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Dollhouse drabbles

Title: Naive Freedom
Fandom: Dollhouse
Pairing: Claire/Echo
Rating: G
Word count: 100
Summary: Claire quietly envies Echo's naviety.
AN - Written for the femslash100 prompt 'escape'.

Claire watched the doll as she moved through the swimming pool's water. She found herself envious of the carelessness and, somewhat, freedom of the doll. Given everything that had happened in her life, including the bout with Alpha, Claire wished she could just forget it all. Her fingers touched a scar as Echo exited the pool before her. A smile, then a look of complexity. Echo grasped her hand, moving it away. Another smile and Echo was moving away, her hand letting the doctor's go. Whatever little world Echo lived in, Claire would have given anything to escape to it.
Title: Talking Over Lunch
Fandom: Dollhouse
Pairing: Echo/Sierra
Rating: G
Word count: 100
Summary: Ever observant, Echo wonders why Sierra's been staring at her in the shower.
AN - Written for the femslash100  prompt 'watch'.

Taking her meal, Echo looked around for her friends. Seeing them, she walked over and took a seat at the table where Sierra and Victor sat.

"Why do you stare at me when we shower together?" Echo asked Sierra.

Sierra put her spoon down, pursing her lips in thought. Victor watched silently.

"I don't know." She finally answered. "I like looking at you."

"Oh." Echo smiled. "I like looking at you too."

"Should I stop looking at you when we shower?"

Frowning slightly, her hand grabbed Sierra's before smiling again. "No. I like when you watch me."

Sierra smiled back.

Tags: dollhouse, drabble

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