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Sabotaged Ch 4

Well I hope you all don't mind two posts.  :]

Title: Sabotaged

Pairing:  Emily/JJ

Author’s note:  Well since you all seem to have Birthdays around the same days, you’re all going to kill me, ;].  But I have to say it is always fun for me to write and I find that it is a pleasure to write birthday fic, because it lasts so much longer then virtual gifts.  I just hope you like it.  But anyway Happy Birthday carlyisnot.  I hope you have a happy and fantastic day.

Rating: pg-15, Swearing like a sailor on leave… ;]

Summary:  Emily finds someone she hasn’t seen in 11 years.  A different world from  Criminal Minds as we know it, besides Emily/JJ being together I have changed a bit to fit the story but it is all in good fun so please don’t hate or sue me for it I own none of the characters, show, etc.

Disclaimer:  Not mine, the song and characters belong to someone else.  But you all can thank carlyisnot for the inspiration and for being born on May 3.  Oh and major angst, as requested so I hope you all can handle it.  ;]  Oh and self beta, again b-day fic so I will try to do daily updates.  And don’t forget to wish carlyisnot a happy birthday

Chapter 4

Emily was stunned, she couldn’t move, “why?” The only thing Emily could say yet alone think.

            “I had to; I made sure you both would be safe and not punished for this.  Her papers were forged, and I didn’t want you both to get in trouble…”  JJ said before she was interrupted by a very loud and angry Emily.

            “You have no IDEA what you have just done!  How could you?!”  Emily asked as she went after her daughter.  She didn’t even notice the look JJ and Hotch shared, let along what they were talking about.  She ran after Carlina.  “Wait!  Let me…”  Emily said before she was held back by Hotch. 

            “No Prentiss…” Hotch said as he reached out for Emily’s arm to stop her.

            “Well let me see… who do I have to thank for this?  Would it be… you?”  Carlina said as she slipped away from the DEA agent and  moved up next to JJ and started talking to her. Emily wanted to talk to her daughter but before she could the DEA agent took her away.  “Well thanks for the help.”  She said as she was led to the van.

Emily’s mind was taken away from her thoughts of how to follow her daughter as she heard the screeching van turn the corner.  She watched as the door of the side of the van slid open, with one gun man coming out and shooting into the crowd of people.  Emily felt as if her world had gone into slow motion as she felt Hotch and JJ pull Emily to the ground.  She could almost see each bullet pass her by and then she heard a woman scream and Emily looked in the direction of where her daughter and the DEA agent were.  Before anyone could pull out a gun, the van had just turned the other corner and disappeared.

            “We have a prisoner down, call the hospital; tell them we will be there in ten.”  The DEA agent said into his radio as he picked up the girl into his arms.

            “No, LET ME GO!  SHE’S MY DAUGHTER, NO!” Emily screamed as she felt Hotch and JJ hold her back as the DEA agent loaded her daughter into the car and speed off to the hospital.  “Godddamnit, why would you do that?  I need to follow them.  What is the closest hospital, General or St. Mary’s?”  Emily asked as she got out of JJ’s and Hotch’s hold and started running toward her car.  When she turned around to get an answer out of them, JJ was shocked.  She knew JJ would be but she had no time to focus  on her right now, because right now the only thing that mattered was her daughter and she wouldn’t focus on anything else besides that.

            “St. Mary’s… I think.”  JJ said as she had finally was able to focus again.  She wasn’t surprised when she saw Emily run to her car.  She turned around and saw Hotch have a very serious look on his face. 

            “We need to talk, NOW.”  Hotch said as he went back into the building.

JJ knew she needed to talk but she wanted to follow Emily, she knew she wouldn’t find her daughter there or…anywhere.  She knew soon Emily would be lost to her if they didn’t follow her now.  “Hotch… I think we need to follow Emily.  Please just trust me Hotch we need to go now.”

            “No JJ, Emily can take care of her daughter, right now I need you to explain what the hell is going on.”  Hotch said as he watched JJ nod and follow him back into the building.

JJ knew this would take a while, but he deserved to know, and she knew Emily deserved an explanation just as much if not more than Hotch did.  She just wished that Emily would talk to her again, the look she gave JJ before she left told her she would never forgive for this, and it broke JJ’s heart.


            “My name is Emily Prentiss, and I need to know where my daughter is  NOW!”  Emily screamed as she tried to get the nurse to answer her. 

            “Look ma’am, as we said before, we haven’t had any DEA agents or female between the age of 20-22 check in.  I'm sorry.”  The nurse said before she left.  She had been ignoring her phone for more than twenty minutes, before she thought, ‘Fuck it.’ 

            “What!”  She said into the phone.  She didn’t care who it was, she was pissed.

            “Prentiss I need you to come back now.”  Hotch said.

            “I don’t have time, I have to…”  Emily started.

            “She isn’t there.  She was killed today.  She died on the way to the hospital.  They took her back to the DEA office because they think she was a mule, and most likely the drugs went straight to the blood stream.  She died on site.”  Hotch said, sympathy for his agent clearly evident in his voice.

Emily lost track of all feeling in her legs and collapsed right there on the floor of the hospital.  She stared straight ahead as she vaguely heard her phone.

            “Emily, Emily?  Hello…”

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