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House of Demeter

Fic: Dreams In The Mist

Okay, sorry for making it two posts. I didn't know if the muse would grace me with her presence for long enough to come up with two posts, but I needed
something to counter the lack of femslashiness from the last part. Here we go.

Remember May 13th is Women's Murder Club Day. Post fic, art and vids, discuss, and most of all, have fun! :)

Title: Dreams In The Mist
Author: Demeter
Fandom: WMC/Dollhouse
Pairing: Lindsay/Cindy
Summary: Cindy's goodbye brunch with the club. They just couldn't have known things would get a lot more complicated. Or could they?

Part 1: Until The Break of Dawn
Part 2: A Light To Guide My Way
Part 3: Libra
Part 4: Storm Warning
Part 5: The Long Cold Winter
Tags: dollhouse, fic, women's murder club

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