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Sabotaged Ch 3

Well here is three.  I think it is leaning toward more of a plot based story, but there is JJ/Emily in it so no worries I will work in as much of them as possible.  Otherwise, to the story!

Title: Sabotaged

Pairing:  Emily/JJ

Author’s note:  Well since you all seem to have Birthdays around the same days, you’re all going to kill me, ;].  But I have to say it is always fun for me to write and I find that it is a pleasure to write birthday fic, because it lasts so much longer then virtual gifts.  I just hope you like it.  But anyway Happy Birthday carlyisnot.  I hope you have a happy and fantastic day.

Rating: PG-13, swearing but not bad

Summary:  Emily finds someone she hasn’t seen in 11 years.  A different world from  Criminal Minds as we know it, besides Emily/JJ being together I have changed a bit to fit the story but it is all in good fun so please don’t hate or sue me for it I own none of the characters, show, etc.

Disclaimer:  Not mine, the song and characters belong to someone else.  But you all can thank carlyisnot for the inspiration and for being born on May 3.  Oh and major angst, as requested so I hope you all can handle it.  ;]  Oh and self beta, again b-day fic so I will try to do daily updates.  And don’t forget to wish carlyisnot a happy birthday

Chapter 3

Emily went down to see Hotch, who was signing the paperwork necessary to keep Carlina there as long as possible.  She wasn’t sure what was going on but she wasn’t going to let her daughter be released back to the place where she was most likely a prostitute for her drug habit.  She had heard about her possible drug problem but she was told to stay out of it, the irony in that was never lost by her, especially since it was her mother who told her to back off.


Five days ago…

            “Agent Prentiss.”  Emily said as she picked up her phone.

            “Emily, it’s your mother.”  Ambassador Prentiss said coolly.

            “What can I do for you mother?”  Emily asked just as coldly.

            “I need you to go to Elkins, West Virginia.  And you will want to talk to Hotch before you go and have him draft papers to have a prisoner transfer.  Tell them you need the prisoner for a joint task with the DEA.  And you might want to hurry Emily; they will release her in 24 hours.”  The Ambassador said as she read of the list she made.

            “Mother, I am busy and why would Hotch agree to this, from what I know, we don’t have a DEA assignment.  And if we did I highly doubt it would be in West Virginia.  Have you not been watching the news mother?”  Emily said, annoyed that her mother would again use her team as if they were her personal aides. 

            “Emily would you stop arguing with me and do this, I called in a favor, one I will be repaying soon.  So please just appease me.”  The Ambassador said.

            “No mother I can’t. I don’t have the…”  Emily started before her mother began to scream into her ear.

            “Emily, goddamnit it’s your daughter, you need to go now!  Do as I say.”  The Ambassador said before she hung up on her daughter.


Emily saw Hotch at the end of the hall, she was about to talk to him before he picked up his phone.  She then went straight to the guy at the desk and signed in to see the prisoner.  She knew she won’t be allowed to do this if they knew the truth, but she would worry about all the rules she had broken later.  For now she needed to see her daughter and somehow help her.

Emily waited as the door buzzed and opened in front of her.  She then walked through it and sat down on the chair opposite to her daughter.  She looked at the young woman in front of her.  She was 21, but she hardly looked it.  She looked like she was 15 but her eyes were filled with experience, the kind of experience that Emily never wanted for her.  She sat down and tried to be as professional as possible.  She wanted to scream at her daughter, she wanted to hold her daughter; she want to do so many different things that it was pulling her apart from the inside out.  She had never been so full of emotions that she had no idea where to begin.

            “So I imagine they don’t know who I am.  Or else this… won’t be happening?”  Carlina said as she continued to look at the table in front of her.  She couldn’t look her mother in the eye.  She wasn’t ready yet, but soon she would have to do something she didn’t want to.  She had no choice and her mother didn’t know, she couldn’t know what she had just done.  And if she wasn’t careful she could easily get them both killed.

            “No.  No one knows.  What were you thinking?  I mean really Carlina?”  Emily asked, knowing that if she said too much she could get caught, and she needed more time, she had already started getting the necessary paperwork to check her daughter into rehab.  She had no time to do anything else, but time and the legality of it all was against her. She had no right to take her, and yet her she was at Quantico and Emily could no longer sit there and watch her daughter go down a path that could kill her.

            “Look, you need to let me go… you have no right to keep me here!  I want a lawyer, I know my rights!”  She said, trying the best she could to seem angry as hell until help came.  She had no idea what to do, but she needed to make sure her mother didn’t focus on her too much.  Too much was at stake for this to be ruined by one mistake. 

            “Look, I don’t care what happened before, but I want to get you help.  Please… let me help you.”  Emily asked, reaching out for her daughter’s hand.  She held for a split second before Carlina pulled away.

            “I don’t need your help, I never have and I never will.”   Carlina said, seeing the hurt look clearly in her mother’s eyes.

Emily could feel tears begin to fill her eyes, but before any of them could fall she heard the door begin to open and Emily turned around.  She could see Hotch there with a different look on his face, one she hadn’t seen before.  It was a mix of regret and anger.

            “Carlina Diego, you need to come with us immediately.”  The Agent who walked in after said.

            “Wait, Hotch… what?”  Emily asked, confused at what was going on.

            “Agent Prentiss you need to stand down, you’re lucky you have connections or else you would be suspend and put under review on site for this.  This is a federal offense to forge these papers.”  The DEA Agent said as she took the young woman away.

            “Wait… she isn’t… Hotch what the hell?  What’s going on?”  Emily asked confused, she knew what her mother did, but they weren’t real and they weren’t even close to being processed.

            “It is above my head.  They said we were lucky.  But someone called it in, I’m just not sure who.”  Hotch said, angry that it had to be someone in this building.  Not a lot of people knew this so it had to be one of his employees who had a question and didn’t come to him first.

            “Actually we do… it was me.”  JJ said as she watched both Hotch and Emily turn around with a confused look.



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