LaughSunshine (laughsunshine) wrote in passion_perfect,

Diminishing Marginal Utility (Otalia Fic)

Title: Diminishing Marginal Utility
Author: laughsunshine 
Rating: PG-13 for safe measure.
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia - Guiding Light
Disclaimer: I own nothing. No money being made here.
Summary: I learned some new stuff in my Civics & Economics class and I'm putting it to good use: Olivia style.

Olivia was well versed in the art of running a business and the economics that went along with it. Today she was sitting in her office when the idea of "Diminishing Marginal Utility" popped into her head. DMU is a business-type theory that states: satisfaction tends to go down as more units are consumed. In other words, everything after the first time, of anything, pales in comparison after each repetition. This was a simple concept she had learned in college and it's a curious need in her hotel. The first night, in any hotel, is fresh and exciting. However, the more you stay, the less thrilling it is. She always changed hotel routine to keep customers satisfied and on their toes. Her personal life had unfortunately followed this diminishing marginal utility theory. Her friendships. Her family at times. Even her sex life. After the first encounter with a man, everything went downhill.

But Natalia changed all that. Every touch was the first. Every kiss was the first. And tonight, she hoped, their first time making love would only be the beginning of its potential, getting better each and every time.

Olivia never knew business could be so sexy.

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