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Finally (Part 2)

Author: Fanchiction
Title: Finally (Part 2)
Fandom: DWP
Pairing: Andy/Miranda
Rating: NC-17
Diwsclaimer: Don't own anything
Summary:  Finally, Andy gets to say what she wants to say after Paris. 
In this chapter: Their relationship grows...
A/N: This is my first fanfiction, so enjoy!

Andy smiled when she woke up to see blue eyes piercing into her. She pulled the sheet up to cover her top half, and scooted down to rest on Miranda’s naked abdomen, occasionally letting her fingers lightly scratch her there. 

“Mmmm…” Miranda hummed in pleasant response.

They lay like that for awhile before Andy spoke. “What’s your favorite color?” she asked.

“Hm...” Miranda answered, “I suppose it would be white. What’s yours?”

“Red.  What’s your favorite food?”

Miranda took a moment to decide. “Dark chocolate—and I can’t just eat it everyday. But when I do…” she let her throaty laugh echo in the room for the second time tonight, and Andy decided she could get used to that sound.

 “Miranda Priestly likes chocolate? I never would’ve guessed. My favorite is gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches-- Nate used to make them for me when we—“she stopped herself.

Miranda shifted beneath her. “It’s all right, Andrea. I’m well aware that the boy existed. Though I would prefer that he didn’t.”

“Tell me a secret that nobody in the world knows about you,” replied Andy, successfully ignoring the second part of her lover’s comment.

“Oh, I don’t know. Everyone assumes that I’m some kind of a frigid prude… But I very much enjoy sex—especially now that I’ve done it with you.”

Her confession made Andy smile against her. “You know those Twilight books that Caroline is into? I love them! And when I took her to that release party, it wasn’t just for her. She was just my cover so that I didn’t seem like a creepy 28 year old.”

Miranda let out a snort. “You are just as bad as these kids! I knew you were in on it!”

“Now that that’s off my chest, what’s your favorite place in the world?”

Miranda gently ran her hands through Andy’s hair. “My father’s hometown in England. When he was still alive, he used to take me and my sister every year… it’s so beautiful.”

“Which part is he from?” asked Andy.

“North Yorkshire area. I’ll take you there sometime.”

Andy smiled against Miranda’s stomach. “I’d like that.”

“So, Andrea. It’s your turn. Spill,” Miranda encouraged.

“ I love…” Andy started before getting up to face Miranda. Once again, big brown eyes locked with blue. “Promise not to laugh?” 

“Of course.” Miranda’s tone was so tender.

“My favorite place is here,” she confessed, as a slight blush warmed her cheeks. 

“Honestly?” Miranda queried. “You don’t mind having to hide from Emily every time she brings the book over? Or getting a taxi at midnight to drive back home to get ready for work the next day just so you can hear about mine and the girls’ day at dinner?—“

“Miranda, calm down. I do all of that because I love this place—I love you,” Andy blurted. She saw Miranda internally panic for a moment before composing herself. “I shouldn’t have said that. You don’t have to say anything back.”

Miranda gave Andy a gentle kiss to reassure her. “I know I don’t have to say a thing, Andrea. But I think I do. Love you, I mean.”

“Cool,” Andy answered at a loss for words as she noted Miranda’s uncovered body. She licked her lips, her eyes turning a shade darker.

“Very cool,” Miranda agreed, a little stunned by Andrea’s sudden attitude change. 

Andy’s lips found Miranda’s neck, eliciting a soft moan from the older woman. She trailed kisses down her body until she was beneath the sheets, where she most wanted to be. 


Andy groaned as she exited Josh’s office. He had just accused her of having “sloppy” work and seeming “distracted” lately. Andy now regretted having gone on the defensive. 

You’re just jealous because I actually have a personal life,’ she’d said. ‘I’m sorry if my life doesn’t revolve around my job.”

She’d instantly seen the rage in his eyes. ‘You’re right. It doesn’t. But now you’ll have plenty of time for your wonderful personal life, Andy. You're fired.’

And now, that was exactly what Andy was going to do. She started grabbing all of her office supplies as tears filled her eyes. Her cell phone rang and she saw Miranda’s name flash.

“Yes,” she answered, trying to compose herself.

“I’d like you to pick me up for lunch today. What do you think?” When Andy didn’t answer, Miranda elaborated. “It was just a thought.”

“Just a thought, Miranda?” Andy repeated, barely containing her emotion. “You seriously want me to walk into Elias-Clark and take you out on a lunch date? What the fuck were you thinking, Miranda? Did you even consider discussing this with me first?”

“I just… I thought it was what you wanted,” came Miranda’s frail reply. “I’m sorry.”

Andy cringed for being so irrational. “Forget it. I’ll see you at dinner tonight, okay?”


They hung up and Andy finished grabbing her things. There wasn’t much there, and she didn’t want to have to make two trips. 

She said her goodbyes and left the job that she’d always dreamed of.


When Caroline and Cassidy spotted Roy and got into the car, they were shocked to see Andy already inside. 

It was raining outside, and the traffic was horrible. The three girls decided to grab some hot chocolate and now they were bundled up in the family room watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s. 

“You know, you remind me of Holly Go-Lightly,” Cassidy admitted, looking over at Andy.

Caroline nodded in agreement. “Yeah, you’re both really pretty.”

“Thanks, you guys,” replied Andy, shocked at the tremble of her own unsteady voice. It was obvious that she’d been crying.

“Are you okay, Andy?” Caroline asked as she sat up.

“Yeah,” she smiled into her tears. “I’m just tired.”

The girls knew not to push, so the room went back to silence as they watched the movie. As it neared the middle, they heard footsteps on the hardwood floor. While the twins got up, Andy remained bundled on the couch watching the movie.

Cassidy hugged her mother. “Mom, Andy surprised us afterschool! It was so much fun!” she yelped.

“That’s wonderful, girls. Now go do your homework.”

“But the movie’s not over yet, mom…” Cassidy insisted.

Caroline hugged her mother before elbowing her sister. “We’ll finish it after dinner, Cass. Come on.” 

Once the twins were gone, Miranda walked over and sat next to Andy on the couch. 

“Andrea?” She hesitated before continuing. “Darling, I… I didn’t mean to overstep today. I’m so sorry. I’m just used to being in charge at work… and in my relationships—but I love that you actually have a voice. I don’t ever want to mute it. Do you forgive me?”

Andy’s eyes fluttered toward Miranda before falling back on the television. “I’m not mad at you, Miranda.” She heard her girlfriend sigh next to her and they sat in silence for a few moments.

“I got fired from The Mirror today,” Andy admitted, still focused on the movie.

"Why? You are an amazing writer?” Miranda was frantic.

“I had a disagreement with Josh.”

“A disagreement? I’ll call in some favors and have him fired!”

“No, Miranda. It was a long time coming,” Andy resolved. She finally sat up and faced Miranda. “I used to think that it was what I wanted, but I was so unhappy the whole time.”

“Move in with me,” Miranda suddenly replied.

“What? No—“

“Move in and take your time figuring out what you really want to do. You could write some pieces for Runway in the meantime—we’d be honored to have you,” Miranda insisted.

“That’s just it, Miranda. You can’t just swoop down and fix everything. I can take care of myself.”

“I know that you can, but you’re young. Do you really want to waste your time building a career that doesn’t make you happy?” Miranda asked, making Andy get lost in thought. “Just think about it and give me an answer later.”

“Okay. I’ll think about it,” Andy agreed.

They shared a gentle kiss before watching the rest of the movie.


Andy took a deep breath before entering the enormous Elias-Clarke building. She smiled at the familiar security guard and boarded the elevator up to Runway offices. 

Heads turned and she started to hear whispers all around her as she trekked toward Miranda’s office. When she finally reached it, she was greeted by Emily’s stunned face. 

“Hi Emily,” Andy started. “It’s good to see you.”

“What are you doing here?” Emily was obviously about to go into one of her panicky fits. “Miranda will kill me if she sees you.”

Andy laughed. “I don’t think she will. We have an appointment.”

Emily stared her down, not quite convinced. “Are you insane?” she sneered.

“Just let her know I’m here.” Andy was beginning to grow impatient. 

Emily picked up the phone and dialed into the office behind her. “Yes Miranda. Andrea Sachs has some insane idea that she’s meeting you.” Andrea waited patiently. Suddenly Emily hung up and glared at Andy. “I told you! She hung up on me. Now get out before—“

Miranda’s door opened and she stood staring at Andy, obviously surprised. “Hi,” she whispered.

“Hi,” Andy answered.

“Come in,” Miranda invited before shooting a look at Emily. “And you can close your mouth, Emily. Andrea is welcome here anytime.”

Emily sat back in her chair, a slight shade darker. “Yes, Miranda.”

Andy followed Miranda into her office and closed the door behind her. As soon as she turned around, Miranda pushed her up against the wall and kissed her. Their hands explored each other’s skin and Andy moaned as Miranda sucked on her pulse point. “Miranda, we can’t—“ Miranda cut her off with another passionate kiss. Just as she began to unbutton her blouse, the door flew open and they immediately pulled apart from each other. 

Nigel entered the room and gasped as he realized what he’d walked in on. “Oh, sorry!” he yelped shielding his eyes as the two women composed themselves. “Everyone was whispering about Andy, and I came to see what was going on—I didn’t think… Obviously, this isn’t what I expected to see,” he held back a laugh.

“It’s okay, Nigel,” Andy replied as she gave the man a big hug. “How’ve you been?” she asked.

“I’ve been well. And what about you? You just show up one day and decide to make out with our Miranda?”

Miranda took a small step toward Nigel. “Nigel… Andrea is my girlfriend.”

He did a double-take. “Your what?”

Andy walked over to Miranda and held her hand. “We’ve been together for about three months—“ Miranda continued.

“Four months, love,” corrected Andy. 

Nigel stared at them for a moment before a big grin came over his face. “I knew it! I knew it all along! I always felt the sexual tension between the two of you. I just never expected either of you to act on it.”

“Well, we did,” Andy grinned. 

“We’ll have dinner and you can tell me how this happened. But I’ve interrupted your time. I’m sorry.” He reached for the door.

“Nigel. We’d appreciate if you kept this news to yourself. At least for now,” said Miranda. It was more of a threat than a question. 

“Of course. My lips are sealed.” Nigel gave them both a sincere smile before exiting. 

Once he was gone, Andy dropped Miranda’s hand and started pacing. “Oh my God,” she whimpered.

Miranda cooly walked over to her chair and sat down. “Did we just… come out?” she asked.

Andy stopped movement and kneeled next to her girlfriend. “We did. We just came out,” she confirmed.

“And we’re both okay with this?”

Andy nodded and gave a Miranda a gentle kiss, but it was broken by their laughter. 

“I just came to say ‘hi’. I know you have meetings through lunch,” Andy remembered. 

“I wish I didn’t. I’ll see you at the house tonight?”

“I’m stopping by Lily’s gallery opening, but I’ll come over after.” 

They kissed each other goodbye and Andy exited the room. She snuck a glance at Emily, who sank further into her desk chair. She took a deep breath and held her head up high as she waltzed through the offices and back out into the real world.

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