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Delurking Again...

Since I had a lot of fun doing the first Otalia piece, I thought I'd do another to keep my hands busy while on the phone (because my hands must always be kept busy, lest they sneak off on their own and try to take over the world in some mad, Pinky and the Brain style plot...which is actually less annoying than when they just destroy everything within reach while I'm not looking). I opted to go with the cold theme again because...I dunno...just because I guess (or maybe because it's hot here and somehow painting ice and snow seems cooler). There are a couple of things I'm not sure about and maybe it needs tighter cropping, but I like overall. Dunno that I've figured out CC's bone structure's kinda quirky...but I'm getting there.

Please, no reposting, icons or avatars, but feel free to use it as wallpaper if you care to (feel free to crop at will). The link on the graphic leads to a larger version on my website (a full size version is also available from that page).

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