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FIC: And the sky's still up over Iceland... (multi-fandom)

TITLE: And the sky's still up over Iceland...

AUTHOR: </b></a>ncruuk 


DISCLAIMERS: The shows belong to their creators, the pop-culture references belong to pop-culture and the events referenced throughout this story are garnered from the BBC reporting on this issue

FANDOMS & PAIRINGS: (Not the ones I originally intended to use, but never mind) An ecletic mix - L&O (Abbie/Serena); SG1 (Sam/Janet); NCIS (Jenny/Ziva); Bad Girls (Helen/Nikki); Hospital Central (Maca/Esther)

SPOILERS: A working knowledge of the shows helps but isn't essential... although there are technically two tiny spoilers for L&O and Hospital Central that I'm personally not convinced are spoilers as they are from series long ago and now both accepted as part of the rich tapestry of the show

REASON FOR WRITING: I felt I needed to tip my hat in this direction on this most landmark of non-landmarks... and then I rejoined the real world in which this event really needs to be acknowledged as the progressive step it is.

"I'd like to propose a toast..." [cut to personal LJ]
Tags: bad girls, hospital central, law & order, ncis, stargate

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