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Title: ... (>.<)
Pairing: getting more and more to Em/JJ
Rating: PG-14 for the language
Disclaimer: Not mine, got that?
Archiving: Take it, take it, take it.
Author's note: unbeta-ed so all mistakes are mine (including those boring diction as well). Oh, and need I remind everyone again that this IS a femslash? So if you don't like it, go somewhere else and play. And if you don't know what a femslash is, go look on Google search.
Dedication: To all my faithful and patient readers, thank you so much for reading. I love you all.

Okay, welcome to...


Chapter 8

Emily was grateful that she wasn’t a clutter. Everything was folded neatly beside her ready bag and it took only a few minutes to pack everything up. She had been suppressing her urge to cry from the moment she left the station, but a strong voice inside her head kept reminding her not to. There will be plenty of time to do that later, Prentiss.

The woman was halfway into rechecking her suitcase when she heard a knock on the door. More like a bang, she thought. She ignored the knock-bang and continued with the packing.

“Emily,” a rather desperate voice called from outside the room. “Emily, open the door!”

Emily sighed tiredly. JJ was the last person she wanted to see. But she had to leave the room sooner or later, and she knew the blonde well enough to know that she would not leave her alone. Not before she got her way. After taking a few deep breaths, Emily walked to the door and swung it open.

“What do you want, Agent Jareau?” The brunette said harshly.

JJ was startled to hear the coldness in her friend’s voice. She didn’t expect that angry tone at all, at least not directed to her. JJ hesitated for a sec before she walked into the room. She looked at Emily’s packed bag sadly.

“Are you leaving?” She asked, and she wanted to hit herself for asking the obvious.

Emily shrugged. She flung the door and it slammed shut in a loud thud, making JJ flinch a little. “My leaving  has nothing to do with you,” the brunette replied coldly. She still avoiding JJ’s gaze. The woman stood in front of the door with her arms folded in her chest as if she needed a barrier between herself and JJ.

JJ frowned. “Of course it has something to do with me!” She said, anger and frustration showed in her voice. “Your leaving has everything to do with me!”

“Yeah?” Emily scoffed. She bit her lower lip and after a while, continued, “Well, you get what you wanted, huh?”

The blonde shook her head. She wasn’t sure she followed their conversation right. And when the younger woman didn’t give a respond, the brunette gave a sinister laugh which made JJ winced.

“Apparently, my Mommy Strauss kicked out the wrong – or most probably the right – agent,” Emily said in pretence happiness. She saw JJ cringed a little when she said that. “Now you need not worry, Agent Jareau. Starting from now, you don’t have to see my gloomy face anymore and you can live a fucking happily ever after life with that fiancé of yours!”

This time, JJ noticed something other than anger in Emily’s voice as she said the word ‘fiancé’. She didn’t recognize it, but she was dying to know what that was. “Emily,” she said calmly. “Why did you always bring Will into this?” She looked straight into the pool of brown eyes in front of her. Again, JJ noticed a flash of dislike in the brunette’s eyes as she mentioned Will’s name.

“Because I wanted to!” Emily snapped. She tried to avoid looking at JJ’s blue orbs, but she couldn’t look away.

“Is it... Is it because I didn’t tell you about him at first? Were you... are you still mad at me because I hid my pregnancy?” She hesitated. She really wanted to know what was inside that pretty head. And her heart sank as Emily scoffed.

“Why would I care that he knocked you up?” Emily said. She was exhausted and this conversation was heading nowhere. Nowhere I would like it to head, obviously, she thought miserably. “Look, I don’t know if you have nothing else to do today, but I have a plane to catch.” The profiler said, desperately wanted to get out of the situation.

She walked past JJ and was about to grab her suitcase when she felt JJ’s hand around her arm, pulling her to face the woman she always cared about. She couldn’t breathe. JJ was in her personal space, and she needed that space.

“Don’t you dare walk away from me, Emily Prentiss!” JJ growled. She was really pissed now. All this excruciating avoidance needed to be stopped that very moment. “I didn’t know what the fuck is wrong with you besides that you’ve been avoiding me and acting like you don’t know me at all! I deserve an explanation, Emily. I’m your friend!”

Emily broke free from JJ’s grip. She took a few steps backwards as she needed a distance between them. “Friend? Friend? Right!” She was pacing around the room, completely forgetting JJ’s existence. “What kind of friends is it that hides the fact that she was fucking someone? What kind of friends is it that hides a very important thing like being pregnant? Now you tell me, Agent Jareau,” the tall profiler glared at JJ. “What kind of friends that is.”

The blonde was angry as well. She clenched her teeth and snarled, “Stop calling me Agent Jareau! I am not the issue here, Emily. It’s you! You and your having problem about me being private is the issue! I didn’t even tell Garcia about it and I know her before you even existed in my realm!” She groaned in irritation. “For God’s sake, Emily, just tell me what your really fucking problem is!”

Emily was on the edge of her self-control and she decided to let go. “You really want to know what my fucking problem is?” She said in a dangerous tone. She grabbed JJ and placed an angry kiss on her lips. “That, Agent Jareau, is my fucking problem!”

JJ startled as she felt Emily’s soft lips on hers. Every nerve in her body jolted as if she was electrocuted. She didn’t expect the kiss at all. She couldn’t say a word. Her mouth was agape and she stepped backwards without even realizing it, and sadly Emily took it as a sign of rejection.

The brown-eyed woman sighed in defeat. Her voice was full of emotions when she whispered slowly, “Disgusted with me yet?”

The blonde didn’t answer. She couldn’t. She was still spellbound by the kiss. Emily sighed. She was hurt and she felt so dirty. So she did the only thing she knew. Emily took her bag and smiled sadly at JJ. “Goodbye Jennifer.”

JJ didn’t move from her standing position until after a while. And when she did overcome the beautiful feeling she felt when Emily’s lips were on hers, she realized that Emily wasn’t in the room anymore. The older woman had left.  She vaguely remembered what Emily said after the kiss and she cursed herself for not being able to react.

She touched her lips with her finger and wept. What have I done?

a/n -- hate me yet?

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