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New Otalia Fic - Taking The Plunge NC-17

Title: Taking The Plunge
Fandom: GL
Rating: NC-17
Author: kissmychakram
Disclaimer: I own nothing, I'm not making a profit, I'm just playing.
Other: My first ever smut!fic and the end of my nautical sextet. Thanks to everyone for the encouragement. I hope I didn't suck.

Other parts:
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Taking The Plunge.


It was a Friday afternoon and Natalia Rivera was just about ready to knock off work after a very long and tiring week. She stopped by Olivia Spencer’s office on her way out.

“Hi, you”

Olivia looked up from her paperwork and offered a tired grin in Natalia’s direction.

“Hi, yourself”

Natalia crossed over to Olivia’s desk, perched a hip upon it and then ran her fingers through Olivia’s hair.

“Are you OK?”

“Yeah” Olivia sighed “I’m fine, just a little apprehensive about Phillip having Emma tonight.”

It was a slow and difficult process, but somewhere along the way Olivia had begun to trust her ex-husband, Emma’s father, if not completely then at least somewhat. Olivia was beginning to remember Phillip as a man she had once loved, and not the damaged child that had erupted so painfully into their lives.

Natalia leaned forward and dropped a small kiss on to Olivia’s temple.

“Well, since you’re free tonight, fancy coming over for dinner?”

Olivia looked up at Natalia gratefully.

“I’d love to.”

“Well then, it’s a date” Natalia confirmed. “Come over whenever you’re ready, just let yourself in.” Natalia’s thumb swiped Olivia’s cheekbone and she leant further forward to place another kiss there. “You know where I live.”


A little while later, Olivia arrived at the farmhouse. After a brief knock on the door, she entered.

“Hi Honey, I’m home!”

Natalia’s voice echoed down the stairs.

“Hi, I’m sorry; I’m running a little late. Come on up”

Olivia climbed the stairs to be met with a breathtaking sight.

Natalia, fresh out of what must have been a hot shower, clad in a bathrobe. Her skin slightly flushed and damp hair plastered against her forehead. Olivia had been too many places and seen many things, but she knew this image of Natalia would be burned into her retinas for all time.


Natalia walked right up to Olivia, placed her hands on Olivia’s shoulders and pulled her in for a searing kiss. Olivia’s hands immediately found themselves in Natalia’s hair and her mouth opened to accept the sweep of Natalia’s tongue.

For many long weeks Natalia’s internal voice had been whispering “It’s too soon” and “Later”. Today it screamed “Now”.

Olivia was so lost in their kiss that she ignored Natalia’s fumbling around her waist. But her mind was not that far gone as to miss the soft thump of Natalia’s bathrobe hitting the floor.

Stunned, disbelieving, Olivia pulled back slightly to take in fully the glory of Natalia’s naked body. Wonderful curves, strong thighs. A beautiful woman, flushed with desire.


For a brief instant, Olivia wanted to ask “Are you sure?” but Natalia’s eyes spoke of belief, of longing and acceptance.


Natalia eased Olivia up against the wall. Her nude body writhing wonderfully against Olivia’s fully clothed one. Their thighs scissored and Natalia moaned into Olivia’s mouth, before backing off and leading Olivia into the bedroom.


Frantic now, they both made short work of Olivia’s clothing. Her jacket was a casualty near the doorway. As Natalia frantically unbuttoned Olivia’s shirt, Olivia was kicking off her shoes and unzipping her pants. Underwear was history by the time the backs of Olivia’s knees hit the edge of the mattress.


Natalia was ravenous; she had known hunger in her time, but not hunger like this. Her mouth and hands devoured Olivia. Her right hand cupped and squeezed a breast, as her lips worked the other. She delighted in the sudden heat and beads of sweat as they appeared on Olivia’s stomach.


Resolute, she kissed her way lower.


Nothing in Olivia’s experience could possibly ever have prepared her for this moment. She was no stranger to sex, nor was she unfamiliar with sweaty, no-holds barred fucking. But this, the moment that Natalia’s tongue first pushed into her, when Natalia’s guttural moan entered her, ricocheting its way up her spine to be set free, amplified through Olivia’s gritted teeth. This was new. This was divine.

And then, Natalia’s fingers were inside her and Natalia’s lips were surrounding her.

Olivia’s mind gibbered as she screamed her release to the universe.


A while later, Olivia regained her faculties and looked down at Natalia, who was resting between her thighs, head propped on her stomach.

“Who *are* you?” Olivia managed.

Natalia stretched sinuously and replied “I’m Olivia Spencer’s lover”

“Well, she’s a very lucky woman”

“Yes she is” Natalia agreed.

Olivia palmed the back of Natalia’s head and encouraged her up for a kiss.

“Do I want to know how you learned to fuck me so well?”

“Whilst you were recharging batteries all over Springfield, I was doing research. It’s amazing what you can find on the internet” Natalia replied “All sorts of literature and audio-visual aids”

Olivia digested that for a moment.

“Did you download porn?”

“No, of course not. I merely bought some instructional videos.” Natalia reached up to kiss Olivia again. “Enough of this” She declared. “Don’t you have some work to do?”

Olivia chuckled and started kissing the upper slopes of Natalia’s breasts.

“I just can’t wait to see your reaction, the next time you go into the bank, with all those naughty charges against your account” Natalia gasped as her left nipple was sucked into a warm and willing mouth.

“Not a problem” She gasped “I put them on your credit card”




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