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FIC: "Searching" Part 2/3 (GL, Olivia/Natalia)

Title: Searching
Author: Listener15
Rating: Going with R just in case
Disclaimers: Don't own them. Wish I did, but alas, you need money for that.
Spoilers: Just until the Near Kiss.
Summary: A fourth party enters the picture with an agenda of their own.
Author's Note: Okay, in this fic I'm going with that the Coopers never lost Company (hey, it's fanfic, I can do what I want). Umm, I know there was something else but I forget. Oops! Thanks to red_lee for betaing! Any problems with the fic are my mistake :-) I'm hoping to get this done in three parts, but if it needs to go longer it will. Hope you enjoy!
Author's Note2: Here you go part 2. Hopefully I'll get the last part done and to my beta in the next two days.

Olivia was sitting down at the table, her head on the hard wooden surface. The current QVC host continued to list the wonderful benefits of the latest make-up products being demonstrated. Figuring it had to be somewhere around 9:30 at night, she tried to ignore the grumbling of her stomach. Being hungry on top of being bored only caused Olivia to become more and more pissed off at her captors. Just to have something to do, she had even washed the plate and fork from this morning in the little sink. She had pounded on the door earlier, trying to get whoever was on the other side to tell her what was going on, but only the television was heard.

Abruptly, the television went silent.

Trying her best to be quiet, Olivia hurried to the large door and put her ear against it hoping to hear something. The voices where muffled and she was unable to make out what they were saying, but she could tell that one was female and the other male. Pressing her ear even harder against the door when the voices got louder, she nearly fell forward when the door swung outward. Eyes wide, Olivia walked backward down the stairs when a tall figure with a black ski mask lifted their hand to her face.

The light reflected brightly off the dark metal of the revolver in the other person's hand. So focused on the gun, Olivia failed to notice anything else until the door once again slammed shut. Trembling, she took the necessary steps to the paper grocery bag left on the top step. The shaking didn't stop even when she sat down at table with the bag.

“Oh my god.” Head in her hands, it struck Olivia that things might be much worse than what she was hoping. The last few hours she had almost convinced herself that this was some big mistake or an immensely unfunny practical joke. In an effort to stop replaying the few seconds of feeling the cold barrel of the gun pressed against her forehead, Olivia opened the paper bag and pulled out the take out containers of Chinese food and bottles of water.

Eating didn't calm her nerves but it did stop her hunger pains. She knew that she had to think, but at the moment it was taking all her concentration to try to stop her hands shaking. Closing her eyes, Olivia let her thoughts turn to the one thing that always calmed her down.

Her home.

On a normal Thursday night, Emma would be asleep in bed already while she and Natalia would be sitting on their bench under a sky of twinkling stars while drinking steaming cups of hot tea and going through their schedule for tomorrow before letting the conversation wander randomly from topic to topic. The night would usually end with them laughing at something either one of them said or a hug goodnight at the top of the stairs before wishing sweet dreams. Olivia always waited until Natalia walked to the end of the hall to her room and, as always, the younger woman would flash her large dimpled smile before she slip inside. Only then would Olivia go into her own bedroom, a smile firmly in place and dream of beautiful brown eyes.

Remembrance of those times did the trick as Olivia's hands steadied and her mind calmed. No one was going to keep her from her family she resolved, more determined than ever to make it through this situation, whatever it might be.

Determination changed to one of settlement at the sound of the television starting again, just as loud as before. She figured it had to be someone else watching because the woman highly doubted that whoever had watched QVC all day would suddenly decide to watch porn. Loudly.

This was going to be a long night, was Olivia's only thought as she swallowed nervously.

* * * * *

Natalia had to keep reminding herself to slow down. Getting a speeding ticket on the way to the hospital was the last thing she wanted to deal with this Friday morning. The answer to her prayer came to her last night in a dream.

In the dream she had been searching for something she had lost, something she held close to her heart. That was when she realized Olivia wasn't with her, and her casual perusal of her surroundings turned into a frantic hunt for the woman who meant more to her than her own life. She had been on the brink of total panic when Natalia felt a calming presence surround her, suddenly; she was at Cedars standing before a bank of televisions that were connected up the security system at the hospital. Somehow, she knew that what she needed to know was on one of these monitors if she could only figure out which one. Upon waking, Natalia was dressed and out the door in less than ten minutes.

At six twenty-two in the morning it was easy to find parking at Cedars Hospital. It didn't take long for Natalia to find the man she was looking for.

“Good morning Nathan.”

The security guard turned around and grinned. “Mornin' Natalia!” The tall lanky man hugged the woman before him. He was 6' 6” with spiky salt and pepper hair and in his sixties. “How ya doin' today?”

“I'm doing okay.” She gave him a small worried smile.

“Did something happen to Olivia?” His face grew concerned at his friend's look.

This made Natalia really grin. The day that Olivia's heart stopped beating outside of Company, she had never been so scared in her life. Silently crying while pacing the hallway outside of her friend's room while the doctors worked to save Olivia's life, the tall security guard had walked up and handed her a cup of coffee and tissue with a smile. She had smiled her thanks and he had stayed with her, chatting amiably and keeping Natalia distracted until Dr. Rick showed up to tell her that somehow Olivia was still alive. After that the two would bring each other coffee and conversation when she had to wait for Olivia during her various checkups and hospital stays.

“I don't know and I need your help to find out.”

“What can I do?” Nathan's face was intent, ready to help however he could.

“Olivia's been missing since Wednesday. This was the last place I saw her.”

“Have you told the police?”

Natalia was silent for a moment. “They won't listen.”

“How can I help?” He could tell from the narrowing of her eyes that she was angry and was not particularly eager to ask why her friend's at the station weren't helping.

“The hospital has security cameras all over the place. How long do you keep the recordings?” She bit her lower lip hoping she wasn't too late.

The security guard motioned for her to follow him as he walked quickly down the hall, already anticipating her next question. “They're converted into digital copies and kept for three months for insurance reasons. That's how long it usually takes for any court action to filter threw channels.” He started guiding her down various halls. “Someone is always trying to sue the hospital for a slip and fall or say that some nurse purposefully pushed their wheelchair into a gurney.”

He stopped in front of a plain wooden door marked 'Private' and pushed the door open.

“Hey Nathan.” A short blond woman looked over at them from her seat in front of a bank of monitors. “Who's your friend?”

“Susan, this is Natalia. Natalia, this is Susan, Mistress of the System.”

“Damn right, these idiots would have blown this baby to high hell within a couple of hours if I wasn't here.”

The tall man rolled his eyes. “We need help tracking down a patient that was here on Wednesday.”

Susan pushed her rolling chair across the room to a computer set up with three large monitors. “What time and where?” Came the question as she spun her track ball to wake the computer from sleep mode.

Motioning Natalia forward to the sitting woman, Nathan followed her further into the room.

“She checked out around one twenty-seven in the emergency room area.” Natalia answered.

A flurry of keystrokes and suddenly there where six little boxes on each of the three screens. “Do you see her?”

Natalia leaned in closely and looked at each box. “There!” She pointed to Olivia who appeared to be walking away from the nurses station.

“Okay.” More keystrokes and the monitor closest to Natalia was filled with the image of Olivia walking down the hall. “So where do you go lady?”

Again, the clicking of the keyboard filled the room as the middle monitor showed the image of Olivia walking to the emergency room exit. But before even going halfway across the screen, Olivia turned and walked into the ladies room, behind her a figure with a baseball cap low on their head and a large coat slipped in behind her, seemingly out of nowhere. Susan sped up the clip. According to the time in the bottom right hand corner, at one forty-three, the dark figure emerged from the bathroom an arm around a limp Olivia and dragged her through the doors into a car waiting at the curb. “Why you son of a bi-”

“Can...” Natalia interrupted. “Can you get a better look at the car?”

The far left monitor flickered to a scene just outside the emergency room door.

“Four door white Saturn VUE. Two-thousand and four I think.” Nathan scribbled the information down on a sheet of paper on the desk as he talked. “Can you zoom in on the back plate there?”

“Already on it Guard Man.” Susan used the track ball to highlight the plate. “They're a long way from home. California license plate. Three, A, S, O, six, five, nine.” She then opened a desk drawer and pulled out a disk. “Making a copy now.” It didn't take long for the computer to spit the disk back out. After slipping it into a sleeve, Susan handed it to Natalia. “That will work in any DVD player.”

“This should be enough to get the police interested.” Nathan handed the paper with the information over.

The brunette shifted her gaze between them, not knowing what to say. “I-I don't know how to thank-”

“Just get Olivia back.” The reassuring smile on the security guards face and encouraging words nearly caused Natalia to start crying, but she knew she didn't have time for it.

“And kick their asses, chica.” Susan gave two thumbs up.

Natalia nodded then walked out of the room. Quickly making her way down the hall, the on her face turned dangerous as she whispered to herself.

“I plan on it.”

No one messed with her family.

* * * * *

Olivia woke up instantly when she fell off the cot and onto the cold cement floor..again. Continuing to lay there on her back, she covered her face with her hands. It had been a night from hell. The lusty sounds emanating from the other room had influenced her dreams in a very direct way.

Sex dreams weren't shocking or unusual for her. In fact, she enjoyed those dreams and found them generally inspiring during the 'dry' times in her life. Last night was pure torture. After she fell asleep, her dreams would be filled her and Natalia enjoying each other in various ways. Just as the dream was getting to the delicious ending, she would wake up aroused, on the cold cement floor, and no way to take care of it. It would not have been that bad if it had only been one or two dreams, but no. Olivia had woken up at least a dozen times during the night. Each and every accursed dream started with the two of them and ended the same frustrating way.

In the middle of wishing for death, or at the very least some guaranteed privacy, the television turned off. She was on her feet as fast as she could, not in the least ready for what may happen but confident she could fake her way through if needed.

Like the night before, she heard the faint murmuring of voices but there was no way Olivia was going near the door again. When the door started to open, she placed herself on the far side of the table, hoping the distance and large table would help.

“Hello Olivia Spencer.”

Olivia's eyes widened in shock at the voice then her jaw dropped as she saw a figure walk through the open door. It had been a good thing she had a strong grip on the chair in front of her, originally thought to use as a weapon if one of her captors got close to her, but instead it was being used to help keep her from falling into a stunned heap on the floor.

Standing in front of her, in a very expensive business suit stood a woman who looked as though she could be Olivia's identical twin.

**What can I say, I grew up watching Soap Operas and thought what the heck lol**

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