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CM Fic: Stray Bullets

Title: Stray Bullets
Author: Kassandra Luem and Carly Carter
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Emily JJ
Rating: M
Summary:         “Emily stood trapped. To her left, four security guards stood with their guns pointed at her, demanding she hand over her weapon, badge and the document. To her right her team – shocked, disappointed, angry, afraid.”
Disclaimer: Don’t own nothing
Dedicated: To us, we rock…

 Link to Chapter 1&2


Chapter 3


It was Garcia. Emily could hear her sobbing, but her eyes were fixed on JJ. Wide, clear oceans of blue stared at her, tears pooling in them, spilling over and running down her cheek. Involuntarily, slowly, she raised her hand, as if to touch Emily. Emily could almost feel the touch of JJ’s hand on her arm even though she was standing at the other end of the room.


“Emily” Morgan said firmly and took a step towards her. Her eyes ripped away from JJ’s and focussed on the man that had been like a brother to her for the last two years. And now, she could see the plea in his eyes, the plea not to put all of them through this, the plea not to do what she so desperately felt was the only way out at that moment. She didn’t know how to give him what he was asking for. He’d been so angry, he’d shouted and lashed out at her. And now here he was, coming towards her, asking her in the name of all of them to keep going even if she didn’t have anything left to keep going for.


The gun in her hand trembled, she could feel her insides clenching and from the corner of her eye, she could see Hotch gesticulating wildly to someone. Garcia was still sobbing and Reid just looked too shocked to react in any way. Her team. Her family. The people she had lost. The people she had given up because she’d thought it was the only way to keep JJ safe. And now here was JJ, safe and sound but with a look of utter terror on her face that Emily knew she would never forgive herself for. She took another step back, needing to put some distance in between herself and those people she cared for so deeply. There was no way back. She pressed the gun more firmly against her temple, the more she felt her hands shake, the harder she needed to feel the cold mouth of the gun against her skin.


“Emily.” a trembling voice whispered.


“JJ…” Emily said, her voice breaking in between the two letters.


“Please, Emily, put down the gun.”


“I can’t.” Emily answered helplessly. ‘How can I?’ she thought. ‘It’s all that I have left.’


“Please, trust me, Emily.” JJ said, stepping closer. “Please.”


“Please step back.” The security guard ordered JJ, but Hotch sent the man a look that silenced him. This day had been gruelling enough, he didn’t want any blood shed. He trusted JJ was the best person to get through to Emily in that moment.


Morgan watched on, as JJ moved closer, he saw Emily stiffen in fear. He pulled his own gun. He took aim before Hotch noticed, Hotch was too focussed on the girls. Morgan was a good shot. He would just aim for the gun, shoot it down away from Emily’s head. He was confident she wouldn’t be badly injured. And then, something happened.


Emily’s eyes widened in fear. She was longing for JJ, but frightened too. She pointed the gun at the blonde woman still metres away from her. She would never hurt JJ. She just couldn’t bear her to come any closer.


The security guards drew their weapons, Morgan aimed his gun and Emily held her own gun pointed at JJ. Then, there was a shot.




Present day.


On a plane somewhere above the Atlantic, Gideon noticed Emily starting to fret in the seat beside his. At first, he was inclined to ignore it, knowing how embarrassed she’d be if he actually woke her up now. But when she started thrashing around and kicked him in the sides with her elbow for the first time, he decided it was probably better to wake her up. She was moaning and whimpering in her sleep and her whole face was one of helpless terror. For a moment, it threw him to see Emily so different from the way she usually presented herself to the world. When she was sleeping, there was no compartmentalizing to hide behind, no Prentiss-mask to keep up. And somehow it scared him. He’d never seen this side to her and he was so used to cool, calm and collected Agent Prentiss that he didn’t quite know how to deal with emotional, troubled and unguarded Emily.


The second blow to his sides threw him out of his reverie however and he knew he just had to wake her. Slowly, cautiously, he reached over and lightly touched her shoulder.


“What are you doing?” the Ambassador inquired suspiciously, looking at him with a critical eye.


“I’m trying to wake her. She’s having a nightmare.” He explained, not sure if Emily would actually want her mother to know. But he couldn’t have the Ambassador being suspicious and withdrawing from him. Not now, when he was so close to completing his assignment and finally getting back to his life – a life that didn’t involve Ambassador Elizabeth Prentiss.




Deep inside her troubled nightmare, Emily stood in the hall of the FBI building.


One second she had the gun pointed at JJ, scared of her coming closer, of her breaking through the wall of finality she had erected in between herself and this cruel reality she saw herself confronted with. And the next second, the gun was ripped from her hand by a sharp, hot jolt of something against the metal handle. It happened so fast she only noticed she wasn’t holding the gun anymore when it scattered across the floor and came to a stop somewhere between her and Garcia’s feet. And she only fully realized she hadn’t been able to prevent her stiff index finger from pulling the trigger when the second shot rang through the deathly silent hall.


Her hand hurt like hell, she’d probably sprained her wrist. But her hand was the farthest thing from her mind as she raised her gaze from the gun on the floor and looked up into JJ’s wide open eyes, her face frozen in horror, her entire frame starting to shake.


Emily’s gaze moved slightly past JJ’s head and with her heart dropping into a bottomless abyss she noticed the tiny, circular hole in the glass wall, mere centimetres beside where JJ was standing.



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