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10th Jul, 2018


popular fic search

Hey guys,

I'm looking for a Popular fic in which Sam and Brooke have a frenemies with benefits thing going on, which is somewhat destructive at first (iirc, they are with other people). Brooke is also very dominating in some of the sex scenes (fairly sure it was Brooke and not Sam).


9th Jul, 2018


looking for a fic

I'm looking for a Sam/Janet Stargate Sg1 Fic.  It's been a long time since I have read it.  I can't remember the name or who wrote it.  It was an AU story.  Sam meets Janet at the ER.  Sam slipped on some ice and needed to get her wrist checked.  Janet was on duty and took care of her.  Sam was mugged so she didn't have her wallet.  Janet offered to pay for it.  When Janet's husband sees the bill he gets mad at her.  Her and Sam start meeting for lunch.  I remember more but let me know if this sounds familar to anyone.

3rd Jun, 2018


Bering and Wells

Hey all,

I'm looking for a myka/HG fic where somehow myka goes back in time and works with CAturanga to save Christina. I know that the team ends up opening a portal and someone comes through but that myka ends up in a sarcophagus.

Any help is appreciated!

23rd Mar, 2018


Buffy/tara fic search

Does anyone remember a story where tara is helping buffy heal from her return fromm death bg using the magic in the ley Lines.

9th Nov, 2017



Website Down

Two days ago Ralst's P&P site went down with an Internal Server Error. Sending a message to the webmaster email came back with a reply that the email address don't exist! Anyone know what's going on? Was in the middle of a trip down memory lane with some Cath&Sara over on Csi page. Good memories :)

12th Oct, 2017


Finding Stories

I am looking for any or all of the Imps & Queens fics by looselybound. Does anyone have copies or know where they can be found?

1st Oct, 2017



Looking for a Greys Anatomy story

Looking for a Erica/Callie story from 08-10?
All I sadly can remember is a scene were they were making out in the kitchen after a patient death(?) against the cold fridge and the fridge handle was digging into Ericas back and they decided to slow it down.
Think it might have been a virtual season or something.

Thank you!

16th Sep, 2017

Amelie 2


Help Wanted

I have an idea for a story but, I'm not a writer as you will see. I can barely form a sentence. However, this idea won't leave me alone since I read some Wonder Woman (2017)/Power Rangers (2017) crossovers stories. As well as an old unfinished Buffy, the Vampire Slayer/Lost Girl crossover & an unfinished Wonder Woman 2017 story.

In the story I Am Meant To Be To Be Wherever You Are (Hopefully Next To Me) By Combackbehere. Diana wished to be a mother & just like  Queen Hippolyta made Trini from clay. In the story  It's Not About Deserve, It's About About What You Believe (And I Believe In Love) By Movingforthesakeofmotion. Diana adopts Trini after helping her biological mother give birth, during which the girl dies asking Diana to raise her child & name her Trinity. In the story A Piece of Him By Christmas 95 Diana founds out after the death of Steve she's pregnant with his child. In the Buffy/Lost Girl story Myths By Michele D when Willow did the spell to call all the Slayer she used Faith as the one to channel the Slayer power through because she was the last chosen Slayer. When Willow did this & Faith held the scythe it unleashed Fae powers within Faith.

Now, the  story idea I had is to combined these stories into a combination of them. Diana gets pregnant by Steve & has the baby in Themyscira. Then she raises Faith as an Amazon warrior for the next 80 to 100 Themysciran years but, 15 or 16 man years. This story line has been used in the TV series where Diana is over 2,500 Themysciran years old but, only around 27 man years old. Depending on if you want to keep the Buffy timeline Faith would be 80 Themysciran years old. Also, after 80 or 100 years on the island have Diana & Faith come back to the world of man where Faith will then become the Slayer. Now, what I really want for Faith is to give her a better life with a loving mother. If you want to keep Buffy cannon on a lot of things you can have Faith & Diana visit Paradise Island or just have Diana take Faith with her when she travels. In doing this you answer questions from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. In which Bruce asks Diana where's been. And what Diana meant by things plural that she's killed not of this world. I just thought of something else from that movie that could get Faith away from Sunnydale Diana mets Bruce while trying to get Steve's picture back. You could have them leave because they're looking for pictures of Faith's dad. But, otherwise Wonder Woman is in Sunnydale with her Slayer daughter facing vampires, demons, & The First, & Travers. I would love to see Mama Wonder lay a smack down on him. This leaves all the problems Buffy had to faced alone without making Faith go evil.

Just a few things I'd to see in the story: 1.) Faith's the one Willow takes the essence of a Slayer from NOT Buffy. This is a FAITH story not Buffy. 2.) Since she's the daughter of a Goddess, Amazon, & she's a Slayer when she holds the scythe after the spell have her powers be released as well making the scythe her's as well. 3.) If you continue the story or set it after Chosen Faith can help Diana & the Justice League since there will be more then enough Slayers she can turn her attention elsewhere. 4.) Make Faith immortal. Between her mother, her time on Themyscira, & being the last chosen Slayer any one could trigger immortality. Altogether, I'd say it's almost guaranteed. 5.) I would like to see Tara as Faith's love interests. But, I'm more interested in the Faith/Diana side of the story & Faith helping out the Justice League because she's an immortal Slayer. 6.) Also, you can explain the of modern world to Faith & Diana by having her watcher teach them about the advances in techonogy etc. Faith's wather can cacth them up on the modern world until she's killed & they go to Sunnydale there you can have Willow tudor them. Diana was very knowledable about computers,  planes, & securty in Batman V Superman where did she learn it if she was hidding from the world for 100 years.

14th Sep, 2017


Multi-femslash Big Bang

Welcome to the first year of wlwbigbang!

At this point writer sign ups are closed, but artist sign ups are open until October 5th 2017.

Sign Up | Challenge Info | Schedule | Contact

Challenge Overview:

This is a big bang challenge for the sapphics, celebrating femslash pairings across many different fandoms. The main ones are RWBY, Star Trek, and Supergirl, plus more than ten others fandoms.

Authors have to write a minimum of 10,000 words, while artists have to create at least one piece based on the fic they claimed. Various types of art are allowed, including traditional and digital art, graphics, gifsets, moodboards, fanvideos, and fanmixes.

Fics and art pieces are due in late November.

Please check our tumblr for more information and specifics.

9th Sep, 2017


Looking for a Law and Order SVU FIC Alex/Olivia

I'm posting this request on behalf of a friend.

What I remember is that Olivia and alex start dating and decide to have a party to come out to their friends. everyone is supportive except for Olivia's brother. I remember Olivia gets shot and in the end I think her and Alex have twins.

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