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Fic: Control

Title: Control
Fandom: Bad Girls
Pairing: Helen / Karen / Frances
Rating: 18
Summary: Frances discovers that control is overrated
Disclaimer: The smutty imagination is mine, everything else belongs to Shed
A/N: This is short and smutty. Just so you know.
A/N 2: Cross posted to badgirlsslash 

It was only ever meant to be a couple of drinks. A straightforward meeting in the pub. A chance for the three of them to talk; to figure out how to get Fenner out of the way for good. To come up with a plan to prove that he killed Yvonne; to clear Karen’s name. The evening had been fraught with anger and emotion. It had taken a few drinks to break the ice; a few more to block out the painful memories and yet more for them to find themselves hailing a taxi and stumbling up the stairs to Frances’ flat.

Frances couldn’t remember how it had started; couldn’t recall who’d kissed whom first. Had she smiled seductively at Helen or had it been the other way round? Had it been Karen’s hand on hers, or had she initiated the contact? Not that it mattered now. The beginning of the evening, the conversations in the bar already seemed like a distant memory, fading quickly as she felt herself pulled back onto the spacious bed; Karen’s mouth on hers, Helen’s hands tugging at her jeans. She reached out indiscriminately, craving the feel of another human being. One hand stroked through blonde hair, the other light brown.

Usually Frances thrived on control. Under normal circumstances, letting go was out of the question. Letting go meant admitting she was lost. But the drink had blurred the boundaries; the edges weren’t so clear now. The room was littered with discarded clothing; three bodies were intertwined on one bed. Frances swore loudly as she succumbed to the dual assault of Helen’s fingers and Karen’s tongue, as an unidentified hand closed over her breast and her skin tingled in harmony.

Perhaps control was overrated after all.
Tags: bad girls, fic

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