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Finally (Part 3)

Author: Fanchiction
Title: Finally (Part 3)
Fandom: DWP
Pairing: Andy/Miranda
Rating: NC-17
Diwsclaimer: Don't own anything
Summary: Finally, Andy gets to say what she wants to say after Paris.
In this chapter: Their relationship continues to grow...


Doug had talked Andy into joining him for some drinks after they left Lily’s art show and now, after some much needed catching up and a little too much to drink, they were talking and laughing in his apartment.

“He’s amazing, Andy. He’s sweet, he’s hot, he’s perfect! I want you to meet him--!”

Andy grinned because she couldn’t tell if Doug’s cheeks were red because he was blushing or because he was drunk. “I can’t wait to meet him!” she squealed.

Doug giggled before settling down on the couch across from Andy. “So what’s yours like?”

“Amazing… I’ve never felt this way about anybody,” she sighed thinking of her Miranda.

He searched her eyes to see if she was serious or not. “You love him more than you loved Nate?”

“Doug, I love her more than I’ve ever loved anyone else.”

Doug’s smile faded as he processed the information. “Wait—her?”

“Yes, her.”

“Her who?”


Doug put his drink down and stared at Andy. “Miranda who? Andy…”

Andy grabbed Doug’s hand and nodded her head. “That one,” she said, as if she’d read his mind.

“Whoa. You’re serious?”

Andy began to laugh as her grip on Doug’s hand tightened. “I’m so serious.”

He joined in on the laugher and gave her a huge hug. “Sweetie! I’m so happy for you! Even if you are dating Satan—“

“Hey, my girlfriend is not Satan.”

His laughter grew at her protest. “Okay, fine. She’s definitely not Satan and she definitely did not make you cry on multiple occasions…”

Andy let go of Doug’s hand and locked eyes to let him know that she was still sober enough to speak her mind. “I know that I made her seem really bad before. But she’s good to me. And she’s beautiful—and she’s so smart! I don’t know how, but she knows everything. And the sex is… well… hot.”

“You’ve had sex already? Wow, you are seriously dating Miranda Priestly. What did Lil say?” he asked.

“She doesn’t know,” Andy confessed. She suddenly felt like shit.

Doug thought for a minute before speaking. “I get that. She’s a tough crowd.” He wiped a tear that had made its way down her cheek. “But if she finds out from somebody else, she’ll never forgive you for keeping it from her.”

Andy slowly nodded in agreement. She wiped her eyes before glancing at the clock. “Shit, it’s late. I should go.” She tried to stand but her lack of balance pulled her back into the chair.

“Just stay and I’ll help you figure out the whole Lily thing later,” he assured.

“Yeah, okay,” Andy replied before curling up on the couch. Doug disappeared for a few minutes before bringing out some blankets and pillows.

“Goodnight my little lesbian friend,” he teased, as he placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.

“Fuck you,” Andy giggled before drifting right off to sleep.


Andy was puzzled as she approached the townhouse. It was 11am on a Saturday morning, yet none of the windows were open. It wasn’t like Miranda to sleep in.

She pulled out her key and entered, trying to be quiet just in case her love had decided to sleep late.

She tiptoed up to her bedroom and slipped in the door, which had been pulled slightly adjacent. She immediately grinned at Miranda who was still in bed in her PJs—sitting up and typing away on her laptop. She peered at Andy from above the rim of her glasses.

“Good morning, beautiful,” Andy greeted. She swiftly threw off her shoes and hopped onto the bed next to her girlfriend.

Miranda continued to type without any further communication. Andy sat for a minute, a little confused by the coldness seemingly directed towards her.

She softly cupped Miranda’s cheeks and forced the older woman to acknowledge her. She gave her a gentle kiss and scrunched her brow in silent question.

“I didn’t expect to see you here,” Miranda finally gave in. She folded the top of her laptop down and placed it on the nightstand next to her.

“Why not?” asked Andy.

“Well, you didn’t call me back last night and you didn’t show up. I was so worried that I called your friend to ask if you were alright,” Miranda explained, with a little bite under her words.

“Which friend?” came Andy’s tentative reply.

“She told me that you were off with some Doug person before calling me all sorts of wonderful names. It did wonders for my self-esteem, Andrea,” Miranda continued.

“Which friend, Miranda?” Andy asked with a little more urgency in her tone.

“Lily. I found her number in your drawer.”

“Oh my God.” A flash of rage pulsed through Andy. Miranda had given her a drawer to give her a sense of privacy—and now she had invaded the only shred of privacy between them. “You had no fucking right to go through my things!” she shrieked.

Despite Andy’s tears, Miranda remained calm. “You told me that you were coming over. When you hadn’t shown up by 3am, I got worried. I didn’t think for a second that you would be off partying like a teenager—I don’t know why I didn’t think of it—you’re barely out of grade school.”

“You are unbelievable, Miranda,” Andy hissed. She grabbed her shoes and stormed out of the house without looking back.


It had been two days since their fight, and neither Andy nor Miranda had apologized. Andy was driving herself crazy. She was jobless, for one. But she also hadn’t talked to Lily yet, despite the missed calls that had flooded her phone over the past two days.

These had been two of the worst days of Andy’s life because, most of all, she missed Miranda. She felt guilty for treating her so harshly—because she knew that, deep down, she was just trying to look out for her. But instead of apologizing, she’d been in bed stuffing her face and feeling sorry for herself.

It legitimately scared Andy when she heard a knock on the front door of her small apartment. She pulled herself out of bed and glanced at the clock on her nightstand. ‘1:00am’. Then it hit her—Miranda, finally there to apologize.  Andy stumbled over to the door and pulled it open.  She was surprised to find Lily on the other side.

“Where the hell have you been?” Lily demanded, as she pushed her way past the door.

Andy closed the door and followed Lily inside. They allowed an awkward silence to fill the room for a moment.

“I thought you were dead or something! Jesus, Andy.” This time Lily’s words had more concern in them.

“I’m so sorry,” Andy apologized. “I’ve had a rough couple of days. I’m sorry you had to find out about us this way. Miranda didn’t mean—“

Lily nodded. She seemed uncharacteristically at a loss for words. “Andy, Miranda didn’t tell me about your relationship. She made up some bullshit story to find out where you were that night, and I told her to fuck off.”


Sensing the confusion in Andy’s tone, Lily continued. “But when you disappeared, I called Doug. And I guess I freaked him out because he finally spilled everything today.”

“Lily, I—“

“Look, I’ve been walking around the city all night trying to figure out how I should feel. I mean, I don’t care that you’re with Miranda or whatever’s going on—but I’m hurt that you think so little of our friendship.”

Andy took a deep breath figuring that the worst of this conversation was over. “I don’t! I’m sorry, I don’t know what to say.”

“Say you’ll never do it again. You’re my best friend, Andy. That’s not going to change— no matter how crazy I think you are.”

“I promise.”

They settled on the couch and continued to talk through the night, eventually drifting to sleep. They were surprised to wake up to a loud banging noise coming from the door. Andy rolled her eyes to show Lily how annoyed she was.

The noise was persistent, so Andy finally staggered across her room to answer.

“What?” she demanded as she swung the door open.

Her big doe eyes locked onto Miranda Priestly, as if she were a brand new sight to see. She pulled at her oversized sweatshirt, a little embarrassed at her appearance. Before she could speak, Miranda pounced, backing Andy into the apartment with feverish kisses and desperate hands. Andy moaned and returned all of the actions until she heard Lily clearing her throat behind her.

Miranda sprung back from Andy and shot a glance at Lily.

“Is this Satan?” Lily asked Andy.

“In the flesh,” Miranda countered. “I take it this is the overprotective friend?” she asked Andy.

Lily got up and stretched out her hand in greeting. “Lily. The best friend.”

Miranda shook her hand. “Pleasure,” she snorted.

Lily grabbed her purse and walked towards the door. “I should go. I’ll talk to you later, Andy.” She opened the door to leave.

Andy waved. “Bye, Lil.”

“Oh, and Miranda... If you hurt my best friend, I’ll hunt you down and kill you,” Lily warned.

“It’s been a pleasure,” Miranda pointedly called out in dismissal. Lily left without another word.

The two lovers focused their attention back on each other.

“I’m so sorry. I don’t know why I didn’t call you the other night. It was stupid—I get that you were worried, and you had every right to call Lily to check up on me.” Andy’s words were rushed because she was so nervous.

“I would never tell your friends about us if you weren’t ready, Andrea. Besides, I wasn’t just worried about your safety. You left me once already. How do I know that you won’t do it again?” Miranda asked.

“Are you serious? These past few days without you have been the most miserable days of my life. I can’t leave you, Miranda.”

“I’ve been miserable too,” admitted Miranda.

“I look like shit,” Andy confessed, once again pulling at her sweats.

“You,,, are beautiful,” Miranda insisted.

Andy grabbed the older woman by her shoulders and pulled her into a passionate kiss. “Do you know how much I missed kissing you...?” Her breath was ragged. “…touching you?” They struggled to remove each other’s clothes as they pushed through the apartment and into the bedroom.

Once they were naked, Andy pushed Miranda backwards into the bed and straddled her. “I’m sorry that I left you,” she whispered.

Miranda pulled her down for a hungry kiss and maneuvered so that she was now on top. “I’m sorry that I called you a child. You are very, very grown up,” she growled as she took Andy’s nipple into her mouth.

Andy gasped, relishing in the hyper-sensitivity that she seemed to be feeling. It felt like she hadn’t been touched in months.

As Miranda sucked and nipped at her girlfriend, she traced her fingers down in a path to Andy’s folds. She gasped at the pool of heat she discovered there. She smiled and brought her face down until it hovered above Andy’s treasure.

Knowing that Miranda was about to do something that she’d never done before, Andy slightly pulled her legs together. “You don’t have to do that!” she shrieked, not quite sure she could control herself to back up her words.

Miranda opened Andy up to her and licked her way up her sex.

“Ahhhh,” Andy sighed in response.

Miranda glanced up at her. “You taste so good,” she moaned before continuing.

Andy looked down and watched Miranda’s head bob up and down between her legs. She found something particularly hot about the Miranda Priestly going down on her. She had the unattainable ice queen pleasuring her in ways that would make anyone blush.

“Mirandaaaaa!” Andy sighed as she came.

After a few moments of gentle licks to calm her, and a determined whisper of, “Mine”, Miranda pulled herself up to face Andy, who smiled and tried to slow her breathing.

She noticed Miranda’s eyes scanning the bedroom and taking everything in, her mind searched for an opinion on her lover’s face. “If I’d known you were coming, I would have cleaned up a little,” she defended. Miranda’s eyes studied the trashcan full candy wrappers, cheetos bags, and a pizza box that wouldn’t fit (strategically placed to the side). Andy cringed as her lover finally looked back at her.

“I actually like your apartment. It’s… cute,” Miranda admitted. The sunlight was beginning to peek through the blinds hinting at daylight. She got up searched for her clothes in the dark room. “I have to get to work soon,” she realized.

Andy nodded in agreement. She wrapped her sheet around her and hopped up to help search for Miranda’s clothes.

Once Miranda was fully dressed, Andy pulled her into a tight hug. “I love you,” she sighed, taking in the scent Miranda’s shampoo.

“I love you too,” stated Miranda as she gave Andy a soft kiss on her cheek.

“I want to sleep in your arms tonight,” Andy whined.

Miranda nodded. “The girls miss you.”

“I’ll be there at six.”


Andy’s fingers fumbled with her keys as she tried to get into the townhouse. Once she finally got the door to open, she immediately ran into the dining room.

“Miranda!” she called. She turned into the kitchen where her girlfriend and the twins had been chatting. “Hey guys!” Andy shrieked, pulling Cassidy and Caroline into a big hug.

“Andrea, calm down,” Miranda teased. “It’s only been a week since you last saw them.”

Andy let the girls go and pulled Miranda in for a love-filled kiss, ignoring her rules about affection in front of the girls. Then she backed up and made sure that she had everyone’s attention. “I have really good news.”

“Well..?” Miranda asked.

“My friend made some calls for me and he got me a publishing deal. I’m going to write a novel!” Andy screamed.

“Cool!” screamed the girls in unison.

“That’s wonderful darling,” Miranda added.

“I’ve been thinking about writing a novel for awhile, and then Christian made a big deal about me being fired from The Mirror and he got me this amazing deal—“

“Christian… Thompson?” Miranda asked.

Andy froze. “Um… Yeah.”

Cassidy grabbed her mother’s arm. “Mom, we have to celebrate. Can we go out for pizza?”

“Sure Bobbsey. Get your coat and we’ll go to Giuliano’s.” The girls ran off and Miranda gave Andy a hesitant glance. “I’m proud of you,” she confirmed.

Andy smiled. “Thank you.”

“So… You still talk to Christian Thompson. Do you see him, too?”

“We went to lunch last month to catch up. He’s my friend, Miranda. And he’s fully aware that I’m in a loving, healthy, hot, relationship with my girlfriend,” Andy said as she sauntered toward the older woman and wrapped her arms around the back of her neck. She pecked her on the lips.

“Good,” Miranda stated before pulling Andy in for a much more passionate kiss.

Andy groaned as Miranda cupped her ass over her skin-tight Joe’s jeans. “Mmm… As much as I love this, the girls will be back—“

Miranda silenced her by placing a finger on her lips. “They know that you’re my girlfriend, Andrea. They told me today—and they added their stamp of approval."

“Of course they did. They’re smart. They are, after all, the fruit of your loins,” Andy teased, pulling out of Miranda’s arms.

“The fruit of my--? You are incorrigible.” Miranda feigned shock.

“Are you guys ready?” came what Andy guessed to be Caroline’s voice from the foyer. The now-novelist grabbed her girlfriend by the hand and led her out for a celebration.


“At least we get to spend Christmas at home,” Andy reasoned.

Miranda glared at her from above her glasses. Their plane had just landed in Ohio to spend Thanksgiving with Andy’s parents, and needless to say, Miranda wasn’t happy about it. The two women grabbed their luggage and rented a car without any unnecessary communication. Andy didn’t want to upset Miranda, and Miranda didn’t want to blow up at Andy.

They had just driven up to Andy’s familiar driveway and stopped. Andy reached over and kissed Miranda. “This is going to be okay,” she whispered.

Miranda didn’t seem convinced. She pulled away from the embrace and stared at the house they were about to enter. Suddenly Andy let out a chuckle.

“What’s so funny?” Miranda demanded.

“Nothing,” Andy explained, “It’s just that… I can’t believe that Miranda Priestly is afraid of a tiny little Midwestern schoolteacher.”

Miranda rolled her eyes. “Let’s get this over with, Andrea.”

They grabbed their things and approached the doorstep. Andy gave the door a soft knock. They stood in complete silence until Andy’s father, Richard, greeted them.

“Andy! How are you, little girl?” He was obviously excited to see his daughter. He gave a her a hug and a kiss before focusing on the other woman. “And this must be Miranda.”

“Hello,” choked out Miranda as Richard embraced her in a bear hug.

“C’mon in girls,” he offered. He grabbed their big bag and they followed him into the living room. “Honey! Andy’s here!” He called up the stairs. “So sit down, get comfortable. How’s everything?”

Andy and Miranda obeyed. “Everything’s good, Dad. It’s good to be home.”

He nodded in agreement. “We miss you.” His gentle eyes—big, brown, and familiar—fixed themselves on Miranda. “Andy’s told us a lot about you. It’s good to finally put a name to a face.”

“I’ve heard a lot about you, too.” Miranda seemed completely out of her element. Andy thought it couldn’t get any worse until…

“Hello,” came a small voice. They three of them turned to see Andy’s mother at the foot of the stairs. Andy got up and gave her mother a big hug. “My baby’s home!” she squealed.

Andy released her mother and walked her over to the couch, where Miranda respectfully stood. “Mom, this is Miranda… And this is my mom, Laurie,” she introduced.

The two women didn’t speak at first. They stared each other down as if they were two wild animals on The Discovery channel—and Andy wasn’t sure who to label as the predator.


They really didn’t speak until the end of the night when everyone was getting ready to head off to bed. “C’mon, let’s take our stuff to our room,” Andy whispered to Miranda after dinner. They grabbed their things and started down the hall.

“Where are you two off to?” asked Laurie.

“We’re really tired, mom. I think we’re going to turn in,” Andy explained.

Laurie was immediately on her feet. “Great! I’ll get Miranda all set up in Jill’s old room.”

The couple froze in place. “Of course,” Miranda sarcastically agreed.


Andy was staring at the ceiling in her dark room when she saw her door open. Miranda pushed her way through the entrance and quietly closed the door behind her.

“Hey,” whispered the youngest member of the Sachs clan.

Miranda got into the bed and wrapped her arms around Andy. They lay like that for awhile before Miranda spoke. “I only agreed to come here because I wanted to ask your parents for their blessing in person. Now I see that your mother will never give me such a thing…”

“What kind of blessing, honey?” asked Andy.

Miranda pulled her chest closer into Andy’s back and grabbed her left hand. She then placed a delicate looking diamond ring onto her ring finger. “Let me call you my wife?”

Andy giggled as she suddenly lost all of her breath. She flipped over so that they were face to face. “Yes!” she finally managed to say.

They kissed, and their moods quickly changed into something less innocent. Andy muffled moan against her lover’s mouth.

“Shh!” Miranda hissed. “Please don’t give your mother another reason to hate me.”


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