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Just Teasing (Otalia) 1/2

Title: Just Teasing 1/2
Author: laughsunshine
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia
Rating: NC-17 for safe measure.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. No money is made here.
Spoiler: None really. Takes place after April 30, 2009 episode.
Summary: Stories of the time Otalia is out of Springfield. (Isn't my best, I know. I need ideas.)


One room. The two of them were out of Springfield, exploring this new relationship, sharing only one room. One bed. You could feel the sexual tension and inevitable confusion fill the room. There was hardly enough space to breathe. They grabbed their bags and proceeded to unpack.

"So, do you want the top drawer or...,"asked Natalia.

"I'll take the top, sure," said Olivia as she began transferring her clothers from her bag to the drawer. Natalia did the same.

They bumped into each other occasionally and smiled uneasily. Once they were done, they piled onto the bed to rest for a few minutes. Olivia was leaning against the headboard and Natalia was lying on her stomach with her head at the end of the bed. They were barely watching TV; their brains were way too busy to really focus on anything else. They could feel the heat radiate between the small inch that seperated them.

Olivia was trying so hard to listen to the dialogue on TV but her eyes were caught by the stunning sight of Natalia's legs. They stretched for miles and were crossed at her ankles. They were begging to be touched and it took every ounce of control to not reach out to her. And then she noticed Natalia's tank top was slightly disturbed and showed the slightest inch of skin on the small of her back. She could see the smooth indentantion and licked her lips. Oh God, control yourself! Olivia twitched as she shot her face back towards the TV screen. However, her eyes snaked their way back to the little patch of skin. It was calling her name oh so teasingly. Her thoughts were racing, but it wasn't until she felt her lips on Natalia's skin did she realize what she had done. 

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," said Olivia as she raised her fingertips to her lips. 

Natalia turned and smiled--flashing those amazing and familiar dimples. "It's ok. It's ok. This is why we're here."

"I know, but I really don't want to push you, and I know this is hard for you. I know it's hard to have these feelings--," said Olivia. She fell silent.

Natalia shifted to face Olivia and reached for Olivia's hands. "Look at me. No, Olivia, look at me." Olivia locked eyes with her. "Loving you isn't hard. I, and this is going to sound selfish I know, am just scared that I'm going to be terrible at this. The touching. The kissing. The, well, you know, eventually, right? I just want everything to be perfect and smooth. For you."

"I actually remember the kissing being pretty good," smiled Olivia.

"Oh that didn't count! I didn't even kiss back--much," proclaimed Natalia.

"Well..." said Olivia as she leaned in to kiss Natalia. She stopped short, only grazing her lips again the brunette's. Natalia forcefully leaned forward, kissing Olivia and even caused her to hit the headboard. Hands shuffled in a frenzy; they were in hair, on hips, and grabbing the backs of each other's necks. Olivia flipped Natalia so that Olivia herself was on top. She shifted her thigh in between Natalia's legs. Natalia gasped with delight.

"Glad. to have. this. Olivia back," panted Natalia between kisses. Olivia sat up, straddled Natalia's knees, and put both her hands on Natalia's thighs. She slowly made her way to the brunette's abdomen and kissed just above her belly button. Natalia's eyes were closed but her smile was never wider. Olivia proceeded to lay on top of Natalia, caressed the back of her lover's neck, and held her lips to Natalia's for the longest time. They spent the next few hours napping next to each other, well, Olivia napped anyway. Natalia just watched Olivia sleep--a hobby she missed when Olivia moved out of the farmhouse. She would occasionally caress Olivia's face and smile. It was so easy to physically express themselves alone, but so hard when they were out in public. She didn't know quite sure why. But she had the perfect idea on how to fix that while they were up here in this strange place.
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