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Victory and Honor Chapter 12 (End)

Well I think this fic is coming to a close.  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.  I think you all might be surprised at the ending, it will be... interesting.  None the less happy birthday nikkiandnora 

Title: Victory and Honor

Pairing: Nikki/Nora

Author’s note:  Written for the one and only

nikkiandnora  for her birthday.  One of her favorite pairings.  Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to wish her a Happy Birthday! 

Disclaimer:  Not mine, the idea belongs to

nikkiandnora  but the written finally is all mine.  I hope you all enjoy.  :]

Ch 12

Nikki had never been more nervous in her life then right now.  She had seen both Bobby and Nora’s father go in and talk to Mrs. Delaney and both have come out with less than happy faces.  She was worried, and most of all she was afraid that no matter what she did she would never pass the test she knew was coming.

            “Relax, it will be ok.”  Nora whispered as they both went back inside, she could feel Nikki’s nervousness come off of her in waves.  This was scaring her, and she knew if the roles were reversed she would be just as nervous, if not more so.

Nikki looked around at the pictures of the Delaney family.  She could easily see the love there, and it became clearer to her now why Nora dreaded the idea of possibly breaking up her family.  The closeness of all them is what made them ‘Delaneys.’  She wasn’t surprised by this, for a big family such as theirs; this closeness was something to be proud of.  Nikki would secretly envy Nora for that, but she really just wanted to be a part of it.


20 years ago…

            “Mommy, why is our family so small?”  Nikki asked her mother, who was sitting on the couch next to her, as she looked at a picture of herself, her daddy, and her momma.  She loved her family but she always wanted a brother or sister.

            “Well sweetheart, momma can’t have any more babies.  It was a miracle that you were born baby, but momma’s got to be careful.  But it doesn’t mean we don’t have a loving family baby.  You have Darius, Papa, and Mama.  And they will always be our family.  I promise you baby, you will never be without family.  Never.”  Thea Beaumont told her daughter, as she moved closer to her daughter on the couch.  She understood her wish for a bigger family, her daughter had the biggest heart, just like her daddy.  And Thea wanted other children, but she was warned by several doctors that if she got pregnant again she won’t survive the birthing of her next child.  Thea cried for days with this news, but she decided that Nikki was more than enough.  She would rather see her baby grow up then push her luck.  Life was too short as it was.

            “I’m sorry momma, I don’t want you hurt.”  Nikki said, feeling guilty that she asked for something that would hurt her momma.

            “Oh no baby, never be sorry to be a part of a family.  Family is the most important thing in this world.  And one day you’ll fall in love with someone and then you will be a part of that family.  And not only will you have your family now, you will add to it, with your very own little ones.”  Thea said with a smile as her daughters eyes got bigger.  She knew her little Nikki wanted to have a family.  She could see it in her big brown and innocent eyes.

            “You think I’ll be as good a momma as you are?”  Nikki asked.

            “Oh baby, you will be an even better momma then I could ever dream to be.  And the family you will join will love you baby, I just know it.”  Thea said with a smile as she pulled her daughter into a tight and playful hug.


            “Hey Nora can you help your mom in the kitchen for a second?”  Mr. Delaney asked, as he knew it would take some words from his daughter to help Nikki out with Emma.  He had no doubt she would like her, but just in case.  He would have all bases covered, because he knew if anyone could convince Emma it was Nora.

            “Sure daddy.”  Nora said, as she got up, she gave Nikki’s hand a light squeeze in support, her eyes lightly smiling at Nikki, trying to ease her nervous the best she could.  There was nothing she could say to Nikki to really help, she knew it would be her mother who would be the one to stop Nikki from having a panic attack, but she would make sure her mother know how much she meant to her.

            “It’s about time.  I thought I was going to have to bring all these plates in myself.”  Emma said as she saw her only daughter come in and help serve the plates out to everyone.

            “Well I wasn’t exactly sure what to say.  I mean I did just blurt something that… shouldn’t have been.  And momma, would you stop making her so nervous?!”  Nora asked as she grabbed a few plates and moved to go into the dining room.

            “Oh honey, it is a mother’s prerogative to see what the intentions are of the one person dating her only daughter.”  Mrs. Delaney said just as she pushed the kitchen door open with her hip and she served the food she had made for all her guests, she knew Nora wanted to talk more but she already had her own plans.  As she was setting the plates down on the dining room table she began to feel Nikki looking at her, and she wondered how nervous she was, so she looked at her once and watched Nikki almost spill her beer as she tried to seem like she wasn’t looking.  ‘Oh the poor girl, she is a wreck.’  Emma thought as she watched a flawless girl become clumsy as hell.  ‘Perfect.’

Everyone was fairly quiet during dinner, the only sound was the sound of everyone eating and enjoying the dinner.  Emma thought it would be the perfect time to talk to Nikki.  “So Nikki, what are your intentions towards my daughter?” 

Nikki started choking on the food she just started chewing, she took a few sips of water just to try to get the food out of her throat safely.  She felt Nora put her hand on her back, trying to make sure she was ok.  “Ahhhcck…Sorry. I, um… well we just started dating two years ago, so we are still fairly new to this idea of long term… not that I can’t do long term, I can.  I just think we have something special, and I think it can’t quiet be categorized as anything yet, but I hope to… one day.”  Nikki said with a little smile, as she caught Nora’s grin in the corner of her eye.

            “So what are my chances of seeing grandchildren?  You know you girls aren’t getting any younger.”  Emma said, not at all surprised to see her daughter spit out the drink she had just taken from her beer.

            “Mother!”  Nora said, still in shock at the thought of having kids.  “Is that really all you think about?”  Nora asked.

            “Well I don’t know yet, but I was told I would make a great mother, and I think Nora would be better then she thinks.  But for now we don’t know yet.” Nikki said as she turned to look Nora in the eye.  She had never told Nora this, but she did want kids one day, and having them with her wasn’t something she had really thought about, but seeing Nora’s family, and how close they all were, she wouldn’t mind thinking about it.  She could see the surprise in Nora’s green eyes.

            “Well then Nora… I think I like her better then Dan.  I think when that boy heard me talking about kids, he said he was nowhere near ready to even have that conversation.  At least this way I have some hope of a grandbaby.”  Emma said with a smile, and realized that the whole table went quiet at the revelation that she approved of their relationship.  “What, can’t a momma want to see at least one of her grandbabies before she dies?  I mean really… is that too much to ask?”  She said with a smile as she looked at Nikki, giving her the family approval.

Nikki and Nora both smiled, realizing what this meant, it was the final step in their relationship: the step that makes their relationship real.  Nikki expected to be the one to respond to Mrs. Delaney’s question, but to her surprise, Nora responded.

            “No momma… not at all.”

The End


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