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Title: ... (not yet. sorry)
Pairing: Emily/JJ, JJ/Will
Rating: Still PG-ish
Disclaimer: Borrowed it *rolls eyes*
Archiving: Be my guest.
Author's note: This is a long chapter. You're gonna hate me after this chapter. And one more thing, just to give you the heads up, I'm not good at writing what I wrote in this chapter. (Ha, can I be more vague?)

Here we go:


Chapter 6

Hotch glanced up as Emily walked past him to the pantry with a mug on her hand. She was refilling her coffee again. Hotch almost jumped out of his chair when suddenly Morgan leaned next to him.

“That’s four,” the younger profiler stated. He took a chair closest to Hotch and sat down.

Hotch glared angrily at his fellow agent. “Jesus, Morgan! Did you really have to do that?” The unit chief said. Morgan gave him an apologetic smile. “What’s four?”

Morgan shrugged. “The number of times Prentiss refilled her coffee for the past two hours,” he replied. “Don’t tell me you didn’t notice.” The dark profiler took a quick look at his fellow teammate. Emily surely looked paler day after day.

Hotch glanced at Emily’s direction again. The woman looked beat, he had to admit. “Well, it is a hard case,” he said, the frown on his face deepened because he realized how true his words were. They had not made any significant progress so far and it had been four days. “Maybe she’s just tired. You know, cases with children always have a toll on her.”

The dark agent raised his eyebrows. “Come on, Hotch. That girl over there is more than ‘just tired’. I mean it. Something is troubling her. Garcia said she has been acting really weird lately.”

The older man was almost unable to suppress a smile when Garcia’s name was mentioned. “Derek,” he said, “You and Garcia should really learn to stop gossiping.” He chuckled. Morgan opened his mouth to protest when Hotch continued, “Look, I can’t just call her and ask her if something is bothering her. She does her job perfectly. I’ll talk to JJ about it, she might know something. Okay? Now let’s just get back to work. This Unsub ‘s driving me crazy.”

Morgan nodded. He grabbed his files and left his boss alone. He surely would text Garcia and tell the tech goddess that he had successfully talked Hotch into talking to JJ about Prentiss. He grinned. My baby girl must be proud of me, he thought happily.


JJ sat alone at the far end of the rectangular table. She couldn’t help feeling guilty for what she did the previous night. She eyed Emily from her side vision and saw that the taller woman looked very calm and controlled, as if she hadn’t been drinking the night before. The only hint that the woman didn’t have enough rest was the black circle under her eyes. JJ kept blaming herself for bringing the thing with Strauss into their argument. It was very low of her and she realized that. But she mentioned Will first, she tried to justify herself.

The blonde frowned. She still didn’t understand why Emily had mentioned Will. She began to wonder what was going on in her friend’s mind. I have to find out, she said to herself. But you have to apologize first, Agent Jareau. JJ felt a shiver as the small voice in her head called her ‘Agent Jareau’. She glanced desperately at Emily. The brunette had been avoiding her since breakfast. She sighed. Apologizing would not be easy.


Emily was halfway into drinking her coffee when she heard Hotch calling JJ. She didn’t even take her eyes off the files she was pretending to read when the blonde walked past her. Emily felt numb inside. She wouldn’t allow her feelings to get in the way of her work. After this case, she reminded herself. Now you need to focus, Prentiss. She straightened herself up and drank up her coffee. She closed the door to her personal thought and began to focus on the files.

After what it seemed like forever, JJ and Hotch got out of the briefing room at the corner of the police department. The blonde looked annoyed and Hotch certainly didn’t look pleased himself. Emily frowned. Subconsciously she was still paying attention of what JJ did. And she wasn’t pleased of herself. She began to think that her mother had raised a loser in the honorable household of Prentiss family, and she chuckled at that thought. Right.

Suddenly Detective Landon, the chief detective on the case, hurried to the office. “We’ve got another one!” He said in alarm.

“What?” Hotch practically jumped out of his chair, knocking the wooden thing down in the process. “David, you take Reid to the victim’s house. JJ, get Garcia on the phone. Prentiss, Morgan, you’re with me.”


“I don’t understand,” Emily said slowly on their way to the crime scene, she looked so lost and determined at the same time. “With all the Amber alerts and the news and the warnings… how come parents just let their children wander alone like that?”

“They just didn’t think that this could happen to their children,” replied Hotch grimly. “Stupid of them.” He pulled over when he saw flashes of red and blue. The three of them jumped out of the vehicle.

Emily felt a chill down her spine as she saw the crime scene. It was gruesome, the sight in front of her. The copper smell of blood hung in the air, suffocating her. Emily took a few steps forward to have a better look on the victim and suddenly she regretted it.

The girl was no older than eight. She has blonde hair, a very pretty little girl. She felt tears of anger welled up in her eyes. How could anyone do this to children? She asked herself bitterly. She was about to move closer when Hotch called her.

“Garcia sent us a satellite photo. The only vehicle around this area at the time was a white SUV,” Hotch briefed her. The man eyed Emily worriedly, but Emily didn’t seem to be aware of that. “She’s watching where the SUV was going and she’ll send JJ the information. I want you and Morgan to follow up the lead. Keep in touch with JJ; she’ll be feeding us information.”

Emily groaned. This just keeps getting better, she cursed. She headed to their rented SUV. Morgan had already waited for her.

“Hop in, Prentiss. We’re on a chase,” Morgan called. He smiled encouragingly to his friend. He waited until Emily was ready, then he started the ignition. “Call JJ. See if Garcia has already sent her something.”

Emily almost rolled her eyes, but she stopped herself. She dialed JJ’s number. And as she heard a soft voice at the other end, Emily became all business. “Any lead?” She asked without properly addressing JJ. She listened for a while, “Okay.” With that, she hung up. She threw a glare at Morgan as if challenging him to ask her anything. He didn’t and Emily felt relieved. She told Morgan what Garcia found.

The dark man hit the pedal to their destination and let Emily informed Hotch and the rest of the team. They arrived in no time at a big warehouse. “That’s the SUV,” Morgan pointed. Emily was about to get out of the car when the dark man stopped her. “Hey, hey, girl! We should wait for backup.”

“No, we might lose him again,” said Emily. She stepped out of the vehicle, gun drawn, ignoring Morgan.

“Shit!” Morgan jumped out of the car and followed her. Emily had walked so fast that he couldn’t keep up with her.  It was the first time Emily acted so reckless and the man seriously feared for her safety. The profiler had only walked a few steps when he heard a gunshot from the back of the warehouse. “Prentiss!” He called. Morgan ran fast to the source of the gunshot, praying that Emily was fine.

Emily was pinning a man against the wall. His face bruised and his right leg was bleeding. Morgan pointed his gun at them. “Prentiss, let him go!” He ordered. Emily didn’t budge. “Prentiss,” he called again.

The brunette glanced sideway but she didn’t loosen her grip. The man was howling in pain. “Get her off me!” He cried. “I didn’t do nothing!”

Morgan sighed in relief when he heard the sirens. Hotch and Rossi were the first to arrive and they were shocked to see Emily like that. Hotch took a step forward, he clipped his gun back to its holster and raised his hand.

“Prentiss,” he said in a low voice. He took another step forward. “Let him go.” And another step. “We’ve got him. Let him go. Please, Emily,” Hotch stopped just a couple of feet away. He extended his arm.

As she heard Hotch calling her by her first name, Emily loosened her grip. She took a step backward and let the wounded man be taken by Morgan and Rossi. She heard the old man cursed and called her ‘bitch’, but she didn’t care. She couldn’t think clearly.

Hotch took her gun and guided the brunette to his car. “Come on,” he said softly, as if talking to a child. “Let’s get you home.” He was certain now that something was very wrong with Emily. The unit chief looked at Rossi who was searching the white SUV. The senior agent shook his head grimly. He sighed.

They got the wrong man.

a/n: don't kill me. I know I made everything worse for Em. Sorry.

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