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Was It...? [PG]

Title - Was It...?
Fandom - Guiding Light
Pairing - pre!Otalia Olivia/Natalia
Warnings and/or Spoilers - No spoilers. Set back in October 2008
Summary - Olivia tries to pinpoint her savior. One-shot
Rating - PG

When she thinks back on it, as she has done many times since her eyes opened in the hospital, Olivia cannot pinpoint the reason for her heart starting again.

Was it Emma, that innocent and joyful girl, the one who looked up with big eyes full of love? Was it her baby-girl, the one nearly lost and gone forever, that brought her back once more?
Was it Ava, that determined and willful girl, the one who looked at Olivia with knowing eyes? Was it her forgotten child, the one given up and now so grown up, that brought her back once more?

She felt the fist close around her borrowed organ, pushing away the blood and shoving out the air.
She tried to see past the crushing pain, tried to see beyond the sensation of dying.
Because she was dying. Plain as the sun in the sky, plain as the sign on the front of Company, plain as Natalia's voice ringing in the atmosphere.

Why is Natalia here? Why are we talking? Those were the last coherent thoughts to cross Olivia's mind as she floated to the hard ground, light as a broken feather.

Was it Springfield, all its challenges and triumphs, tugging her back to the land of the living?
Was it the men she loved, the ones who understood her and the ones who abandoned her - one in the same - dragging her back to the waking world?
Was it the fighting spirit that made up her own soul, that unbreakable lady... that unflappable woman... that made her stick around?

Somewhere, in the back of her mind, Olivia hears a voice. It berates as much as it consoles, so very familiar and yet not fully known. The voice rings in her ears, the voice caresses her hand and the voice ticks her off - in a good way. In a forceful way. In an astonishing way.

Was it you? Did you do this, bring me back to life? Was it you, Natalia?
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