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Victory and Honor Chapter 5

Well I have to say I do need to do some catching up, because really this is a present, and I did promise to update daily.  :]
but for now, I keep my promise.  I hope you all enjoy it. 

Title: Victory and Honor

Pairing: Nikki/Nora

Author’s note:  Written for the one and only nikkiandnora for her birthday.  One of her favorite pairings.  Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to wish her a Happy Birthday! 

Disclaimer:  Not mine, the idea belongs to nikkinandnora but the written finally is all mine.  I hope you all enjoy.  :]

Chapter 5

Nikki started pouring the drinks out, she hadn’t been this nervous in a while. ‘Or… ever.’ Nikki thought as she set up a glass of scotch for Nora and Jack and coke for herself.  She saw Nora relax and smile brightly.  She had an idea of what she was thinking about. After all it was one of the best memories she had of them together.  “You know I swore that night that I would find some way to find you again and take you home with me.  Oddly enough I came home with you.”  Nikki said with a smile, as she looked at their apartment, which had been Nora’s originally.  Nikki always loved it; it just added another reason why she loved her.  Her apartment was very much like Nora, one in a million, especially in Nola.

            “It’s funny, because my mom said this apartment was in the worst possible area in Nola, and it was at the time, but when I took dad here he saw the same potential in the place as I did.  He told me he would help me buy it and renovated it.  My mom almost kicked him out of the house.  I remember exactly what he said when he was talking momma into it.

10 years ago…

            “I know Emma, but I also know my daughter.  She’s got better instincts then anyone I’ve ever met.  I was a good cop; she’ll be a great detective.  Believe me, I can see it, and she just graduated the academy.  This place is meant to be hers, I just know it.” Iasan Delaney said to his wife as he slowly walked towards her, since she finally stopped yelling at him.  “Plus once a cop moves into a place, the neighborhood always gets a little better.  Knowing our daughter, she’ll scare the crap out of anyone who even thinks about messing with her.”  Iasan said with a smile as he pulled his wife into his arms.

            “You better be right…”  Emma said, knowing that the classic Delaney smile and green eyes would always win her over.  It was part of his charm, and damnit if her daughter didn’t have those same eyes.  She knew her daughter would be a heartbreaker...just like her father.


            “I swear he knew I was listening, he always had that way of knowing things.  I never could get away with anything when it came to him.  He would never punish me for it, he left that for mom, but he sure knew everything we did.  I think that’s what made him a great cop.”  Nora said as she slowly took a drink from her scotch.

            “Yeah that’s how Mama is.  Since daddy was never home I would always be over there playing with Darius and she just knew when I did something wrong.  I never could figure out how, but I guess she just saw straight past my innocent look.  I loved her for it though; she would always call me on something my daddy never did.”  Nikki said with a smile.

            “Yeah she looks like she gave a good whippin’ too.” Nora said as she thought about the first time she met Darius’s Mama.

            “Oh no it was worse, she made us clean up the swamp or do something that took up the whole afternoon and let’s just say we would never do it again.  She had a more ingenious way of punishing us.  She put a new meaning to the phrase unusual punishment.”  Nikki said with a laugh as she looked at the picture of her, Mama and Nora.


One year and two months ago…

            “Baby boy I swear if that ain’t Nikki I’ll be havin’ your head.  Nicolette Camelia Beaumont, how dare you not come see your Mama when you know better.  Come here girl, you be glad I be too old to give you a proper whipin’.”  Mama said as she opened her arms up to hug her other favorite grandchild.  She might not be her blood but she would go through hell and high water for that girl.  She loved her to death.

            “Well Mama you can’t blame me I’ve been busy.  And I was shot.”  Nikki said in her thick Creole accent as she turned and looked at Nora who had a big smile on her face.  She was a little confused at why she was smiling like that, but she was too busy focusing on Mama.  Mama always did claim the attention of an entire room; she was not only the matriarch, she was always in charge.  There was no doubt about it. 

            “Nicolette Camelia?  I should write that down.  Use it when I get mad at you.”  Nora said with a smile, seeing how Nikki had changed when someone used her full name.

            “Hush you…”  Nikki started before she was moved out of the way by Mama.

            “Well now child let me see you.  You must be the Nora my Darius has told me about.  This one hear hasn’t said a thing, it’s all second hand information here.  But I swear you both look as skinny as ever, come now we’re having dinner.  Nicolette help Darius set the table.  Nora, you come help me finish dinner up.”  Mama said as she moved back to her kitchen.

Nora looked nervously at Nikki, who just waved her hand in a motion telling Nora to follow Mama, she had no idea what to do or say.  She knew how to cook, but this was different.  She knew this was more of an interrogation.  If anything this woman should’ve been a cop, she knew exactly how to make her nervous and get her alone to feel her out.  ‘A perfect interrogator,’ Nora thought as she went into the kitchen.

            “Well child you don’t gotta stand all the way over there.  I won’t bite yah.  But you gotten help me with this here cornbread.  It’s a heavy pot and I’m the old woman here.”  Mama said as she stirred the stew.

 It was a seafood mix, from what Nora could tell, and it smelled delicious.  She had never smelled anything that good in years.  She was a good cook, but this was classic Creole food, hard if not impossible to make if you don’t know exactly how.

            “So child, I didn’t get your last name.”  Mama said as she continued to stir the stew and adding more spices.

Nora was lost in the aroma from the stew, before she knew it Mama had stopped and started to look at her.  “Oh I’m sorry.  Delaney.  Nora Delaney.”  Nora said still nervous. She had to say she never thought she would be interrogated by the ‘parents.’

            “You wouldn’t happen to be Iasan Delaney’s little girl would you child?”  Mama asked, curious at the similar last name.

            “Yes, he’s my father.  Do you know him?”  Nora asked, surprised that she knew her father, but then again she was Darius’s grandmother so she wasn’t too shocked.

            “I do and so did my Earl.  He got in a fight with boys who were being ignorant in a white part of town.  Those bastard boys were aiming to kill him when your daddy came and stopped ‘em and pretended to arrest Earl just to save him from being beaten to death.  He saved my Earl’s life.  I went downtown and gave him some homemade cornbread as a thank you.”  Mama said as she put the top on the pot and stepped back.  She knew she remembered those green eyes. 

            “I remember that, he brought some home and it was the best cornbread I’d ever had.”  Nora said with a smile as she couldn’t help but think how small the world was.  She looked at the older woman and smiled.  She remember when her daddy came home that day, he said the nicest woman made his day and made him this bread and he had to share with the rest of them.

            “Well honey you better get those two to wash up.  They always have this way of gettin’ in trouble.”  Mamma said as she moved to the cabinet to get the plates.

            “Yes ma’am.”  Nora said as she went out of the kitchen, she paused a little as she heard Mama speak.

            “Oh child call me Mama please, you make me feel old with that ma’am business.  Plus we family child.  We family.”  Mama said with a smile.  She could tell this one was different.  This one would make her little Nicolette an honest woman.

Nora smiled as she left to go get Nikki and Darius.


            “Yeah she would be the one to do that, won’t she?”  Nora said with a smile.


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