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Current lesbian characters and relationships on TV and film

For the purposes of a possible future challenge/ficathon I'm trying to get together a list of shows with lesbian storylines or characters. I'm talking maintext, rather than subtext, and also just about current shows and films (recent releases). So, Skins and Guiding Light count, but Bad Girls and Buffy don't.

Whatever its country of origin or language, if there is a lesbian storyline (excluding silly sweeps style 'add lesbian and stir' nonsense) I want to know about it. I'll start the list with the ones I know and add to it as more are mentioned.

Los Hombres de Paco (Silvia/Pepa)
Guiding Light (Olivia/Natalia)
Skins (Emily/Naomi)
Hospital Central (Esther/Maca)
The Word Unseen (Miriam/Amina)
I Can't Think Straight (Tala/Leyla)
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