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I Miss Us, 4/6

Title: I Miss Us
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Otalia
Warnings or Spoilers: none really...it doesn't exactly follow anything on the show, really. It draws from the show, but...well they are in their sort of together phase...haha.
Summary - Olivia and Natalia struggle with moving beyond being friends.  
Rating: pretty PG right now.
A/N: So here is chapter 4...I'm leaving you with this. Don't forget me while I'm away for two weeks. lol. When I get back I'll post the last two parts. :) Thanks for your comments! You guys are awesome.
And I love this chapter a whole lot and I didn't want to share. because it's like my baby...but then bff Rachel made me. :( Hahaha.


Chapter 4

Olivia was sprawled out on her bed, going through paperwork. She had just finished putting together the budget for the following month and now she was looking over charts for an upcoming even that was being hosted at the Beacon. It was only 7:00, but it felt later. Yawning, Olivia tossed a request form to the side and reached down, shifting through a pile of paper until she found the document she was looking for. As her fingers located the piece of paper, a smiling little girl appeared in the bedroom doorway.

Olivia couldn’t help but smile at her daughter. She set the paper on the bedside table and reached out her arms for her little girl. Emma came to her, allowing her mother to pull her up and on to her lap, wrapping her in a tight embrace. Olivia kissed her daughter’s forehead. “Hey there, bean. Are you finished with your homework?”

Emma nodded, a sly smile forming on the mischievous little girls face.

“Oh no,” Olivia squinted, knowing her daughter all too well.

“Can we see Natalia?”

Olivia, surprised, looked speechless at her daughter. “Sure…sweetheart, we can see her. Yeah, we’ll call her tomorrow and see if we can get together this weekend.”

But Emma was nodding her head before her mother could complete her sentence. “No, I want to see her tonight.”

“Tonight! Emma, honey, you have school tomorrow and Natalia and I have work really early in the morning.”

“But I haven’t seen her for a week! And you promised we could do something all together.” Emma frowned.

“Well when I promised that, I was thinking about having breakfast this weekend. Wouldn’t you rather have breakfast with Natalia this weekend?” Olivia tried to reason with her daughter, but the girl was still nodding, stubbornly.

“No, tonight. Please.” Emma’s cute little eyes always melted Olivia’s heart. But tonight, Olivia was resolved to stay strong. There was no reason to drag the little girl over to Natalia’s house on a school night. And besides, their relationship was still rocky and they had hardly had a moment to sit down since Olivia had given Natalia flowers. It would be odd if they just showed up and expected Natalia to welcome them.

But before Olivia could respond, Emma had slipped out of her lap, grabbed her mother’s cell phone, and was headed off to the other room before her mother could stop her.

“Emma!” Olivia cried, climbing from her spot on the bed, chasing after her daughter.

But she was too late.

“Hi Natalia,” Emma gave her mother a sweet smile. “No, I’m okay…I want to see you.” Emma grinned. Olivia shook her head and crossed her arms over her chest, leaning against the doorframe of Emma’s room. “No, I want to come to your house, tonight…please…no, she doesn’t care…” Emma looked at her mom and then held the phone out for her mother to take.

Olivia sighed and took her phone back, placing it up against her ear, “sorry, Natalia.”

“It’s okay. I wouldn’t mind if you came over.” Natalia’s voice sounded almost hopeful, as if she wanted Olivia to come over.

“Oh Emma was…” Olivia almost declined, but something in the way Natalia had so easily invited her over made her want to go, want to see her. “All right. All right, but Emma has school early in the morning so we can’t stay long.”

Emma jumped up and down, clearly excited about seeing her “other mommy”.


The farmhouse was warm, comfortable, inviting. All the work Olivia hadn’t finished and all the stress that accompanied it seemed to melt away the instant she stepped into a kitchen that smelled of freshly baked cookies and cleaning products. A baked apple pie scented candle was burning on the center of the table and instantly Olivia felt like she was home.

She watched as Natalia appeared in the doorway between the living room and the kitchen. Emma raced to Natalia, wrapping her arms tightly around the other woman. “Hey there, sweetheart!” Natalia’s nurturing arms wrapped around the little girl as if she were her own. Olivia had always been glad of that. Natalia had always been a good second mother to her daughter. Even before she’d had feelings for the other woman, Natalia had been there, watching out for her little girl.

“Hi, Natalia!” Emma brightly responded. “Can I have a cookie?”

“Sure, sweetie.” Natalia smiled, straightening back up, her hand running through Emma’s hair. And as Emma darted off to pick out a cookie, Natalia’s eyes drifted wantonly over to Olivia’s, meeting her gaze.

Brown eyes turned upwards into a smile as sultry greens stared hazily into chocolate orbs.

They stood, staring at one another, lost in the other’s loving, caring eyes. It seemed like hours passed before Emma’s small voice interrupted them. “Aren’t you going to hug?”

Olivia quickly shifted her gaze, turning to look at her daughter. “What? Oh…um of course. Of course we are. Hey, why don’t you go see what’s on TV. Try and find a movie, all right?” Olivia smiled at her daughter who nodded as she nibbled on a half-eaten chocolate chip cookie.

Emma quickly skipped out of the kitchen, looking exactly as if she belonged in this house, as if she still lived here.

Natalia stepped forward to allow the little girl to exit, and Olivia found the woman was now inches from her. Without hesitation, Olivia stepped forward, wrapped her arms tightly around the brunette woman, and inhaled the scent of her freshly washed hair which blended together with her light, flowery perfume. She smelled like lavender.

“I’ve missed you,” Natalia whispered, her fingers tickling Olivia’s back.

Olivia’s response was a low mumble of, “me too.” Lips found skin in a quick, thoughtless kiss. And Olivia felt Natalia’s knees weaken. She leaned back and grinned. “How are you?”

Natalia smiled, not loosening her grasp on the older woman. “I’m good.” Dimples formed. “Especially…now that you’re here.”

“Oh,” Olivia laughed, “and to think I almost didn’t come. I was attempting to be a responsible parent, but clearly my resolve was for not.”

 Natalia lightly swatted Olivia’s shoulder. “I’m glad Emma wanted to come, I’ve missed having her around.” Natalia reluctantly let go of Olivia and moved towards the sheet of freshly baked cookies. The implication of and I’ve missed having you around hung in the air between them, causing Olivia to grin childishly.  

Olivia followed after Natalia, watching as the brunette picked a cookie up and bit into it. Natalia’s lips looked wet, luscious…

Natalia extended the cookie towards Olivia’s lips. Green eyes focused in on the lovely Latina as Olivia’s lips bit into the scrumptious morsel that was being dangled before her. As her teeth connected with the soft cookie, she could actually discern a slight shiver creeping its way up the long-haired beauties back. “Hmm…” Olivia murmured over the bite of delicious, gooey sweetness. “That was tasty.”

“I’m glad you liked it.” Natalia raised her eyebrow, mindlessly reaching out to wipe chocolate off the side of Olivia’s lip, licking her finger clean.

“Mom, Natalia! I found a movie!” Emma cried from the other woman, causing both women to break eye-contact.

“All right, jellybean. We’re coming.” Olivia looked at Natalia again and grinned.

Natalia grinned right back and then turned to get a plate to put a couple of cookies on. Olivia waited for Natalia and once the cookies were on the plate Olivia turned to join her daughter in the living room. But a gentle hand on her arm stopped her, caused her to turn back around. And it was then that she found herself face-to-face with a sultry Latina look.

And without any care in the world, Natalia pressed her lips to Olivia’s in a quick, welcome kiss. Olivia felt warmth spread throughout her entire body. Natalia had kissed her.

And with that, Natalia led the way into the living room, plopping down on the couch beside Emma, dragging Olivia down beside her. And as they watched the made for TV movie Emma had chosen, Natalia snuggled against Olivia, giving her little other choice than to wrap her arm around her and hold her.


Natalia felt her phone vibrating in her pocket. One quick vibration. A text.

She discreetly slid the phone out from her pocket and flipped it open, an unavoidable smile spreading across her lips when she saw who it was from.

‘Dinner tonight? 8. Emma’s with her friend.’

Natalia couldn’t help but stifle her laughter.

Olivia, whom was currently seated three seats down and across the table from her, had just successfully texted Natalia while carrying on a conversation with her entire staff.



It began with a simple meal. Conversations, as usual, about Rafe, about work, about Emma, Philip, anything and everything they could think of to talk about.

It was what happened after this meal that started something new.

A kiss.

An almost hurried, frightened, awful peck of the lips.

It was never satisfactory, but it was still contact, and Olivia was glad for it, proud of Natalia for giving her this one little addition to their already budding courtship.


They found themselves at Olivia’s hotel door, as they so often did, but this time they knew what would happen.

After a sweet exchange of goodnight’s and I love you’s there would be a shy, hesitant leaning forward by a one, Natalia Rivera. It would be Olivia Spencer who willingly leaned the rest of the way forward, and somehow they equally came together for a quick lip-smacking. Just enough for Natalia to come away with the smooth, minty coolness of Olivia’s chap stick coating her lips.


One particular night, they found themselves seated around the farmhouse kitchen table. Emma was preoccupied with her food and Natalia was lost in Olivia’s eyes.

As they ate their tilapia, which Natalia had prepared, Olivia found herself reaching for Natalia’s hand under the table.


A power-outage at Emma’s school left her at home for the day. Natalia came to the hotel and the three of them dined in the Beacon’s restaurant.

Blueberry pancakes had never looked so cute smeared across Emma’s little cheeks.

And it was then that Olivia and Natalia both found themselves wiping at the girl’s face, neither thinking about their actions until they both realized they had had the same thought and were performing the same action.

It was then that Natalia mischievously smeared some blueberry coated whipped cream on Olivia’s cheek and Olivia glared at Natalia. “You’d better get this off, Rivera.”

“Oh, I’d be more than happy to get it off, Spencer.” Natalia stuck her tongue out at Olivia and Emma laughed at her mothers’ hysterics.

But as soon as those words left Natalia’s mouth she blushed and shyly handed Olivia a napkin.

Olivia’s smile faded into a sly grin.


On Natalia’s front porch, they once again found themselves sweetly confessing their love for one another. And under the clear, starlit night sky, Olivia was quick to close the gap between them, cradling the back of Natalia’s head to kiss her more deeply, more passionately than their previous couple of months of kissing had been. Natalia responded to the deepened kiss, inhaling the crisp spring air as they parted momentarily, before she recaptured Olivia’s hungry, waiting lips.

Once they breathlessly parted, their foreheads pressed together. A smile flittered across Natalia’s features and she whispered, “I love you,” before leaning in for a quick kiss.

“I love you, too.” Olivia grinned, realizing those three words had never meant more with any of her other romantic conquests than it meant when she said it to Natalia. Natalia, the woman who did not feel like a romantic conquest at all, but instead felt like everything that had been missing from Olivia’s life up until their lives had happened to cross paths. The missing puzzle piece to Olivia Spencer’s life could be easily located in Natalia Rivera.

Olivia shuddered, the cool calmness of the night and Natalia’s nearness to her causing her to momentarily lose all sense of reality.

“Goodnight,” Natalia let her finger lazily trace down the side of Olivia’s cheek.

Olivia caught Natalia’s hand and kissed the back of it, moving their combined hands hand to her own, scarred chest. “This is yours, you know. Don’t hurt it.” Olivia whispered, running her free hand through Natalia’s long, silky strands of brunette.

Natalia just smiled, dimples and all, and grabbed Olivia’s hand, bringing it to her own chest. “I promise, if you promise me.”

Olivia nodded and without thinking, she leaned in and kissed Natalia one last time before both their hands dropped back to their sides and reluctantly Olivia turned to leave.


A late Friday movie night at the farmhouse resulted in a sleeping Emma on the couch.

Olivia felt a dull ache in her center upon the realization that there would be no way for her to get Emma home and in bed.

Natalia all too quickly decided that Emma would stay, thus Olivia would stay.

 They walked up the stairs, Olivia’s heart pounding in her ears as they neared the familiar second story.

Natalia’s small, quiet voice stopped Olivia from continuing on her path to her old bedroom. “We’ve shared a bed before,” her naïve, almost hopeful sounding voice broke through the silence.

Olivia shook her head and turned to face Natalia. “I can’t.”

And Natalia just sadly nodded, allowing Olivia to chastely kiss her on the lips and then turn away from her.

She knew why Olivia had declined the invitation, and she couldn’t help but realize she was beginning to feel the same way…


Ice cream. They were sharing an ice cream sundae. A spot of chocolate sat at the corner of Olivia’s mouth and without thinking about it, or caring to glance around to see if anyone was watching, Natalia leaned forward and pressed their lips quickly together, her tongue darting out to lick the sweet chocolate off Olivia’s gorgeous mouth. 

And it was in that exact moment that Olivia realized Natalia was truly and whole-heartedly in this and ready for whatever lie ahead…

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