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Just Teasing 2/2 (Otalia Fic)

Title: Just Teasing 2/2
Author: laughsunshine
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia
Rating: NC-17 for safe measure.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. No money is made here.
Spoiler: None really. Takes place after April 30, 2009 episode.
Summary: Stories of the time Otalia is out of Springfield. (Isn't my best, I know. I need ideas.)

"You ready to go?" yelled Natalia as she swept up her hair into a ponytail. She was checking herself in the mirror. She was wearing a tight purple t-shirt and her favorite blue jeans. She also made sure she didn't have any smudges on her face that Olivia could use as an excuse to get close and give her those silly butterflies. "C'mon Olivia we have shopping to do."

Natalia turned the corner to see a fully dressed Olivia laying on top of the bed.  

"Olivia what's wrong?" asked a panicked Natalia as she rushed towards her.

"Nothing," said Olivia lazily, "It's just too early to shop."

Natalia grabbed Olivia's hands and sat her up. "It's already 12:30pm and I'm hungry. So, let's go."

Olivia stuck her tongue out but obliged.


The two women arrived back at their room around 7:30pm. Olivia was struggling to hold her numerous amount of bags. She was smiling from ear to ear.

"I don't see why you need more suits. You have plenty," said Natalia as she grabbed a few of Olivia's bags and set them inside the closet.

"You can never have too many suits, especially when I look this good in them," said Olivia as she posed in front of the mirror.

"That, you do," proclaimed Natalia, blushing to the fullest extent. She checked the clock on the nightstand and rushed to her suitcase. "Olivia, I had a surprise planned at 8 and we have to leave now to make it. Change into something casual."

"This is casual, sorta," said Olivia, pointing to her pantsuit. Natalia gave her an irritated look. "Okay, okay I'll change."


"A bar?" questioned Olivia. "The surprise is in a bar?!"

Olivia was questioning her clothing. She felt a bit overdressed in her tight black t-shirt, khakis, and her favorite expensive necklace on. She glanced at Natalia who was looking rather dashing in a snug dark blue tank top and a knee-length jean skirt.

Natalia just stared at the sign "Andy's Bar & Grill". It had to be done. "Yup. Let's go."

Olivia was dumbfounded as Natalia grabbed her hand and led her inside. The place wasn't lit too much and it was a very spacious area. The bar was nearly filled to it's maximum capacity with people however. A big banner was hanging above the red and blue stage that read "Karaoke Night". The sound of incoherent chatter filled the air and was only interrupted by a burst of song every now and then.

"Would you two ladies like a drink?" asked a passing waitress.

"Two martinis?" Olivia said as more of a question to Natalia than a direct order. Natalia nodded and the waitress walked away.

Natalia motioned Olivia to a chair near the stage and pulled out a chair for the older woman.

"Why thank you Miss Rivera," smiled Olivia.

"Well, here's goes nothing," said Natalia as she bravely walked onto the stage.

Olivia was beyond confused. She stared in awe as the woman she fell in love with grabbed a hold of the microphone and began to speak.

"Hey everyone," smiled Natalia, dimples deeply defined, "I'm not up here to sing". A few people hollered and whistled. "But I do have something important to say. I'm in love." More hoots and whistles. "With a beautiful, strong, caring woman named Olivia Spencer."

The crowd cheered and Olivia was stunned. Her thoughts were racing. Does this mean she's finally okay with us? Can we announce our love to the world? Wait, am I ready for this? What about Emma and Rafe? What about Springfield? These people don't know us. Before Olivia had a chance to refuse, she found herself being pulled onstage by Natalia. She was speechless.

Olivia tried to speak, "I-I don't know. Th-these people are st-strangers Natalia."

"But do you see anyone running away? Do you hear anyone booing us offstage?" asked Natalia in the smoothest of voices.

"Well, no,"said Olivia as she stared at her feet, fidgeting.

Natalia lifted up Olivia's chin and kissed her. The crowd burst with whistles and words of encouragement. Sure, half of them were probably just interested in the girl-on-girl part of it, but at least Natalia's plan worked out the way she had hoped. She just wanted to show Olivia that times were a bit different and people were accepting of the physical side of their love.

The two sat down, finished their martinis, socialized for a while, and returned to their room.

Olivia grabbed Natalia's hand and led her towards the bed. "Now that we've established the whole kissing-in-public thing, I think there's work to be done on the what-goes-on-behind-closed-doors part of it. Not all of it, but I think we should get started."

"Mhm, yeah?" said Natalia as she flashed her 1000 watt smile and wrapped her arms around the older woman's neck.

Olivia grinned wickedly as she began to undress Natalia.

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