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Choices 2A/?, CSI Miami, Calleigh/Natalia, NC-17

Title: Choices 2A/?
Pairing: Calleigh/Natalia
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own them, but I spend a lot of time with them. Archiving: P & P, DuVista, women_in_kevlar, all others please ask. Next in my series. Many thanks to red_state_exile for betaing and Soul_Caged aka Complete_Machine for being my new writing partner


The next morning, the women awoke to a heaviness of an impending storm, moisture in the air, even the wind seemed to blow at a much slower pace. Natalia got out of bed first, kissing the still snoring blonde on the shoulder before going into the bath to take care of her needs, shower, and get ready for work.


By the time that she was finished, Calleigh had made the bed and was walking into the bathroom with a glass of orange juice and some vitamins. Handing them to her wife, she took off her clothes and started to get ready.


Calleigh was sitting on the bed, pulling on her boots when Natalia walked back in.

“It looks like we get to ride together today. Horatio just called. There’s been a home invasion with a triple homicide on Peach Tree Lane. We’re supposed to go straight to work, pick up our Hummer, and head right over. The entire team is gonna be there for this one.”

Standing and stomping her feet a couple of time to settle her pants around the boots, Calleigh walked over to place her hands on Natalia’s hips, “Well then, we had better grab breakfast on the way, but we don’t go anywhere until I get my morning kiss.”

Smirking, Natalia stepped into the embrace, “Oh really, but what happens if I want my morning kiss first?”

“I do believe that I can be gracious enough to let you get your kiss first. I gotta keep you happy.” Calleigh drawled.

“Aw, that’s awfully kind of you darlin’.” Natalia drawled back before leaning down to capture her wife’s lips with her own.


The kiss was slow and gentle, with all of the promises of things to come. Natalia ran her hands up Calleigh’s forearms, enjoying the play of muscles underneath her fingers.

Pulling away slightly, Natalia looked down to see Calleigh looking up at her with shiny eyes, “I know that look... What are you thinking?”

“I think that I’ll save my kiss for later on in the day.... Who knows, maybe we’ll need a pick me up.”

Stealing a quick kiss, Natalia took a step back and looked at her wife with an arched eyebrow. “We are not going to do anything at work.”

“Aw darlin’, you take all the fun out of it.”


Natalia placed a soft kiss on Calleigh’s forehead, “Just in case I haven’t told you lately, but as much as I love it when you wear all black, I love it just as much when you wear a white button down shirt. There’s something about you in a white shirt that just does something for me.”


Calleigh raised her eyebrows. “Hmm, I’ll have to remember that.”

They were soon on their way to the station to pick up a Hummer and to head to the scene. Once they got there, they found Horatio standing outside talking to Frank Tripp.

“Ladies, this one is particularly vile. Adan Farias, his wife Cynthia, and their dog were found this morning with their throats slit. From what we can put together, Mr. Farias was an international courier, and whoever broke in, evidently wanted whatever he had recently brought in.”

Calleigh asked, “Do we know his recent travel itinerary?”

Shaking his head, Horatio answered, “Not yet. Ryan is doing a search right now and Eric has already started processing inside. Why don’t you go on in?”

As they neared the front door, something caught Natalia’s attention, but she couldn’t place her finger on it. Walking through the entranceway, she stopped to take a long look around, still thinking that something just wasn’t right.

“Hey Cal. Would you mind if I took a few minutes to look around? There’s something more here going on, but I just can’t put my finger on it.”

“Sure, take your time. Eric’s been here long enough to gather most of the evidence anyway.”

Opening the door to the closet nearest the entrance, Natalia noted the contents inside and nearby before, she made her way into the living room, where she slowly looked over the room, mentally cataloging the items.

Starting on one side of the room, she saw a pair of matching computer desks with desktop computers on each one. Looking at the differences between the two computers, Natalia became more confident that her hunch was correct.

Walking over to the bookcase and thumbing through the CD’s, DVD’s and books on the shelves convinced her that she was right.

While her wife was doing her version of a walk-through, Calleigh was busy photographing the bodies and surrounding area. Kneeling next to the German Shepherd, she quickly took the shots that she needed, and then took a closer look at the animal. Its chest was well muscled and the coat was well maintained, there were indentations like the animal had worn or carried something recently.

“Hey Cal! Haven’t seen you in awhile. Work been keeping you busy?” Eric strode up and stopped beside her.

Standing up, Calleigh took one final picture of the animal before answering, “Yeah, been playing catch up, but I think that I’m finally ok. How have you been?”

Leaning against a nearby wall, the young man crossed his arms over his chest, “Working hard, especially today since Natalia is trying to find some music to listen to.”

Taking a deep breath, Calleigh chose to ignore his little jab as she moved over to Mrs. Farias’s body.

Horatio and Ryan walked in as Natalia asked Calleigh a question.

“Hey Calleigh, what was Mrs. Farias’s job?”

Ryan interrupted, “She owned a computer engineering company that was doing research in data storage applications.”

Taking a step towards Ryan, Natalia asked. “Was Mrs. Farias blind or was her husband?”

Eric snorted lightly. “Where in the world did you come up with that lame idea?”

Giving Eric a brief glance, Horatio angled himself so he was facing the brunette. “How did you come up with that, Ms. DuVista?”

With a small smile, Natalia continued. “The first thing that caught my eye was outside. There are no steps whatsoever. Not even a small one at the doorway. Secondly, in the closet there are a number of harnesses and canine backpacks similar to what we used with Mallory when Calleigh
couldn’t see.”

“Please go on.”

Walking over to the computer desk, Natalia pointed out. “If you notice, this computer has different software, a set of headphones attached, and a reader board.” Motioning over to the bookcases, she continued. “There are audio books, DVDs, and books that either have Braille labels or are written in Braille. And I bet that if you look at their fingertips, one of them will be calloused.”

Inclining his head slightly, Horatio slid his sunglasses off. “Excellent job. Did you see anything that might lead us to what Mr. Farias was hired to transport?”

“Actually, I think that I might. Ryan said that Mrs. Farias was doing research in data storage applications and in one of the journals that I’ve been reading suggested that industrial grade diamonds may be used in that capacity.”

Pushing away from the wall, Eris couldn’t help but scoff. “So Mr. Farias was a diamond smuggler? Yeah, right.”

Shaking her head, Natalia pushed up her shirtsleeve, reached into a small fish tank that was nestled on one of the bookshelves and pulled out a few clear stones that were of different shapes.

“I believe that if you check these out that you will find out that I’m right. In the journal, it went on to explain about how cube, triangular, and round shapes were being experimented with in regards to storing data. According to the journal, diamonds will be used to hold vast amounts of
data. They are saying that even a sliver of diamond will be able to hold close to a terabyte of information.”

Laughing softly, Calleigh nudged Ryan as she walked over to examine Mr. Farias’s body. “I’m married to a genius.”

He couldn’t help, but tease back. “Yes, but can she cook?”

Muttering more to herself than to anyone else, Calleigh responded. “You have no idea.”

Kneeling next to the body, Calleigh carefully examined its fingers and was pleased to find out that Natalia was correct they were calloused.

Smiling as she stood up, Calleigh stripped off her gloves. “Looks like you’re batting a thousand. He has very thick pads. Now all we need to do is to find out who has a need for industrial grade diamonds in the area.”

Ryan spoke up. “I’ll check to see if there are any other computer companies in the area doing the same kind of research.”

Sliding his glasses back on, Horatio simply stated. “We need to find out who would murder a blind man, his wife, and his guide dog and help them to see the error of their ways. Ryan, you and Natalia head back to the lab and get to work on the computers and the evidence. Eric, you come with me while Calleigh finishes up here.”

Eric took a step towards Calleigh, “I really think that I should stay here, and help Calleigh finish up.”

Horatio disagreed. “No, I need to go over a few things with you regarding the Wilson case.” Turning to his second in command, he told Calleigh. “I’ll leave an officer outside just in case you need anything.”

Natalia grabbed the stones out of the fish tank, while Ryan disconnected the computers and got them into his Hummer before they headed back to the lab.

On the drive back, Ryan felt the need to apologize for Eric’s remarks. “Hey, I’m really sorry that Eric can’t seem to just let things go and let things get back to normal. His remarks were really out of line.”

Reaching over to pat her friend on the arm, Natalia reassured him. “There is no reason for you to apologize. I know that it’s gonna take a while for him to adjust and I expect to hear something like what he said today for awhile, but I do thank you though.”

“Well, I’m just glad that you’re taking him so well. I don’t know if I could be that gracious.”

Chuckling, Natalia clarified. “I can take anything Eric Delko dishes out as long as it’s aimed at me. Now the minute that he goes after Calleigh, he’s gonna see a whole other side of me that few people have.”

“Ha, you have to remember, I’ve seen that side of you when Jethro started threatening Calleigh and you went after Stetler. I thought for sure, you were going to shoot him.”

Natalia turned to look out her window while quietly responding. “You have no idea how close I was to actually doing it. If Calleigh hadn’t stopped me, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now. When it comes to my family, I’m like a mother bear, the claws come out, and I will do what I have to do to protect them.”

Reaching over, Ryan patted the brunette on the shoulder. “You don’t have to explain anything to me. I agree one hundred percent. I’ll try to keep Eric off your case though. I’ll have another talk with him.”

“Seriously, don’t worry about it Ryan. Eric’s a little boy in so many ways, and one day he’ll find someone new that he will obsess over, and he’ll forget about Calleigh.”

By unspoken agreement, the subject of Eric Delko was not brought up again for the rest of the ride.




Later on that morning after Natalia had gone through most of the DNA evidence; she straightened up from her microscope, stretched her back, and looked outside. The skies had opened up, and now it was raining in earnest. Glancing at her watch, she saw that it was after twelve and she wondered if Calleigh had stopped off to get something to eat.

The elevator dinged, and its doors slid open to release Calleigh, who walked through the door with her head held proud, looking like a drowned cat. The same shirt that Natalia had commented on earlier that morning was now see through, and leaving nothing to anyone's imagination. Everyone in the hallway, stopped to stare, and Natalia caught more than a few lustful looks, and then sprang into action as Eric started forward.

Pulling off her own lab coat, she strode of out of her lab to hand it over to her wife as they walked down the hallway towards the locker room, “I had to tell you that you looked good in white, now everyone knows,” she muttered.


Reaching towards the blonde, Eric tried to waylay her, “Hey Cal! Are you cold or just happy to see me?”


Growling, Natalia started towards him, but with a gentle tough on her arm from her wife, she ignored him while Ryan punched the young man on the shoulder. Eric looked over to Ryan. “What? I was kidding…. It was a joke man.”


Ryan stood in front of him, blocking the sight of the women walking away, “You just don’t get it. What you are doing can be considered sexual harassment, and if they don’t file, it’s because they, on some level still consider you a friend and they are trying to protect you, but I gotta tell you. If you don’t quit, I’m gonna file because this is just wrong.”


Eric tried to push his way past the young man, “What are you, their new body guard?


“No man. I’m their friend. You do remember what that is, don’t you? Ah, forget it. You’re not worth the effort.” With that, Ryan walked off in disgust.


They were almost to the locker room when Natalia stopped, placing a hand on her wife’s shoulder, “Babe, I hope that you don’t think that I’m paranoid, but I think that Eric will try to walk in there while you are changing and I don’t trust him. Not after that little display, and all that he said this morning. I’m not going to apologize, I just don’t trust him.”


Calleigh stepped closer to the brunette so that she could speak without being overheard. “It’s ok, I agree with you. He’s getting bolder with his remarks, and I don’t know how far he will go before he decides to take the next step. Would you mind going to my locker, and getting my sweats, brush and a couple of clean towels, then meeting me in the gun vault? I can change there without him walking in.”


“No problem. Just give me a few minutes and I’ll be right there.”


Going into the locker room, Natalia made her way over to Calleigh’s locker, opened it, and took out what she needed. As she walked out the door, Natalia caught a glimpse of Eric heading in
her direction so she quickly made her way to the vault. Knocking on the door, she slipped inside when Calleigh opened it.


“Any problems?”

“No, but what are you doing still dressed? You’re going to catch a cold if you stay in those clothes much longer.” Natalia reached forward to start unbuttoning the soaked shirt.

“I didn’t want to start undressing in case someone came with you.” Calleigh chattered as her hands shook a little.

Reaching around her wife to snag a towel to start drying her off, Natalia laughed. “We definitely need to check the weather the next time you wear white, because y
ou just gave everyone out there an eyeful of something they have no right to see. I almost slugged Eric.”

Peeling the soaked shirt off, letting it drop to the floor, Calleigh sat on a nearby chair to remove her boots before taking off her slacks. “As much as I feel he deserves a good punch, work isn’t the proper place to do it, but you have my permission once we’re off the clock. Hell, I’ll take pictures if he’s stupid enough to start something.”

Taking the towel, Natalia began briskly rubbing her wife’s body, trying to dry her off and warm her up. “I think that you’re gonna need to take off your underwear too babe. It won’t be good for you to keep on anything wet.

“Darlin’, you’re warming me up just fine.”


Smirking, Natalia couldn’t help, but respond. “Well, I think that I should get you out of those cold, wet clothes and get me into to something warm and wet, and I think that I can do a better job if I warmed you up from the inside first.”

A blonde eyebrow rose in question. “Oh really! And just how do you plan to do that?”

Leaning down, Natalia captured her soft lips with her own while pushing her back until they were up against a wall between two metal shelves.

Placing Calleigh hands on the shelves, Natalia murmured. “You did say that you wanted to save your Good Morning kiss so, grab hold.”

Kissing her way down Calleigh’s body, Natalia hummed as she breathed in her wife’s scent. Reaching down, she took one of Calleigh’s legs and placed it over her shoulder. Leaning in, she ran her tongue along her lips, drawing in her essence. Growling in frustration, as she wanted
deeper access, Natalia looked up at Calleigh and warned her. “Hang on tight.” Then she reached down to put her other leg over her shoulder and began to draw against Calleigh’s clit.


“Oh Lord! … uh….shit! was stuttered out as Natalia slid in deeper, Calleigh’s scent was driving her wild, and when she couldn’t get enough, she slid in three fingers and was surrounded by pulsating slickness.

Calleigh arched against the wall, tilting her hips even more to allow her wife deeper access, while desperately holding onto the shelves, trying to anchor her body down while her soul was soaring. If she had a fantasy to top all fantasies, this was it, being made love to in her gun vault. Then when her wife wrapped her lips around her clit and began to pull against it, Calleigh began to topple over the edge. Her muscles spasmed against thrusting fingers and her body shook as her nerves were overloaded, as release couldn’t quite be found fast enough.

Looking up over glistening, golden curls, Natalia watched as her wife tossed her head back and forth while her eyes rolled back in to her head. ‘God, I loved to watch Calleigh cum. I get so wet. Damn!’

After a few more minutes and another orgasm later, Natalia slowly withdrew from her still trembling and gasping wife, placing her feet firmly back on the floor before kissing the damp curls, slowly rising to her feet.

Kissing Calleigh’s forehead, Natalia couldn’t help, but mutter. “Boy, when you save up your kisses, you get a bang for your buck.”

Holding up her hand, silently asking for a moment, Calleigh finally replied. “I know that this is gonna sound crude, but I can’t resist saying. I got a bang for my fuck.”

“Ooo that was bad love. You’re right, it was a bit crude... crude, but true.” Natalia laughed, and then she caught a glimpse of her watch. “Damn babe, we’ve been in here for almost a half hour. I have to get back. I wish that we could just go home as there are a few more things that I have in mind for you.”

Shaking both hands to get the circulation going, she then reached up to pull Natalia’s lips to meet hers, and purred. “There are a few things I have in mind for you too.”

“Mmmm, do I dare start to imagine?”

Sighing, Calleigh released her, realizing that they had been in there way too long. “Darlin’, your imagination would probably catch all the highlights, but I bet that I could surprise you every once in awhile.”


Bringing up her hand to caress Calleigh’s face, Natalia whispered. “Darlin’, you surprise me each and every day just by loving me. I’m sorry that I’ve got to go, but we don’t want to give them any ammo to use against us.”


Calleigh couldn’t help, chuckle. “We’re in the right room if they want to give us ammo.”


“That was just as bad as the last one.” Giving her wife one final kiss, Natalia walked out of the vault and headed towards the locker room to wash her hands.


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