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Victory and Honor Chapter 10

Well hello, its me.  i know I broke my promise of posting everyday.  I hope you all can forgive me.  Anyway I hope this helps!  Enjoy and don't forget to comment every once and a while or say hello,  authors love that and I do to.  :]

Title: Victory and Honor

Pairing: Nikki/Nora

Author’s note:  Written for the one and only nikkiandnora for her birthday.  One of her favorite pairings.  Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to wish her a Happy Birthday! 

Disclaimer:  Not mine, the idea belongs to nikkiandnora but the written finally is all mine.  I hope you all enjoy.  :]


Chapter 10

            “Nora?”  Nikki said as she watched her lover storm outside to the patio and Nora’s mother stayed in the kitchen, with loud rustling of pots and pans.  Nikki looked confused, she had no idea what she should or could do, but she needed to do something, so she started to go after Nora.

            “Wait, Bobby is going to talk to Emma.  I would like you to come to but I would like to do the talking if you don’t mind.”  Iasan said as he looked at Nikki who seemed confused.  He wasn’t surprised at her confusion, it was a major thing to scream out like that but he knew his daughter and there was a reason she did that.  He smiled as he watched her nod and followed him.

Nora began to pace, just like she had at their apartment courtyard.  She had no idea why she did that, but it was done and now she was… screwed.  Her mind was racing a mile a minute and before she knew it she had company on the patio with her.

                            “You know you paced around the day you expected to get the academy letter.  You were so nervous that you couldn’t sit still until you knew, and after that I couldn’t stop you from packing that very day.”  Iasan said as he saw his daughter, he wasn’t sure how to get her to slow down but he thought the truth would be a good start.


One year and three months ago…

Nikki and Nora waited as they stood in front of Nora’s parents’ house.  Nikki knew she was there as Nora’s new partner ‘on the force’ but it still meant so much more.  She wanted to leave a good impression so that when they tell Nora’s parents, they will at least not think of Nikki in a bad way.  At least she hoped not.

            “Pumpkin!”  Iasan said as he opened the door to his daughter who he hadn’t seen for months.  He knew how busy work could be, it was a part of the reason he missed it so much, but he was honored to have his daughter surpass his own record.  He never made it to the level she was currently at, but that more to do his person beliefs and not wanting to deal with the politics at the time then anything else.  In all honesty he had an idea his daughter would be just like him, held back because she wouldn’t take any shit from anyone.  It only made him prouder of his little girl.  “This must be the infamous Nikki Beaumont I have heard about.”  He said with a smile and a little confused when Nora started to blush.

            “Yes, it’s nice to meet you Mr. Delaney.”  Nikki said politely as she put her hand out to shake his. 

            “Well Nikki you can feel free to call me Iasan, or Ian for short.  But I did this with Dan and I have to do it to you.”  Iasan said as he pulled Nikki into a big bear hug and said.  “Welcome to the family!  Just make sure you have my little girls back you hear.”

            “I… will.”  Nikki said with a surprised smile as she was set back down and followed Iasan into the Delaney residence.

            “Hmm he must like you, he threaten to shoot Dan if he let me get injured.”  Nora said nonchalantly as she followed her father and Nikki into the house she grew up in.  It had never changed, not in the forty years they had lived there; Nora remembered the pictures of her older brothers in that very same couch. 

            “Well Nikki I hope you like beer, because that is all Delaney cops drink in this house, and you are now official a Delaney cop.”  Iasan said with a smile as she handed both Nikki and Nora a beer.

            “Well thank you sir… Ian.  I’m honored.”  Nikki said with a smile as she added his name when he gave her a look.  Nikki turned slowly to look at Nora with her smile.

            “Well there she is….Nora sweetheart.”  Emma Delaney said to her daughter.   She pulled her in for a big hug.  As Nora gave her mother a hug she saw Nikki smile.

            “This must be your new partner… it is a shame really I liked Dan, but he was never a good partner for you.  I think he is a better husband.”  Emma said with a smile.

            “Mother!”  Nora said, as she looked at her mother then turned to look at Nikki with apologetic eyes, she saw Nikki take a big swig from her beer before she responded.

            “Well you’re right about one thing; I do make a better partner for Nora.”  Nikki said with a smile, trying to hide the fact that it hurt her to have Nora’s mom already against any relationship that didn’t involve Dan.  ‘I’m so screwed,’ Nikki thought as she looked at Nora.

            “Oh come on now Emma.  If you even want any kind of hope for grandkids you will get off that man.  I swear she wants to marry him and divorce me.”  Iasan said with a smile, as he realized the tension that filled the air with the mention of Dan.  He liked Dan, but he didn’t seem right for his daughter.  He had no idea who he wanted to be with her, but he had a feeling the only one who should make that decision was Nora.  He trusted her instincts on that subject.

            “Oh hush you.  And believe me if I were single and Nora’s age, he wouldn’t be available.  Which is my point… Nora, sweetie, he is a good man and they are a dying breed.  You need to get serious and think about it, because he will only chase you for so long before he goes after someone else.  Hell he could go after Nikki and she might take him up on it.  I won’t blame her, they would make beautiful children…”  Nora’s mom said before she was interrupted.

            “Mother please…”  Nora begged, squinting her eyes in disgust at the idea.

Nikki on the other hand almost choked on her beer.  “Excuse me.”  She said as she went to go outside to get some air and clean herself up.  She had to admit, Nora’s parents didn’t expect a thing, but they also seemed…  ‘No.  Don’t think that.  Not yet anyway.’  Nikki thought as she looked at the night.  It was a warm night, nothing too unusual for Nola, but she had to admit the night didn’t calm her fears. 

            “Nikki… penny for your thought?”  Nora said as she walked up behind Nikki and wrapped her arms around her.

            “They never will accept this, will they?”  Nikki said, sounding almost defeated.

            “I don’t know.  Not now, but maybe… but right now that doesn’t matter.  Look, we will deal with this as it comes.  I promise.”  Nora said as she turned Nikki around to face her, she planted a soft kiss on her lips to try to take away the doubt in her voice.

Iasan walked to the outside, where Nikki and Nora were to try to apologize for what Emma said when he walked in on the conversation he knew they weren’t ready for him to see.  He slowly walked back before they noticed then walked back, giving a few seconds before he turned the corner to out Nora’s name.  “Nor,. Nikki dinners ready.”  He said as he saw the two women pull a part fast.  What just happened only solidified what he had just seen.  During the course of the dinner he asked questions, to see who else knew about their relationship, one of which was sitting to his left.  His youngest boy gave away his own secret to the knowledge of said relationship.  He made sure to keep Bobby behind to have a father son talk.  As he wished the girls good night he went outside to talk to his son, while Emma cleaned the kitchen.  Not that he never tried to help, but she seemed to get angry when he did try, she would always say” I love you but out of my kitchen.  Now!”

            “So dad, what did you want to talk about?”  Bobby asked, a little suspicious at why his father kept him behind.  He hoped it wasn’t the reason he thought, but he made a promise to his sister, and he would do whatever he had to make sure his father didn’t know.

            “So how long have you known, and don’t lie to me.  I want the truth.”  Iasan said to his son.

            “What are you talking about dad?”  Bobby said, almost positive now that he had an idea, after tonight it was clear his dad was looking for something, and he may have just found it.

            “You know what I am talking about, but if you need me to say it then fine.  How long have you known Nora was dating Nikki?”  Iasan said as he watched his son’s response.

            “Dad I… dad please don’t ask me this.  Please.”  Booby said, sad that he didn’t want to betray his sister’s trust, but he knew he could never lie to his father.  He always knew.

            “Look, I can understand why Nora wouldn’t want to say anything, and that you most likely walked in on them the way I just did.  But you need to realize that your mother won’t let go of the Dan idea.  Not for a while anyway, so Nora’s life is going to be annoying as hell for a while.  I give your mother about six months, and then we will have to tell her.  I would suggest you find a way.  I don’t care how, but find a way to get Nora to tell her.  she deserves to know her daughter’s happy.”  He said as he looked at his son.  He needed to make sure that Bobby understood that he was ok with this, and it had to start with Bobby before Nora.  Bobby did always have a more cheerful side to life and he could talk anyone’s ear of with happy thoughts.  It would be easier to hear from someone Nora can trust with this, for right now Iasan had to accept that it wasn’t him.


            “You knew?  Why didn’t you say anything?”  Nora asked as she looked at Nikki who was just as confused as she was.

            “You weren’t ready to hear it, and now well you left yourself not choice.  Look pumpkin, I should only have to say this once and I thought I did it when you were six, but… if you are happy then I am happy for you.  It doesn’t matter what makes you happy, I trust that whatever it is or who it is, that they are exactly what you need.”  Iasan said as he looked at Nikki at the end of what he just said with a smile.

            “But mom…”  Nora started.

            “Well let me and Bobby worry about that.  For now you two sit tight.”  Iasan said as he went inside to talk to his wife.

            “Nikki you ok?”  Nora asked as she saw her lover look uncomfortable.

            “You realize, that your mom might not like me, for several reasons, besides being a woman.”  Nikki said with a worried look on her face.  Fathers always did take their daughters dating  women a little easier than better mothers who expected grandkids out of their daughters.  “So this is far from over.”

            “I know.”  Nora said.





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