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Chapter 3

Title: (Any idea, anyone??)
Pairing: Em/JJ, JJ/Will (can I just write Crawfish??)
Rating: PG or maybe even G
Disclaimer: Right, like I have enough money to buy the show.
Archiving: As usual, take it.
a/n: I always have problems with the plotting. Please be patient with me. Oh, and I think this is going to be quite a long story.

Okay, we're in ...


Chapter 3

Emily’s body tensed up as they approached the building. She was grateful Garcia had insisted on driving. She was too tired to drive and she needed the time to think. She threw a glance at Garcia, certainly thankful that the tech goddess kept silent. She closed her eyes. Breathe, Prentiss. She told herself.

Garcia kept watching Emily through her peripheral vision while concentrating on the street. She didn’t miss the tension that built up on the woman beside her as she parked her car on her regular spot, beside JJ’s SUV. She turned off the ignition and turned to face Emily. She was amazed to see the change in Emily’s expression. The brunette had looked so beat up and now, as she opened her eyes, Emily Prentiss was nothing less than perfect. Yeah, Garcia thought bitterly, if you consider expressionless as perfect.

They got out the car and rushed to the elevator. There are a lot of people inside, but they were managed to squeeze in. Garcia noticed that several male agents were eyeing her friends but her friend was completely oblivious to it. Emily was too busy preparing for another day at work to notice.

She bade Garcia goodbye as she made her way to the bullpen. She put her coat and headed to get some coffee. Morgan and Reid were yet to come. She poured the black stuff into her mug and jumped in surprise when someone called her.

“Shit!” She cursed as she spilled the hot liquid on her shirt. She turned and muttered the same curse under her breath when she saw JJ.

The blonde woman approached her. “Sorry Emily. Didn’t mean to scare you like that,” She apologized.

Emily shook her head. “No, it’s okay,” She said. She backed a few steps away from JJ, pretending to find something for the coffee stain. “What’s up?” She asked.

JJ smiled. It’s been long since she had the chance to be alone with Emily. She liked talking with the older woman. “Nothing new, really. Henry is an amazing baby, and Will has been very helpful.”

At the mention of Will’s name Emily flinched a little, unnoticed by JJ who was still busy talking about how the man was being an angel and all. She didn’t respond. She couldn’t.  She felt a pang of sadness stabbing her heart. She knew JJ was in love with the detective, and she knew that the baby was her life; still it didn’t lessen the pain Emily felt. She tried to smile encouragingly at JJ and was glad when Reid popped his head in the room.

“Morning, ladies. Hotch is waiting for us in the conference room,” He announced. He frowned a bit. “Emily, you spilled your coffee,” The young man stated.

Emily smiled, the first real smile she had that day. “I know, Reid,” She said. Emily glanced at JJ. The blonde was rolling her eyes. She looks cute when she does that, Emily thought, her expression softened a little. Then she saw the ring on JJ’s finger and she felt like being hit by a truck. She stopped the thought and put the mask back on.

Both women followed Reid to the conference room. Emily took the seat between Rossi and Morgan, consciously avoiding sitting beside JJ. Hotch was the one who presented the case that day. Emily kept silent during the whole briefing. She was thinking about her ability to shove all her feelings inside. She used to be so sure about it, not anymore. Maybe because your feelings for Agent Jareau is too big for your compartments, Miss Prentiss, a small voice in her head suggested. She blinked. Shut up! She growled back. Emily was so deep in her thought and she didn’t realize that the briefing was over. She was startled when Morgan tapped her shoulder.

“Prentiss, hey, wake up girl,” The dark man teased. “Briefing’s over.”

“Huh? Wha.. Oh, right,” Emily replied, embarrassed for not paying attention to the briefing.

Morgan helped her collecting her files from the table. “Wheels up in twenty,” He kindly reminded his friend before leaving the room. Garcia was right; there was something wrong with the brunette. And he was going to find out.

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