angharad governal (angharad_gov) wrote in passion_perfect,
angharad governal

fic: Flying (Wonder Woman/Lois Lane

title: Flying
author: angharad governal (angharad_gov)
pairing: Wonder Woman/Lois Lane, hints of Lois Lane/Clark Kent and Wonder Woman/Lois Lane/Clark Kent
fandom: Wonder Woman/DCU, via my canon established in The Dinner and The Light of Hidden Flowers
prompts for 100_women : 001. Beginnings, 071. Air, 077. Apple, 040. Reveal
also for the drabble challenge at passion-perfection on dreamwidth
rating: G; femslash; hints of het
archiving: P&P and my website
note: part of an (as of yet) unnamed Wonder Woman/Lois Lane/Clark Kent series; follow-up to The Light of Hidden Flowers
disclaimers: wish they were mine, but alas, no.
comments (positive, negative, indifferent) are very welcome.
Tags: wonder woman

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