnings will be given at the time.
Disclaimer:  I don’t own DC comics.
Summary: After finding out that she is pregnant, a frightened Harley goes missing and Ivy tries to find out what happened to her. Sequel to a previous fic "What Love Is". This is a FEMSLASH.

Read it Here


Fic: What Love Is (18/18) complete

 Title: What Love Is
Author: Semerket
Fandom: Batman
Pairing: Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn
Rating: T for language, but some chapters might go up to M. Appropriate warnings will be given at the time.
Disclaimer:  I don’t own DC comics.
Summary: Ivy is sick of Harley's delusions. After Ivy reveals her feelings to Harley, she does what she can to lead her away from the Joker's abuse as the couple deals with threats both inside and outside of Arkham Asylum. When the situation deteriorates, they find themselves entering into a tense alliance with Batman and the police to save Gotham City. (FEMSLASH).
Read Final Chapter )

21st Jul, 2016

Amelie 2


Buffy Challenge

I recently watched The Heavenly Sword. As I watched I keept thinking of how perfect that sword would fit in the Buffy series. So, here's the challenge: Faith is the sword wielder & she's still a slayer. Introduce her to the gang in season 4 & have her to take on Adam, then have her take on Glory. Also, she always been on the side of good. Optional relationship between Buffy & Faith.

11th Jul, 2016



Pairing or characters: Cara/Kahlan. Various other characters, canon and non-canon.
Word count: 5721 (give or take a few with tweaks)
Warnings/Rating: Usually rated teen (14 and up). Other times rated R or NC-17.
Disclaimer: These characters are the property of Disney and Terry Goodkind (the main characters, that is) .
Author's notes: This is my first story composed of "chapters." The time period is 1066. Our 1066, not any time period that may belong to the books or the television series. In this setting, the Midlands and D'Hara are medieval kingdoms (known as England in modern times). Update note: I had most of this chapter written since 2014 and 2015, but my laziness and lack of enthusiam kept me from updating. Then work got in the way. Today, though, while off from work for a second week in a row and watching some Cara clips on YouTube, I decided: "Let me go ahead and update this story." I had to spend a few hours adding more to the update and tweaking things, but it was worth it.
Summary: The Lord: Lady Cara Mason would have never predicted that her hot-headed twin brother would be so selfish as to put her in this position — to where she must not only assume his identity but his marriage as well — but, alas, here she is. Looking every bit the part and awaiting his bride. All of this while he attends to "urgent matters." All of this to save their lands. Cara only hopes that it's worth it. She hasn't had much "experience" with women, though she has "dabbled," and is quite sure that she would have been better off had a certain male appendage been appointed her life-mate than the woman she will soon meet.
The Lady: If there's one thing Lady Kahlan Amnell knows, it's that she's not attracted to men. Not sexually. Not generally. So it is not in any way forgivable that her father, Wyborn, King of the Midlands, guilt-trips her into marrying none other than the enemy, Cal, Earl of D'Hara, to unite their feuding kingdoms and to hopefully defeat the invading Normans. But as Kahlan makes an attempt to find some common ground with "Cal," it may be commonalities with Cara she finds instead.

Chapter 1 (if you need to start from the beginning, need to catch up, or just refresh your memory). Read Chapter 3 here.

This story (the censored version, when it comes to a few words and later regarding sexual aspects) is also available at Fanfiction.net

7th Jul, 2016

Seven Pointed Supernova


Painkiller Jane Vid

Title: Something's Happening to Me
Fandom: Painkiller Jane
Pairing: Jane Vasco/ Maureen Bowers
Warnings/ Notes: wounds/ gore: Jane ends up getting injured (mostly shot) a lot (and subsequently regenerating/ healing) which can be gory, some quick cuts and bright flashes
Summary: Started as a vid focusing on Jane's newfound regeneration abilities, ended up focusing a lot on Jane and Maureen.
Rating: PG-13

Here on AO3

4th Jul, 2016

Seven Pointed Supernova


Wynonna Earp (Waverly/Nicole) Vid

Title: You're the One
Fandom: Wynonna Earp
Pairing: Waverly Earp/ Nicole Haught
Warnings/ Notes: quick cuts
Summary: Waverly and Nicole's romance
Rating: G

Here on AO3
Tags: ,

15th Jun, 2016

Four Alarm Fire


Deep Space Nine Vid

Title: Red Belt (all the feelings that you feel)
Fandom: Star Trek: DS9
Pairing: Jadzia Dax/ Lenara Kahn
Warnings/ Notes: some quick cuts
Summary: Jadzia and Lenara's past and present
Rating: G

Here on AO3


Los Hombres De Paco

Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about Los Hombres De Paco (the spanish soap opera that gave the world Pepa/Silvia) specifically what happened with Pepa after Silvia's death, I never really heard anything about how they dealt with that and was wondering if anyone knew anything
I remember really loving the clips about Pepa and Silvia's relationship (but since I don't speak Spanish I needed english subs so I'm so grateful to the person/people who took the time to put the English subs on the clips)
I just wondered what happened to Pepa or if the show ended after the disastrous wedding?

11th Jun, 2016

Seven Pointed Supernova


Criminal Minds Vid

Title: Somebody to Love
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Emily Prentiss/ Jordan Todd
Warnings/ Notes: some quick cuts and bright flashes
Summary: Emily and Jordan's wonderful chemistry
Rating: G

Here on AO3

27th May, 2016


Walking On A Dream - 1/12

Author: pure_ecstasy6
Pairing: Mirandy <3
Rating: Explicitly R18+ Language and Sexual Scenes.
Beta: None. Me, myself & I. I apologise for any and all mistakes.
Disclaimer: The Devil Wears Prada character's aren't mine, I am simply borrowing them, and I make no profit from this. All of the other character's are my own creations.
Special Thanks: To my dear friend Martha and for what, you may ask?! Well, continue reading and you will see! Also a big thanks to zingleagain you know why!
Notes: All my notes for certain chapters are at the end of said chapters some of which you'll find in the comments section as the posts were too big to add anything else.
Feedback: Not mandatory but obviously as a writer this is always welcomed and appreciated!

CHAPTER ONE: http://pure-ecstasy6.livejournal.com/35596.html

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