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5/? (not gonna be an epic, I promise)

Title: ...
Pairing: Emily/JJ, JJ/Will
Rating: Still PG-ish
Disclaimer: Doh! Not mine and I don't like to be reminded of that every time!
Archiving: Have it your way. :)
Author's note: Err.. I'm not so sure if anyone would like this chapter. But have a look and tell me what you think, please?


Chapter 5

JJ didn’t know why she decided to come to Emily’s room. She shifted from foot to foot and had considered to go back to her room when she heard the door clicked open.

“JJ!” A very surprised Emily exclaimed.

JJ blinked a few times at the sight before her. Emily was a mess. There was no sign of her usual faultless appearance. The older woman was still wearing the same suit she wore the previous day and the suit was crumpled, as if she had been rolling on the floor with it. Her eyes were bloodshot and there was a hint of liquor in her breath. JJ glanced at her hand; Emily was holding a bottle of whiskey. She frowned. Emily hated whiskey and the blonde knew that.

Emily was more than surprised to see JJ in front of her hotel room. She didn’t move a bit, carefully hiding the whiskey behind her, but from the frown that formed on JJ’s face, she knew it was a useless effort.

“May I come in?” JJ asked in a small voice. She was unsure if she was doing the right thing. She could feel Emily eyeing her for a moment before giving a shrug and letting her in. She walked into the room and immediately spotted the lines of bottles on the table and she was startled by them. She knew that her friend liked drinking, but Emily usually avoided alcohol during a case. The woman usually drank in her own time. JJ heard the door shut behind her and she turned around.

Emily didn’t move from where she stood. Her right hand was still holding the handle of the door as if she was looking for escape. “What do you want?” She asked in a raw voice.

JJ sat at the end of the bed. “I... I just want to talk,” she answered. She had never seen Emily like this before and she wondered what was wrong with her friend.

“Talk?” Emily frowned. “It’s two in the morning and you want to ‘talk’?” Emily snickered. “What do you think I am? A school girl? What do you really want?” Emily was very tired. She couldn’t think clearly, thanks to the whiskey, and she didn’t want to have this conversation, any conversations, with Agent Jareau.

The younger woman blinked in disbelieved at Emily’s response. She didn’t know this side of Emily. All she knew was that Emily was always a friendly and sensitive woman. But the words she heard from her was far from it. It was cold and filled with raw emotion. Then maybe you don’t know her that well, JJ, a small voice said to her. It was the alcohol talking, she said to herself.

The profiler raised her eyebrows, “Well?” She challenged.

JJ took a deep breath, “I just want to know what is wrong with you, Emily,” she said. “No, don’t cut me just yet.” She cut in when she saw Emily opened her mouth. “You’re not yourself lately. You didn’t joke around with Morgan and Reid anymore, you didn’t talk to me anymore, you hardly say a thing to anyone except regarding the case, you drank your coffee more than you drank water, and these...” She pointed to the bottles, “These are not you at all!”

Emily smiled sadly. It was difficult for her to keep focused on what JJ was saying. Her presence in her room was almost too much to bear. She wanted to just push JJ out of her room and be left alone. But at the same time, she wanted to tell the blonde how much pain she had caused her and have her fixed it.

“Are you done?” Emily said after a long pause. “If you are, just... get out of my room. I’m tired.”

The blonde’s eyes widened. She was worried about Emily and all she get was ‘get out of my room’? JJ was tired as well, and she was infuriated by Emily’s reply.

“’Get out of your room’? That’s all that you can say? Emily, for God’s sake, I’m worried about you. Everyone is worried about you!” She spat.

That very moment, Emily couldn’t hold it any longer. She threw the bottle in her hand to the carpeted floor and marched towards JJ. She grabbed the blonde’s arm and growled with her teeth clenched, “For God’s sake, just leave!” She dragged JJ halfway to the door before JJ managed to pull herself from the grip.

JJ felt a sharp pain on her left arm but she shook the pain away. Emily scared her. “Emily Prentiss! What the hell is wrong with you?” JJ’s voice rose.

“Nothing is wrong with me, Agent Jareau. Now if you please leave me alone, go back to your damn room, call your fucking fiancé, and just... go have fun with him or something,” Emily didn’t realize she said those words until she heard JJ gasped.

“Why did you bring Will into this?” JJ asked. She was angry at Emily at the time that she didn’t catch the hint of sadness in her friend’s voice. “He has nothing to do with this.”

“Because!” Emily yelled. She shook her head and said, “Why did you come here, Agent Jareau? Why did you even come back?”

The blonde said nothing. She was pissed. She cursed herself for coming to Emily’s room and confronted her. And JJ was hurt. Emily kept calling her ‘Agent Jareau’ for a reason she couldn’t think of.

The brunette continued sadly, “Everything was fine when Todd was here. You shouldn’t have come back.” She was talking to herself, completely forgot that JJ was still in the room. The alcohol had taken control over her. She raised her head to meet JJ’s cold blue eyes and felt a stab of pain inside. “I wish you had never come back,” She whispered.

“Then maybe you should go to your Mommy Strauss and ask her to transfer me out. She’s got you in, hasn’t she?” Mocked JJ. She didn’t mean to bring Strauss into this because she knew that it would hurt Emily badly. But the brunette had brought Will into this first. But the moment she said it, JJ regretted it. A glimpse of something she didn’t recognize flashed on Emily’s eyes. And she waited for the brunette to explode.

JJ’s last words had given Emily the last blow. She didn’t react. Instead, the brunette straightened herself, held her head high, walked to the door and opened it. “Please leave my room, Agent Jareau,” she said, just above a whisper.

Emily’s face showed no emotion and JJ felt a shiver down her spine. It was like looking at a mask. JJ knew that she had put the mask there and she felt so awful. She walked to the door, stopped right in front of Emily, and forced herself to look at the emotionless eyes. Tears welled up in her own eyes as she whispered, “I’m so sorry, Emily.”

As Emily shut the door behind her, she heard a muffled sob from outside. She didn’t move. She stared at the empty bottles on the table for a long time. Emily slumped on the floor with her back leaning on the door.

I can’t do this anymore was her last thought, before she gave up to a deep slumber.


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