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10th Jan, 2019

janet stars


SG1 Fic: Apology

Title: Apology
Fandom: SG-1
Pairing: Sam/Janet
(Janet centric)
Rating: PG
Word count: ~1890
Spoilers/Timeline: Set post Heroes. Spoilers for Heroes (s07e17-18). AU due to Heroes fix.
Summary: Janet and Sam go to visit Janet's parents and run into an old friend of Janet's. Janet gets to apologize for something she's always regretted.
Disclaimer: SG-1 its characters belong to B.W., J.G. and MGM. No copyright infringement intended, no money be made.
A/N 1: My most heartfelt thanks to beta extraordinaire jazwriter. Any mistakes contained within are completely my own.
A/N 2: This is the result of a prompt I saw on DW in a challenge comm that I am not a participant in. It just sort of caught my attention and inspired this story. The prompt was: second chances.
A/N 3: I am posting this as part of the Snowflake Challenge, Day 10: Create a fanwork. :)

26th Nov, 2018


It's been a long long time....

Hello all,

Its been years since I have been an active member on LJ and it dawned on me that some of my favorite fanfic and the glorious minds that created them lived her once.  I am hoping that many of them are still active and still keeping fanfic alive.  Long story short any recs?  I dont even care about the pairing, I have been out of the game so long that I am sure there are some new and amazing pairs that I dont even know about.  Your suggestion and links would be appreciated.  I would like to get back in the game if at all possible.

Thank you in advance

7th Nov, 2018


Grey´s Anatomy Fic Search


I´m looking for an old Meredith/Christina fic.

It took place after the failed wedding with Burke. Christina and Meredith decide to make use of the still valid hotel reservations Burke had made for the planned honeymoon trip.

Thanks in advance

2nd Oct, 2018

Alicia Adams

Grey's stories

Hi i've been trying to find these calzon stories.

1. Arizona is raiseing her brother two children after his death and his wifes. the daughter older then boy who 3-6 years old. I remember callie panic because while shoping the boy hides from her but Arizona calms her down. The maternal grandparents sue for costudy of them because Arizona was gay they lose. That all i remember.

2. Starts out Arizona and Callie in highschool and dateing callie plays softball. Something happens and the girls are seperated. Callie ends up at seatle grace after Arizona been there i think. The slow rebuild their relationship and when the staff plays baseball Arizona convince Callie to play maybe pitch.

3. I swear the title is something like Two's Company Three's a Crowd.basicly Arizona is struggleing with her place in Sofia life and her relationship with Callie because Mark keeps interfering in their family. He always there to be with Sofia nearly 24/7. Callie blind to it but everyone else see it and tries to help. There one scene where Arizona finally gets a chance to hold and spend time with Sofia in the lobby of sgh Miranda or chirstina provent Mark from taking Sofia from Arizona and confront Callie about whats going on.

I read these all on ffnet.and once again i open to suggestion for any really good Arizona or Calzon fics and addmer or merder (i know its not f/f pairing but im a mix shipper F/f f/m m/m) fics.

1st Sep, 2018


Once upon a time

Hi, some time ago I read some fics by Seriousish, loved them but unfortunately did not download. Would anyone have saved copies or her work? The Wicked Stepmother in particular... Thanks :)

21st Aug, 2018

Alicia Adams

Voyager fics

Hi guys i'm looking for a couple of fics with the borg infant and the only scenes i remember may be from the same fics but im going to seprate them as if they weren't cause its been years since i read voyager fic unitl recently.

1. B'Elanna builds a crib for the baby to regenrate in and seeing seven with the kids triggers something with in her

2 seven has to fight a member of the infants speices to the death in order to keep her as the race will kill her for being borg and not pure or imperefect.

3 B'Elanna helps seven with the kids. I think she offers to watch them so seven can rest.

4 its a long shot seven and Torres are mated when seven emoitons effect her and the kids are exprincing the same issue and they regenrate often because of it. I think voyager is close to a space event happening. I think janeway is dateing someone and a mother to both seven and torres.

Ill take recammendtion of stories to. I admit that for voyager and sg-1 fanfiction i only went to p&p and fanfic.net mainly p&p so i know im missing great stories. I like t/7 but im open to others thanks for any help.

14th Aug, 2018

Alicia Adams

Trying to find several stories

Hi this is my first post ever on lj so i hope this works. I've been looking for a couple of stories for a few years now and im hopeing you guys can help me out on and then there a few i just recently tried to locate again. Im pretty sure they all are slash or headed that way.

1. Glee quinn rachel story with a strong friendship between faberry and Britana. Rachel is a cuter who trys to kill herself but quinn shows up saving her. No it not how they started listening. The big difference is Quinn call Santana to come fix Rachel arms and Rachel hadn't taken any pills or get drunk.The girls refuse to leave Rachel but don't tell anyone why or what happened. Rachel quits glee and i think stops sing for a while. Sanatana and Quinn perform a duet for Rachel and Britt giveing them candy and a toy stuffie. Fin throws a fit when he realizes that quinn asked Rachel out. Shue tries to punish the other for fin actions.Shelby comes back wanting an honest relationship with Rachel. They form a new glee club where Shelby treats all members as equals. There a scene where they perform something like a refft off (like pitch perfect. Will tries to take over her club.

2 Rachel and puck form a best friend sibling bond where they call everything with jew infront of it like jewmily. Its a series has quinn/rachel san/britt kurt sam puck mercades. The last thing i read they where in ny living and blaine was rachel brother by shelby.

3. This one has britt and san as a couple but they are not the focus. Shelby ends up with coustdy of both Rachel and quinn because the berry and fabery are abusive. I think the title is one word.

4. Buffy. Ok i don't remember much i know its a series its eitheir a b/w/t or a b/w/t/f couple the only scene i can remember is buffy gets pulled over by the same cop a couple of time and one of the girls is pregangt. But one time buffy shouldn't have been drive because she had lost her memory and was gaining it back slowly.

5. Charmed x buffy. Not sure on the pairing willow focused. Kenndy cheated and got pregant but was planing on aborting the child so Willow magicly stole it putting the baby in her and runaway from kenndy ending up with the sisters. I think the baby was a boy and Willow liked Dawn weird cooking.

6. Voyager b/7 get sent to a prison world that time runs faster by so what voyager time is a week for them its years. They become mates on the planet also forming a tight bond with another couple. When they are released voyager crew is shocked at them beining mates. Seven pragent with belana child. Voyager runs into their prison friends and let them join the crew.

7. Thershold (tonight im bad at spell so ive probly spelled the title wrong) by elizabeth carter it's part of her A mile series. Just wondering if she every posted it

8. I belive its a series but voyager runs into a race that seems friendly and willing to help them but they dislike hybrids so the crew pulls away from b'lanna and naomi then seven. The three end up running away when thing get to bad and voager crew tries to make up without actually accepting responabitly and expecting thing to go back to normal. I think sam actully give b/7 costudy of naomi.

9. Er abby/kerry its a long story the only thing i remember is Abby helping by taking a rope down a whole to rescue someone and she and kerry where fighting but possible merried

1o. Kerry/kim are together and have a daughter who deaf possible another older child. Soccer was a big deal for one of them. Kim parents or family acted like raceist when kerry friend from africa held their daughter and sings to her.

I thank you all for at least reading this.

10th Jul, 2018


popular fic search

Hey guys,

I'm looking for a Popular fic in which Sam and Brooke have a frenemies with benefits thing going on, which is somewhat destructive at first (iirc, they are with other people). Brooke is also very dominating in some of the sex scenes (fairly sure it was Brooke and not Sam).


9th Jul, 2018


looking for a fic

I'm looking for a Sam/Janet Stargate Sg1 Fic.  It's been a long time since I have read it.  I can't remember the name or who wrote it.  It was an AU story.  Sam meets Janet at the ER.  Sam slipped on some ice and needed to get her wrist checked.  Janet was on duty and took care of her.  Sam was mugged so she didn't have her wallet.  Janet offered to pay for it.  When Janet's husband sees the bill he gets mad at her.  Her and Sam start meeting for lunch.  I remember more but let me know if this sounds familar to anyone.

3rd Jun, 2018


Bering and Wells

Hey all,

I'm looking for a myka/HG fic where somehow myka goes back in time and works with CAturanga to save Christina. I know that the team ends up opening a portal and someone comes through but that myka ends up in a sarcophagus.

Any help is appreciated!

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