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FIC L'angelo con capelli rossi Part 7 (of 7) L&O SVU Casey/Original

ok so this is the shortest chapter and I can't tell you how close it cam to being tragic!! ... but I guess some people do deserve a happy ending

Title: L'angelo con capelli rossi

Author: Kirsty1181

Show: Law and order SVU

Rating: PG .. not much in the way of smut

Pairing : Casey/Original Character

Disclaimer: They only belong to me in my dreams and Unfortunately I don’t sleep well, the only thing that is mine is Angela, whom I created with great love.

Note:Big Thank you to my good friend Sarah who made it readable for everyone 99% of the full stops and other punctuation are hers, Also I never told her this but she influenced the plot a great deal from conception every word to the end of chapter 6 was taking the story in a tragic direction but your love for Angela saved her life … and … just a big thank you for helping me through a difficult time the last few months, you’re a Star and a very good friend. And that is why I give this story to you with great love!


Summery: Angela’s life isn’t going very well and just when she’s thinking it’s not worth going on… she’s raped… but maybe it’s the best thing that happened to her and maybe she’s finally on the road to getting her life on track and the woman of her dreams

Part 6 and links to parts 1-5 are here ---->

Chapter 7 Angela looks towards the emerald city… Pizza, DVD and a kiss.. Oh my!


The half eaten pizza lay discarded on the coffee table and a DVD playes quietly in the background, we sit on the sofa legs tucked in tight facing each other the conversation turned serious


“Tell me about her” Casey’s words are soft and gentle


“There isn’t much to tell, her name was Maureen and she had been referred to me through a friend of mine, she refused to report her ordeal to the police but she wasn’t coping. I had been meeting with her for 6 months twice a week, she was a sweet girl, she came form a well off family. She had gone to a party, she thought that maybe her drink had been spiked … she blamed herself” I pause and Casey sits looking at me patiently waiting


“The last session I had with her … I should have seen. The signs where there, she thanked me for my help, I told her not to be so silly it was my job…I should have seen” I feel fresh tears slide down my cheeks and I wipe them away


“I guess it’s stupid… I should be professional … distant” she reaches forward and wipes tears from my cheek


“Then you wouldn’t be you” she smiles warmly


“She sent me a letter … it arrived a few days after she died …” more tears fell from my eye’s and I couldn’t stop them or wipe them away quick enough so I let them fall


“She thanked me for my help … said it wasn’t my fault… she said that she had finally taken control of her own life… that she needed to make a decision and follow through… that this was the best way to save her … she said she knew how upset I would be … that I should be proud that I gave her strength and not feel that I had missed a weakness” sobs escape me and Casey moves forward and hugs me, I hold on tight to her


“There I go crying on you again” Casey pulls back and lifts my chin so that out eye’s meet


“You can cry on me anytime… I just wish you had told me before… I could have helped, supported you… I just wish you had been honest with me” I shrug,


“being open is not one of my strongest skills” Casey smiles


“We’ll have to work on that…” I nodded my head I had more I could say … more of myself I could give her but it really had been a long day and I felt drained.


I guess it was my exhaustion that made the next moment seem so surreal, but when her lips first touched mine it took me a few moments to realise it was really happening and a few seconds more to tentatively respond, her lips where soft against mine, she pressed forward and ran her fingers gently down my cheek.


The kiss lasted forever but not long enough at the same time when I pulled back and took an unsteady breath, Casey spoke first her voice thick with emotion


“I’m sorry … that was.. Inappropriate” I shake my head slowly and smile


“No … not if you meant it” Our eye’s meet and we both smile and she blushes slightly


“Will you have dinner with me when this is over?” I smile at her nervousness


“Casey we’ve had dinner together hundreds of times” she blushes more and I take more pleasure than I should from it

“Your determined to make this hard aren’t you?” I nod and smile


“Angela will you have dinner with me … on a date” she rolls her eye’s at having to spell it out and I pretend to think it over …


“I’ll need to check my diary … Yes I would love to” it’s me who initiates the next kiss and she responds. I’m sure I’m not dreaming because even in my dreams our kisses where never this good.


When we brake apart again I look into her eyes


“Casey you understand I have to take this slow?” her smile is reassuring and she nods


“Yes I do” with that she hugs me and we end up in our usual position, of her lying the length of my sofa and me on top my arms tight around her waist and my head on her shoulder, the only difference is the occasional kiss and the change is welcome


**Fade to black**


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