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What Family Really Means Olivia/Natalia

 This is my first published Fan Fiction. I have always been a big reader but never one for writing. But as I sat down tonight to write some more of my own novel I realised I was writing for Olivia and Natalia not for the characters in my book.

This is an AU starting the morning of the WoD.

I hope you all like it, any mistakes our my own (Un-beta'd I live on the edge). I write this at no profit for myself the actual characters and their stories belong to someone else I just felt like borrowing them for a bit.

Part 1/?

Natalia could feel herself control slipping. She felt the ache in her soul to touch Olivia. To reach her hand out and touch the older woman but something inside of her stopped her doing so. Her fingers hovered over the older woman's arm. She knew if she let herself touch her the spell would be broken. It was the day of her wedding to someone else but all she wanted to do was kiss the woman who slept. She knew just doors away her son and Olivia's daughter slept. This was her family in her heart she knew that more then anything else. So why had she convinced herself that Frank was the man for her, was it because he was a stable man who treated her well or was it because he was what everyone expected her to marry.

When he has asked her to marry him she hadn't known what to think. She was brought out of her thoughts when she sees Olivia move. Her heart almost stops in fear, fear of being caught staring at her beautiful older woman. Quickly she turned and left Olivia's room and rushed back to her own. Her mind over flowing with thoughts of her family. Rafe was home finally, Frank had got him out of jail for their wedding. When her son had delivered the news that it was Frank who had gotten him out a part of her had wanted him to turn back around and go back to jail. She didn't want Rafe used as a pawn by Frank to get married. But Frank had been using him long before now. He had started that tree fund for a lawyer and had gotten Rafe there as well. But as thoughts of Frank clouded her mind something came through as clear as day. 


She had done something that day too. But she hadn't planned on telling her that she had done something. She had lied pretending it was an error that her money hadn't been in the fund. Her mind was once again brought out if her musings. This time by a knock on the door.

"Come in."

When an eight year old head belonging to Emma Olivia's daughter popped through the gap she smiled. The little always brought a smile to her face and although she was Olivia's Natalia thought of Emma has her own too.

"I didn't smell breakfast so i came to see if you where awake."

"I'm sorry sweetie I got lost in my own head for a minute. What do you want?"


"Sure, why don't you go and wake everyone up and i will go and start breakfast."

The eight year old bounced off to go wake up the rest of her family. Natalia shook her head but smiled again at the little girl's actions as she headed downstairs to start breakfast as promised.


Natalia placed another pancake on the plate as Rafe walked into the kitchen.

"Mornin' ma."

She smiled at her son as he sat down at one of the four places set at the table. Next into the kitchen came Emma.

"Mommy said she would be down in a minute."

She kisses the young girl who then sat at the far end of the table. Her children she thought as she placed the last pancake on the plate. Then it was as if the world stopped just for a second as Natalia saw Olivia standing in the doorway to the kitchen.



Natalia handed Olivia the cup of coffee she had made ready for her. Olivia mouthed 'thank you' Natalia could see she clearly wasn't anywhere nearly awake as she needed to be in order to be out of bed. But still the older woman smiled and takes the seat next to Emma and opposite Rafe at the kitchen  table. As Natalia turns to put the plate of pancakes down she comes face to face with her family and can feel the tears forming in her eyes. Her family all together at last, they had all slept here last night as well and it was something her brain couldn't move on from, she had never expected it to seem so easy. Placing the plate on the table she takes the last seat. Natalia then feels something touch her right hand and her head jerks down to see what it was. Not till she sees Olivia bring their hands up to the table that she realises what it is. She looks at the older woman a question forming in her head.

"We have to say grace right?"

She looks around the table and sees everyone is holding hands and Rafe has his reaching out for hers. She takes it and smiling bows her head. But before she can talk she hears Olivia.

"Dear God, I've sat through enough graces living here with Natalia I think it is my turn to talk to you. Thank you for allowing me to find such a wonderful woman. She is truly an angel. It is because of her I am still here today. She was what was missing from my life. She and her son Rafe have made my family complete. So I ask you to give her anything she asks for God she deserves it. Oh and thank you for the food. Amen."

Natalia hears her children say 'Amen' as well but she can't bring herself to say it. That pray sounded so personal and not something to be said at the breakfast table but it was just like Olivia to say something so big and make it seem like nothing at all. When Natalia finally opens her eyes she whispers her own pray as she looks over to Olivia who is already tucking into her breakfast.


Breakfast was long over but Natalia hadn't left the kitchen. She could hear Olivia packing boxes upstairs. When she had asked about it Olivia had just said that she and Frank deserved their space after their wedding. She had all but forgotten she was getting married today after Olivia's words and because she was so lost in her own thought she didn't hear Emma join her in the kitchen.

"Natalia why do we have to move out?"

"Sorry sweetie?"

"Mommy said that we have to move, but i thought we are a family so i was wondering why?"

"Well me and uncle Frank are getting married today and married people like to live in the same house."

"Oh. Do you have to marry Frank then? I like living here and so does mommy. So maybe you should just marry mommy then, because Frank doesn't know what it is like to live here and we do and we will miss it."

"It isn't that simple."

"Sure it is. We are a family and we all love each other so marry mommy and then I can call you ma like Rafe does."

"Why don't you get yourself a drink and I will go talk to your mom."

Emma nods as Natalia walks off to go talk to Olivia about what their daughter just said.
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