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Five [R]

Title - Five
Fandom - Guiding Light
Pairing - Olivia/Natalia
Warnings and/or Spoilers - A mention of a spoiler. Light smut is here.
Summary - Olivia likes Natalia's hands. One-shot
Rating - R

Notes - ripptyd gave the prompt. Hope it, uh, 'satisfies'. XD

The first one trailed up her arm slowly, following some imaginary line.
The second one joined the first, going past the elbow and tickling the fine hairs.
The third and fourth turned all this into a caress, pausing to grip the shoulder and then to move on. By the time all five fingers are in play, Olivia is practically panting.

They waited. They talked. They set the record straight, so to speak, all around town.
Olivia, basking in returned love and new-found elation, swore off sex for the foreseeable future.

Like a switch, she flicked it off. The need and the drive, the want and the desire - left in a dark room somewhere in her libido.

And Natalia flipped it back on.

The hands pulling Olivia closer, tugging at clothing and teasing with whispering touches, these hands know what they are doing.
Olivia tries to come up with a doubt or a reason to stop all this.
But she can't.

She knows what she is doing alright...

The hands underneath Olivia's shirt, sliding over the stomach and then palming bra-covered breasts, these hands know what they are doing. And they just keep on doing it.
They keep on moving, strong and sure, all over Olivia like a wave.

The moment those hands find the zipper of her jeans, Olivia decides that she likes her libido on fire again, lit up like the fourth of July, ready to shoot to the sky and blow.
She likes sex. She likes sex with Natalia.

And when all five fingers go deep inside of her, Olivia thanks God for Natalia's hands.
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