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Victory and Honor Chapter 7

Well I am so happy you all like the last chapter.  And here is the next chapter as promised.  I don't know how many chapters I have left, but I know it is more then a few if that helps any.  :]

Title: Victory and Honor

Pairing: Nikki/Nora

Author’s note:  Written for the one and only nikkiandnora for her birthday.  One of her favorite pairings.  Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to wish her a Happy Birthday! 

Disclaimer:  Not mine, the idea belongs to nikkiandnora but the written finally is all mine.  I hope you all enjoy.  :]

Chapter 7

Nikki began to clean and move little things back and forth, she was worried.  It had been two hours since Nora left, and she hadn’t got so much as a phone call from her.  She had called Darius an hour before, she was so afraid of what had happened.  She didn’t know what else to do, so she decided to take a bath, and she hoped that it would allow time to pass by faster.  Even though Darius did help, it still wasn’t enough.


An hour before…

            “Hey girl, you won’t believe what happened to me today…”  Darius started before Nikki responded.  When she didn’t respond as she normally did, he knew something was wrong. He began to worry for her when he heard hesitation in her voice.

            “Darius… I was wondering… could you do me a favor?”  Nikki asked.  “Can you keep an eye out for Nora, I… I need to know if she’s ok, her cell is… off and well could you just let me know where… if she’s doing ok.”  Nikki said, trying not to give away what happened.  She wasn’t the needy girlfriend, but this time it was different.  For some reason, with Nora, everything was different.

            “Yeah sure but you will have to tell me what happened?  Because I know you, and this ain’t you.”  Darius said as softly as he could, her voice was filled with hesitation and fear. He had no idea what just happened but whatever it was it was big.  As she filled him in, he could almost see the tears running down her face as she tried to keep it together long enough to do so.

            “I don’t know what to do Darius, I don’t… I can’t lose her but I can’t let her feel like this… I won’t.”  Nikki said thinking of what she might have to do to, and even just thinking about it was killing her.      

            “Listen Nikki, she loves you.  That much is clear, and this you just need to give her time.  Because like you thought, it might not be as bad as it seems.  You remember what you were feeling when your dad had issues with this, and look how good that turned out.  I promise, I will find Nora and talk to her.  But I want you to stop cleaning and get your ass in that lovely tub of your and sleep this off.”   Darius said, trying to be as parent like as possible.

            “Yeah but she didn’t have Mama to straighten them out.  I don’t…”  Nikki said as she felt new tears coming.

            “No, but she does now, and believe me Mama will give anyone hell who messes with you girls, trust me.  Now go do as I say or else I will call Mama on you.”  Darius said with a smile as he heard Nikki laugh a little, he knew they both could see the image of Mama in that apartment going around making Nikki stop worrying.

                        “Thank you Darius,” Nikki said not realizing how tired this was making her.

Darius entered the cop filled bar with the hairs on the back of his neck raised.  He wasn’t necessarily guilty of anything but he knew a few of these cops weren’t necessarily just either, and that kind of knowledge could get a man killed.  But he knew he would be alright, as he went in he sat right next to the woman whom had been looking for. It took him an hour to find her, mostly because this was one of the last places he wanted to look.  He hated being around cops.  But he never felt like he was around ‘cops’ when he was with Nikki and Nora.

            “You know I came here because I knew that you might not want to find me here.”  Nora said as she could see Darius take the stool next to her.  She knew no one else would dare, she wasn’t actually putting out the ‘I want to be picked up’ vibe.  It was quite the contrary.

            “It was about seven years ago when Nikki told her dad.  He lost it and sent her away.  She cried for two weeks straight, I had never seen her so messed up.  Her dad meant the world to her and it was as if her world had been completely destroyed.  She had no idea what to do and neither did I.  She was messed up for the whole month, and Mama insisted she come by, then and only then did anything get solved, I never really knew what Mama said to him, but he came by and apologized for everything and took Nikki back to the house so they could spend the weekend together.  He hadn’t done that since she was 5.”  Darius said as he remembered how much it took to get Nikki out of her depression.

            “I didn’t know.”  Nora said as she looked straight ahead, with tears in her eyes.  It was exactly what she feared would happen.  But she would at least have some of her family still talking to her; Nikki didn’t have her dad for a month.  Nora didn’t think she would be strong enough to handle that.           

            “She wouldn’t let that happen to you, and I think you know that.  That love you two have is a two way street and from what I can tell she would rather let you go then hurt you like that.”  Darius said as he got up and left Nora there to think.  He heard Nora say something before he left.

            “I won’t let her do that for me, I can’t.”  Nora said, not caring who heard her.

            “I know.”  Darius said as he left.  Time, they both needed some time, but he would stick around to make sure Nora got home soon, because if she was anything like Nikki, she would have one more drink before she started home.  And as he waited outside the bar, he could see her slowly walking back, ‘Just like Nikki.’  He thought as he followed her all the way back to her apartment.


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