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Sara with sunglasses

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Drabble - Spelunking We Will Go

Title: Spelunking We Will Go
Author: Ann
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Catherine/Sara/Sofia
Requested by: mrswoman
Word Count: 499
Written for the Overblown Drabble Challenge
Disclaimer: No ownership; however, no one else would ever claim this one.

“I can’t believe I’m walking around in bat shit.” Sara slipped on the slick surface as she walked behind Catherine, bringing up the rear.

Catherine stopped abruptly, whispering, “Shh, Sofia will hear you.”

Sara was just able to stop before she broadsided the other woman. “I’m starting not to care anymore. This was a horrible idea.”

“Are you telling me you’re no longer interested in nailing Sofia?”

“Nailing? Don’t be so crude, Cath, but to answer your question, yes, I’m still interested.”

Catherine grinned saucily. “You haven’t lived until you’ve done it in a cave.”

“I just want to get her attention, not have sex in a cave.” Sara didn’t sound very convincing. “Hey, wait a minute. None of the sexual exploits you’ve told me about involve a cave, and we certainly never did it in a cave. So, who have you done *it* with?”

“Hey! Are you guys coming or what?” Sofia yelled back at the two stragglers.

“We’ll be right there, Sofia! Go on ahead, we’ll catch up.” Catherine waved, and Sofia smiled as she turned to explore more of the dark cavern.

“So?” Sara stood with hands on hips, waiting for Catherine’s answer.

“Sofia. I did *it* in this very cave with Sofia.” Sara jaw went slack. “Why do you suppose I suggested we come on this idiotic cave expedition? Did you think I really meant all those oohs and aahs when she pointed out those stalag-a-ma-jiggies? She gets very *excited* in these caves, almost primal. It was the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“You had sex with Sofia?” Sara couldn’t believe her former lover. Here Catherine was trying to help Sara snare the other woman, and she’d already explored the territory.

“Oh, get over it, Sara; it was months after we broke up. Besides, I’m with Wendy now.”

“How come you didn’t tell me?”

“Because I knew you’d go ballistic. Now, here’s the deal. I’m going back to the car and take a nap. You go on ahead and find Sofia. There’s this grotto ahead, something like a cave in a cave or that’s how Sofia explains it, but anyway, it’s clean and comfy, and the best part is that it makes Sofia very horny.”

Sara glanced in the direction Sofia had gone, seemingly uncertain as to what to do. Something was definitely holding her back.

Catherine grinned knowingly. “Hey Sara, there’s no bat shit in that grotto, only smooth rocks.”

Sara’s head snapped up, and Catherine nodded in confirmation. Sara looked down at the shitty path and then peered further into the cavern. She could just make out Sofia’s shadow up ahead. Gamely, she began to slowly maneuver down the path, using her hand on the wall to keep from falling.

Catherine turned to make her way back to the Denali, a smile forming on her lips. She’d failed to tell Sara about the resounding echo the grotto produced. With the windows down and the back doors open, she’d be able to hear everything.
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Ha! That's hilarious. Though I was really hoping for a threesome...lol

Sequel? *begs* *& offers yummy sweets & goodies*
Glad you enjoyed it, but as ralst pointed out, inhaling bat guano can be hazardous to one's health, so I can't in good conscience continue the tale. :)
For some reason, the title makes me laugh, just like Sofia's cave fetish. You better damn well claim this as yours, because it's lovely. Thanks for the laugh. :)
The title made me chuckle, too. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to write a drabble to match its humor. Glad to see it made you laugh. :)
Isn't breathing bat shit deadly? Another cute fic (have you taken out a patent on them?), and I'm glad it turned out not to be a threesome fic.
Overexposure to bat guano can indeed cause major respiratory problems. Good thing there isn't any in the secluded grotto. :)

Side note - I just looked up to see Lucy looking back at me. Damn, she's hot. *fumbles to find the post comment button*
Side note - I just looked up to see Lucy looking back at me. Damn, she's hot. *fumbles to find the post comment button*

I thought it only fair that both women have their time in the sun. I'm kinda hoping to find a good pic of both of them together, and maybe one of Hudson Leick to add to the mix, before Xena gives way to Voyager (the hunt for a decent copy of the Seven/Xena photo shoot will signal the hand over).
crap..I have a copy of that issue of TV Guide but it's at my dad's house..grrr...I think..I'll search through my unpacked boxes of books when I get home.
LOL...that all I have to say..*g*
Right back at ya. :)
My best friend is a caver, I'm never going to look at those pics the same way again!

I bet she (he?) will wonder why you're looking so closely at the path instead of the stalagmites & stalactites. :)

Glad you enjoyed it.
you did it again :D But then again, you probably couldn't write a bad fic if you tried ;)

A sequel would be nice ;)
you probably couldn't write a bad fic if you tried

Trust me, I really can. In fact, I can write bad fic even when I try not to. Glad you liked this one though. :)
*snickers* LOL!
Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. :)
Hello friend *G* and good job. Cat knew about the Echo.. i guess she'll be having her fun. -wink- maybe cat will call Wendy on the cell phone... have a little fun of there own. -wink-
Yeah, Catherine pretty much had the upperhand the entire time. :)
Aw. Sneaky Catherine. Very nice indeed.

I went inside this cave once, a bit of a walk from the beach, and it had a rather smooth grotto with a small spring. It was crazy amazing in there, and the echoes were incredibly clear 'til all the way outside. *smirk*
Yep, Catherine is very sneaky.

Good to know that the echo part of the fic was actually a possibility. :)
That my dear was as good as I expected it to be :)

I might have known you'd get Wendy in there somehow.

Just so you know, it really was just what I needed at this point in time. Thank you.
Glad to see that you approve. Somehow, I thought a little humor might be appreciated. :)

As for Wendy...
No threesome, sorry; I guess I did false advertise. mrswoman asked for a 3-some but said friendship would count. Of course, had Catherine not been with Wendy, this one might have turned out completely different. :)
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