LaughSunshine (laughsunshine) wrote in passion_perfect,

Have Faith (Otalia Fic)

Title: Have Faith
Author: laughsunshine 
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia
Rating: PG-13 for safe measure
Disclaimer: I own nothing. No money is being made here.
Summary: Natalia talks to Father Ray. (Two in one day? School bores me. Enjoy:)

Natalia was fidgeting with her cross, looking to the ground. She was sitting in a pew next to Father Ray.

"I don't know when it happened, but I've known for a while. I was always drawn to her, even when we couldn't stand each other. I didn't want to feel this way because it felt too good to be okay in His eyes. My life's been hard and now something this good comes along?"

Father Ray laid a hand on her shoulder and motioned for her to continue.

"I just remember one day I confided in her and told her I slept with Frank when I didn't love him. I saw the hurt in her eyes and right then I knew she loved me. I felt so terrible. We were sitting on the couch and she was holding me, my ear right over her heart. I could hear it beating strong and what a beautiful song it was. I could have stayed there forever. But I began thinking of how God would hate me for indulging in that kind of love and I pushed her away. I almost married a man I didn't love. But God has always been here for me. Always. So Father, what I need to know is, does God hate me now? Does He hate me because she's a woman? Because I have these thoughts? Because I want to physically express how much I love--love h--," said Natalia before she was interrupted by her own sobs.

"God doesn't hate anyone Natalia; He especially couldn't hate a loyal, noble, and selfless woman like yourself. Love is our Lord's ultimate message and I believe you are truly blessed to have found that kind of love in this lifetime. And you know what Natalia? Science has been very insightful where the subject of homosexuality is concerned. A substantial amount of evidence has been gathered that homosexuality does indeed exist in nature, untouched by influence of man. The church is even considering relaxing its rules on the matter," said Father Ray with a smile.

Natalia sniffled and replied, "Thank you Father."

Father Ray raised a hand in protest, "No need to thank me Natalia. You have a beautiful soul and you deserve every happiness God has to offer. You've been a great influence on Olivia Spencer. I even recall seeing her in here praying occasionally."

Natalia smiled at the thought that Olivia might finally realize how wonderful God truly is. "I have to go pick up Emma. Talk to Olivia. Talk to Emma's teacher, together, about the change in living arrangements. Go visit Rafe. Lots to do. Thank you again Father and have a wonderful evening." She flashed her amazing smile, complete with dimples, and walked towards the big doors in the back of the church.

"And Natalia...," said Father Ray. Natalia turned to face Father Ray. "When people hear the news, and things get rough--have faith. They'll come around."

"I will," proclaimed Natalia as she practically skipped out the church.

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