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First Fic

This is my very first fic. Don't kill me if you don't like it, but please comment.
Title: (still no title)
Pairing: Em/JJ, JJ/Will (I swear I want to kill that man!)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don't own them at all. Just borrowing
Archiving: Take it. I don't know if it even worth reading anyway. LOL.


Life is crap. Emily knew that all too well. She learnt about all the craps in the world since she was too young to remember. Disappointments over disappointments, lies over lies, hurts over hurts, she swallowed them all.

She was a tough woman. She never let her guard down. She never took her mask off even though all she wanted to do was to weep and break down. Her heart scarred from all the emotional wounds she got. And just recently the freshest wound, the one she was trying to stop from bleeding too much, cracked open again.

It was a usual night out with Garcia and Morgan. Everyone else was too busy to join them. The brunette was sitting on a high chair facing the door while Morgan and Garcia were dancing when she saw Special Agent Jennifer Jareau and Will appeared at the door. Emily didn’t flinch. As much as it hurt her to see them, she was trained too well not to show her emotions. Besides, the blond had long stopped being ‘JJ’ or ‘Jennifer’ for her. Not anymore. Not after the younger woman decided to ‘betray’ her and her friendship by hiding about Will and her pregnancy. She smiled sadly at that thought.

“Earth to Emily!” JJ playfully tapped Emily’s cheek. She looked glowing and happy.

Emily blinked, shuddered inside as she felt JJ’s hand on her face. The hand used to be warm. Not anymore, she thought.

“What are you doing here, sulking like a pigeon?” JJ said. Before Emily could answer that, she continued, “Where are the others?”

The older woman nodded at the crowd. “Dancing,” She replied. She raised her glass to greet Will. The man smiled.

Garcia arrived at their table, flushed from dancing too much. She beamed when she saw JJ and Will and practically dragged the couple to join them.

“I’d rather stay and talk with Emily,” JJ said.

“No,” Emily cut in too fast. They looked at her as if she had grown another head. “Go ahead. I’m going to finish my drink and head home.”

JJ frowned, but she followed Garcia anyway.

Emily finished her beer. She was about to leave when she saw Will and JJ kissing on the dance floor. She felt numb. She heard a loud crash and she thought bitterly, there goes my heart.

“Emily, are you okay?” Garcia rushed to her side, looking worried.

Emily snapped out of her trance. Everyone was staring at her. She stared at the shattered glass before her.

She glanced towards the dance floor. JJ and Will were staring at her, too, but they made no effort of coming to see if she was okay. She sighed.

“I’m okay, Garcia. I just need some fresh air,” She said.

Garcia insisted to drive her home, but Emily refused. She wanted to be alone. The smart woman knew that something was off, but she didn’t want to push her friend, not in front of all those people, so she let her go.

“Call me when you’re home!” She called. Emily waved as an answer.

Emily walked along the pavement. She felt so trapped inside and she felt lost. Suddenly she laughed out loud. She didn’t care everyone was looking. She didn’t care if they thought she was crazy. She walked and laughed.

It’s over, Prentiss. She thought. Everything is over. At that very moment, she let her mask fell. A tear fell from her eyes. She hung her head low and whispered, “Bye JJ.” She wiped the tear and forced a smile. “Welcome home, Agent Jareau.”

With that, she bandaged her heart and shoved it inside her compartment.

Tags: criminal minds

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