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Otalia Fic: Hero Myth 2/6

Title: Hero Myth
Author: Lady Victory aka Vita Wong
Fandom/Pairing: Guiding Light, Otalia
Rating: PGish (maybe PG-13ish later)
Spoilers: Only that they live together in the Farmhouse of Love.
Summary: Emma asks Natalia to tell her an original bedtime story, Olivia overhears. Part 2 of 6 (maybe more, we'll see).
Disclaimer: They aren't mine, as much as I wish they were…
AN: I was going to wait till tomorrow, but I decided, what the hey! I have no beta, all mistakes mine. Comments are, in fact, love.

Part 1


Captain Olivia Spencer – known to most as the Dread Pirate Queen - stared out of the view port, watching, almost bored, as the surface of the planet raced up towards her ship. She had no worry of crashing, knowing that her crew feared her wrath more than death and that they understood that the ship was worth more to her than any one of them. Within the hour a marauding party would be assembled and she would be leading them in yet another brash and daring raid that would rocket her infamy to new and dazzling heights. Glancing down at her nails as she buffed them to a shine, Olivia smiled; it was good to be Queen.

“What does ‘infamy’ mean?” Emma asked, coughing quietly. Natalia smiled gently, reaching over and grabbing another tissue from the bedside table.

“Blow.” She commanded, waiting until the girl complied before answering her question. “It means famous, but for doing naughty things.”

“Like what?”

Her reputation, which she proudly encouraged, was the result of a lifetime of hostile takeovers, ransoming, lying, cheating, and the occasional stealing of candies from babies.

“Mommy doesn’t steal candy from babies,” Emma giggled, shaking her head.

“Well, this isn’t really your mother, remember? She’s a scary space pirate. And really, what’s worse then stealing candy from babies?” Emma had to agree. Then she frowned, looking a little scandalized.

“She doesn’t kick puppies, does she?” the girl asked, voice filled with quiet horror.

“Of course not, sweetie; not even make believe Olivia is that mean.” Natalia bit her lip for a moment to keep from laughing; it wouldn’t surprise her if the real Olivia had at one time engaged in puppy-kicking, but there was no need for Emma to think so. Especially since nowadays Olivia Spencer wouldn’t dare, for fear of Natalia’s Disappointed Face, the Latina’s secret weapon against the Dread Pirate Queen - err - hotelier.

“Approaching the surface Captain; the men are waiting for your orders.” A gruff voice spoke over the communication system, breaking Olivia out of her thoughts. She glared momentarily, before smiling and standing.

“Have a team of twelve ready to go; I’ll expect them to be prepared by the time I reach the bridge.” She purred, reaching for her gun and sword.

“Ay Captain.” Before the line was cut she could hear her crew scrambling, and she held back a cackle. Whoever said it was better to rule by love than fear obviously wasn’t a pirate.

When she stepped onto the bridge, Olivia was pleased to see a group of a dozen men waiting, standing tensely at attention. “Relax boys, before you sprain something.” She joked, walking up to her first mate. “You have the ship, Mr. Lewis. Keep a light in the window.” She walked to the hatch, not bothering to check if her men were following; if they knew what was good for them, they would be at her heels.

“Ay Captain; good luck.” She glanced back, green eyes flashing, cat-like.

“Keep your luck, all I need is myself.” Mr. Lewis gulped and Olivia laughed, continuing out of the ship.

“Whoa,” Emma breathed, her eyes wide as she looked at Natalia. “Story Mommy is scary.” Natalia giggled, petting the girl’s head, covertly checking her temperature. Warm, but not alarmingly so.

“Yeah she is. But don’t worry, she gets nicer. How are you feeling sweetie?”

“Ok.” The girl smiled, snuggling closer to her second mother. “What about Princess Natalia? How are they going to meet?”

“Well, I was just getting to that,” Natalia replied, pulling the blanket up further and tucking the edges under them. “Princess Natalia lived in a big white castle, on top of a big green hill…”

Natalia sighed, picking at non-existent lint on her brand new dress; she was bored. After being caught yet again helping the kitchen staff prepare dinner for the palace, she was locked in her room by her nursemaid. Princesses should never mingle with commoners, the old, wrinkled woman had scolded. And certainly, never, ever, get their hands dirty. Princess Natalia blew out a frustrated breath, ruffling her bangs. That was a bunch of fiddlesticks is what that was. Some of her best friends weren’t royalty and always had dirt under their fingernails.

From the courtyard came the sounds of yelling and explosions. Concerned, Natalia moved to her window, gasping at what she saw. There was a large hole in the protective wall that surrounded the palace, and despite the smoke, the princess could see a small group of men – and was that a woman – pouring through. As they stepped into the clearing, Natalia’s heart skipped a beat. She recognized that woman from the NewsFeeds: the Dread Pirate Queen Olivia!

The woman in question looked up suddenly, straight to Natalia’s window. She felt paralyzed by those green eyes, and for a moment she wondered if the stories about the Space Pirate having powers were true. It was rumored she had once captured a dragon, and made it trade its life in exchange for its magic.

“Dragons?” Emma asked, sounding incredulous. Natalia paused, blinking in confusion; she had really started getting into her tale.

“Well, yeah… I mean, if there are unicorns, why can’t there be dragons?” Emma seemed to contemplate that for a moment, before nodding.

“Okay, just checking. Keep going please.” She prompted. A small sneeze and coughing fit stopped Natalia short.

“Oh, poor baby. Wait right here, I’ll get you some juice.”

“Okay,” Emma replied miserably, turning her head to gaze longingly out the window. Big, puffy white clouds drifted lazily across the blue sky.

Slipping out of the bed, Natalia re-tucked the blankets around the girl before hurrying out of the room. “Oh!” she squeaked, almost running smack into her - girlfriend? lover? – housemate. Shaking her head, she unconsciously reached for the older woman’s hand. “You scared me!” Olivia smiled, the corners of her eyes scrunching in amusement.

“Oh, I know my infamy precedes me; I promise not to steal your candy.”

“I’m not a baby!” Natalia said, sticking out her tongue playfully and moving past the other woman, heading towards the stairs.

“Nope, you’re my princess,” she heard Olivia whisper, and turned suddenly at the stop of the stairs. Looking back, she couldn’t help the giggle that escaped her lips. The older woman looked horrified, like a frightened rabbit ready to bolt. She walked back, smiling sweetly as she reached the frozen woman. Gently she reached up and cupped Olivia’s cheek.

“Dread Pirate Queen’s are such softies.” She murmured, raising up to kiss Olivia’s nose.

“I’m going to go get our daughter her juice now. If you like my story so much, why don’t you join us?” Not allowing the older woman time to react, she turned and hurried down the stairs, smiling to herself even as her heart beat furiously in her chest.

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