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Victory and Honor Chapter 9

Because I am sooo busy... :]

Title: Victory and Honor

Pairing: Nikki/Nora

Author’s note:  Written for the one and only nikkiandnora for her birthday.  One of her favorite pairings.  Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to wish her a Happy Birthday! 

Disclaimer:  Not mine, the idea belongs to nikkiandnora but the written finally is all mine.  I hope you all enjoy.  :]

Chapter 9

Nora and Nikki frantically got ready; they had to be at Nora’s parents in an hour.  They both were still getting ready and time was running out.  They had no idea how fast time had gotten away from them, but Nora had to admit that she was feeling better about this.


Three hours before…

            “You know you can’t stay in bed all day.  We need to figure out what we are going to do.”  Nikki said as she handed Nora a cup of coffee.  Today was the day they were going to go to Nora’s parents and they needed a plan.  Nikki had a few ideas, but she needed Nora’s thoughts on both of them. 

            “Well I could always call and tell them I’m sick.”  Nora said with an innocent smile.

            “And when you mom comes over with soup again… I mean the last time you were sick and I was here it was easy to explain because I had just come from work on my lunch break to bring you some chili.  But on a weekend?”  Nikki said here ‘come on’ look on her face.

            “Yeah… didn’t think that far.”  Nora said, as she sat up in bed and took the coffee from Nikki.  “So what do you think we should do, tell them Bobby was crazy or just make up some excuse why ‘he’ couldn’t come?”  Nora said jokingly.

            “Well we could do all of those, but you realize we’re going to have to tell them at some point Nora.  Because your mother wants grandkids and when you’re not poppin’ out kids or married, she is going to start to asking questions.”  Nikki said.

            “Yeah well, we could always say that we just live together and I am picky as hell.”  Nora said with an innocent smile before she got serious.  “What do you think we should do, because they won’t let this down.  I know them, and I just… I’m not ready.  Not yet Nikki.”

            “I know well we can use either of the two suggestions, I’m ok with it.  Nora, you have to understand that I get this, and I’m not saying I can wait forever, but I will wait until you’re ready.”  Nikki said knowingly.

            “Did I tell you how much I love you today?”  Nora said as she leaned in for a kiss.

            “No but I could use some reminding.”  Nikki said with a sultry smile as sat on the bed, took both of their coffee mugs and sat them on the side table next to the bed, and then leaned in to kiss Nora.   She playfully pushed Nora back into the bed.  After several minute of coming close to taking off their clothes, Nikki looked at the clock next to the bed.  “What time did we have to be at your parent’s house?”  Nikki asked out of breath.

            “Four, why?”  Nora asked.

            “Because it is three right now.”  Nikki said with a grin.

            “Shit!”  Nora said as she nearly through Nikki off her and began to get ready.  “Well come on, it will be better to have you there helping me explain.  So hurry your cute ass up.”  Nora said.

            “Geeze, you’re so demandin’… remind me to get you a corset and a whip later.”  Nikki said with a playful smile as she began to get ready.


Nora let a deep breath out that she had been holding almost the whole car ride up there.  She was just about to ring the bell to the house when her Bobby opened the door.

            “Hey sis, I’m glad you could make it.  Hey, Nikki,” Bobby said with a smile as he moved to the side to let them in.

            “Alright Bobby, you are going to follow our lead and I will get us out of this mess you created, and so help me god, if you already told them, I will…”  Nora started before she was interrupted by her father coming in.

            “Nora, sweetheart, it is good to see you.”  Iasan Delaney said with a thick accent as he went to hug his daughter.  As he finally released her, he turned and greeted Nikki.  “Hello, Nikki.  It is good to see you both.  Well come on in, don’t let this old man stop you.  Emma has been slavin’ over that stove for hours just waitin’ to meet Nora’s new friend.” 

            “Well daddy…”  Nora started before Nikki interrupted her.

            “Well sadly Mr. Delaney, he couldn’t make it tonight and Nora invited me.  She knew how much I loved it the last time I came.”  Nikki said looking at Nora with a smile.

            “Well… that is too bad.  But I’m sure glad you’re here Nikki.  So come on then, what can I get you girls to drink?”  Mr. Delaney asked as he went to the kitchen.

            “Water is fine for me.”  Nikki said.

            “Me too dad.”  Nora said as she looked at Nikki and mouthed a thank you.

            “Oh come now, NOPD’s finest deserve a beer.  I will have nothing less.”  Mr. Delaney said as he handed Nikki and Nora two ice cold beers.  “Oh and Nora your mother wants to talk to you for a bit.”

            “Ok.”  Nora said as she went into the kitchen.

            “Sweetie!!  So where is he, I need to meet this lovely boyfriend of yours.”  Emma Delaney said as she hugged her daughter.

            “Well mom… he couldn’t make it.  But I brought Nikki, you remember Nikki my partner on the force?”  Nora said and then took a huge drink from her beer.

            “Oh honey… I like Nikki but I want to meet this man Bobby mentioned.  Come on, I know I’m a little judgmental but I want nothing but the best for my baby.  And if this man can’t even schedule time to meet the parents…”  Nora’s mom said as she continued to pull out the chicken from the stove.

            “Well mom, just because they couldn’t make doesn’t mean...”  Nora started before she was interrupted by her mother.

            “Well we could always call Dan.  I know he loves my chicken dinners.”  Emma said as she put the bird on the sink.

            “Mom, no.  I don’t want you to call Dan.”  Nora said, as she took another drink from her beer.

            “Why not?  Sweetheart he is a good man and he would make a perfect husband and father…”  Emma started before she was interrupted.

            “Well I don’t want him mother.  How many times do I have to say that?”  Nora said, finishing off her beer and grabbing another one from the fridge.

            “Well honey, I know you don’t like the idea of dating a cop, but really…”

            “No mother… I can’t do that.  I won’t date Dan!”  Nora said louder.

            “Why not sweet, give me one good reason why you won’t date Dan.”  Nora’s mother said as she stood in her pose that meant she wasn’t going to move until she got an answer she would accept.

            “Because…”  Nora said.


            “Because…because… Because I don’t love him!  I’m in love with Nikki!”  Nora screamed.


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