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Loving Annabelle fic - What You Want

Title: What You Want

Author: cyandragonfly

Fandom: Loving Annabelle

Rating: G or K depending on where you come from.

Disclaimer: The only thing I own is my artwork and the order the words come in.

Distribution: P&P, lovingannabelle, femme_fic

Summary: must read instructions before reading. This is a tiny thing about Simone thinking, after she's warmed up to the idea of loving Annabelle (hardy ha) a bit.

Spoilers: Watch the movie.


INSTRUCTIONS: Okay, so, me and my brain decided to go experimenting with fic writing yesterday. And I finally mannaged to finish this. So, to begin with, the writing style is something I haven't used before and asside from that, I've made it so that a picture of mine is part of the actual fic. So, bare with me. (I think the instructions are longer than the fic...)

1 - Right click on the link and open in new tab or window so that it's loaded by the time you need to look at the pic (but make sure you don't look at it first!)

2 - Read the start of the fic that you'll find under the cut below

3 - Look at the picture

I hope that's not too big an ask of you guys. And I hope you enjoy.




"You're a great teacher," she had said. "But you should be taking pictures." Hadn't Amanda told her the same thing? Right before she...wrote that note.

She remembers how Sister Claire, back when she was young and causing almost as much trouble as Annabelle, asked the class to think about where they wanted their lives to go; no matter where that was. And then to write it down. Write it down and keep it in a secret place and open it when you were older.

She remembers how she was afraid to write the truth - about spending her life taking photos and sitting on the beach with A and maybe a baby in the future. And how, instead, she wrote about finding a man, teaching at the school and settling down.

She recalls being warned to be careful what she wishes for.

Sitting up in bed, Simone finds a blank page in her notebook and begins to write.

An hour later she puts down her pencil.

Tags: fic, loving annabelle

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