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7/?? (won't be that long again, I promise)

Title: ... (I have decided, but I don't want to post it yet)
Pairing: Emily/JJ, JJ/Will
Rating: PG? (I'm not naughty)
Disclaimer: Don't be a miser! I'm just borrowing!
Archiving: Take if you want.
Author's note: Err... well, thank you for still reading it. I'm still not sure if you like this chapter. I like my first chapter better. *grins*
Oh, and this chapter is un-beta'ed, like my previous chapters. So any stupid diction and/or grammatical mistakes are my own.
Dedication (don't roll your eyes, I need this): For D, you know you're one of my winged muses *wink*; For Falc, you're (one of) the best!; For Wotumba, hope you enjoy this!; For Thn, ((hugs))!!; For Zoni, who keeps me going although she doesn't really take her own advice, I love you!! Thank you for reading; and finally for my muse, I owe you cookies.

Okay, here we go ....


Chapter 7

The first thing Hotch did when they got to the station was putting Emily in the interrogation room. He placed an officer to guard her and gave his team a strict order not to go inside and talk with the brunette.

JJ was everything but pleased about that. Morgan filled her in by phone earlier and she really wanted to comfort her friend. The blonde confronted her boss the moment he hung up from the phone. “You can’t do that to her!” She growled in a low voice; her instinct to protect Emily kicked in. “Hotch, Emily is not a criminal; you can’t treat her like one!”

Hotch turned to face the press liaison. His eyes flashed with anger and he spat back, “What do you expect me to do, JJ? Prentiss,” he pointed his finger at the interrogation room, “Shot an innocent man! Do you expect me to give her a pat on the back, smile to her, and let her go with it? Do you expect me to just forget it and go on with the investigation?” Hotch used all his self-control not to yell at JJ in front of the people. He was frustrated himself by the condition. His hands were tied and he hated himself for not being able to do the one thing he wanted to do: helping Emily.

“That man is not innocent!” JJ’s voice rose a bit. She could see some officers turned their head to watch the show but she couldn’t care less. “That son of a bitch Emily shot was a drug dealer. He is not innocent!”

Rossi tapped the unit chief on the shoulder before he could say a word. “What!?” He turned to Rossi angrily.

“You don’t want to have this conversation here,” the senior agent reminded.

“Don’t tell me what I want or don’t want, David!” Replied Hotch. “That man Prentiss shot might be guilty of drug-dealing, but we ARE NOT handling a drug-dealing case at the moment!” Now Hotch didn’t bother to lower his voice at all.

Rossi nodded at Morgan to take JJ with him. The last thing they needed was for the team to break now. Morgan held JJ’s arm, gently tugging the blonde to follow him. JJ didn’t resist. She wanted to slap Hotch for being a heartless bastard, but she knew deep down that it wasn’t Hotch’s fault. The blonde let Morgan guide her to a chair facing the interrogation room.

She could see Emily from where she sat and her heart broke at the sight before her. Emily looked so lost. The usually confident profiler now sat with her shoulders sagged in defeat. The woman kept staring at the table in front of her with no emotions showed on her face. JJ was scared for her. The woman in the room wasn’t Emily she knew. She wasn’t the woman she loved. JJ didn’t even realize that she thought about that.

A moment later, after talking – or having another argument – with Rossi, Hotch walked into the interrogation room alone. He dismissed the guard and closed the blinds so they would have privacy.


Emily didn’t lift her head as Hotch took a seat in front of her, not until the man called her name softly. She lifted her head to meet Hotch’s sad gaze and she regretted losing control like that earlier. On the way to the station Hotch had spoken on the phone, and she was half listening because parts of her mind refused to cooperate with her. But she knew well enough that they got the wrong person. No, she corrected herself, I got the wrong person and my team will now suffer the consequences.

“I’m sorry, Hotch,” Emily said at last with a small voice.

Hotch shook his head. He cut in before Emily could say more. His voice was so soft that Emily wanted to cry. “I really want to say that everything is okay, Emily,” the man said. “But you know I can’t, and you know that it isn’t okay.”

There was a moment of silence before the dark-haired man continued, “Assistant Director Strauss called earlier.” He flinched as he mentioned his boss’ name. “She wanted me to send you back for psych eval, and...” the man hesitated, “to dismiss you from duty until further notice.”

Emily gave his boss a sad understanding smile. She had expected that to happen. Strauss hated her because she refused to be her personal puppet and she knew the woman would take every chance she got to get back at Emily.

“As for the man you shot,” Hotch said more softly when he didn’t get any reaction from Emily. “I have talked with Detective Landon about it. The man would be charged for drug-dealing.” He noticed a confused look on Emily’s face. “Morgan raided the warehouse with a few local officers and they found packets of heroine ready to be distributed.” The man explained.

“Now, Emily,” he called. “Would you please tell me what’s bothering you?” He was uncertain that Emily would answer that. He knew all too well that his female agent was nothing but private.

The brunette straightened her sitting position, and Hotch was appalled to see that her face was of no emotions. Prentiss’ mask, he thought bitterly. He wouldn’t be able to get anything out of her. He had known Emily since the woman was a teenager, and he knew how Ambassador Prentiss had taught her. More like destroying her, he thought irately. He wouldn’t be surprised if someone broke Emily’s arm in that very room now and she didn’t scream.


The woman sighed bitterly inside. Maybe this is for the best, Prentiss, she said to herself. This way, she wouldn’t have to face JJ again ever. She would have her peace of mind, or so she thought. She rose from her chair, followed by a confused Agent Hotchner. “You will have my resignation paper on your desk when you return.” She extended her hand, “Thank you for everything, Sir. I appreciate it.”

She opened the door and walked out. Hotch didn’t move a bit. He was too surprised to do anything. He had expected Emily to be angry, to say how unfair his decision was. He didn’t expect her to be so calm and reserved. He shook himself out of his shock and hurried out to see Emily walking out without saying anything to anyone.

“Prentiss!” He called out. Emily didn’t stop. Either she didn’t hear Hotch calling her or she pretended not to hear. Hotch suspected it was the latter.

JJ followed Hotch. She wanted to know what happened. She wanted Hotch to explain why Emily had looked so grim when she stepped out of the room. “Hotch, what happened?”

Hotch looked around his team. “She resigned her post,” he said in disbelief.

The blonde liaison gasped. She felt as if the world had shattered around her. She grabbed her coat and ran after Emily.

No, no, please no, her mind raced. When she got out of the station, Emily was nowhere in sight. She jumped into her rented SUV and stepped on the pedal.

I can’t lose her like this.

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