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Please [R]

Title - Please
Fandom - Guiding Light
Pairing - Natalia/Olivia
Warnings and/or Spoilers - No spoilers. Some sexual content.
Summary - Natalia's day takes a turn. One-shot.
Rating - R

Notes - Forgot to add, thank ripptyd for this prompt! ;D


When she woke up this morning, Natalia didn't picture this happening. Her motions, built from years of experience, moved her through the day.
Get up. Take a shower. Get dressed. Eat. Drink. Go to work.
Every day, the same thing. Over and over.

But all that changed, subtly at first and then it hit her like a truck.
She almost staggered and fell down with the realization of love.

Oh, please... please...

And with love came so much more, the kind of things that fueled her sixteen-year-old mind so long ago. The scent of Olivia's skin would conjure up torrid images, leaving Natalia weak and with her eyes squeezed shut, trying to fight the rush of want pooling in her body.

But all that changed, eyes glazed over with lust, today.
She almost let it slip away, let Olivia walk out of the room unscathed by this desire.

"Please, don't stop..."

And she doesn't recognize this woman, this wanton figure twisting and turning underneath Olivia's hands. Yet, she knows it to be herself, Natalia Rivera - on the floor, in a rubble of clothing and with sweat forming along her spine.

"Don't stop, god, don't stop..."

And she doesn't recognize this voice, this rough and sexual timbre that carries forth from her throat, dragging from her lips and to Olivia's ears. Yet, she knows this voice to be her own, Natalia Rivera - begging to be touched and gripped and fucked, pleading for release at Olivia's fingertips.

"Fuck, yes...yes, god..."

And she doesn't recognize this body, this contracting of muscles and this slickness coating her thighs. Yet, she knows this body to be her own... Natalia Rivera, back curving upward and hips rocking to Olivia's thrust, greedily taking in more and more of Olivia's hand.


And they are moving together, sliding against one another like a machine made of flesh and bone.
They pull back, breathless. They return again, groaning.
Natalia feels the heat everywhere, down the center of her chest and outward, an explosion of fire. She feels it in her head, burning and burning, running wild with ecstasy.
She feels it every place that Olivia comes into contact with and that is everywhere - lips, neck, breasts, stomach, arms, feet.
And against her back, rubbing upon this wooden floor, a red mark of passion will remain.

Tags: guiding light

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