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I Miss Us, 5/6

Title: I Miss Us
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Otalia
Warnings or Spoilers: none doesn't exactly follow anything on the show, really. It draws from the show, but...well they are in their sort of together phase...haha.
Summary - Olivia and Natalia struggle with moving beyond being friends.  
Rating: NC-17 I suppose, seems pretty spicy to me!

A/N: Okay, this is "bff Rachel" posting.  So here is chapter 5.  As you know the outuendo_11 is out of the country for a couple of weeks.  But I told her that this story simply can't wait 2 weeks for the final 2 chapters to be posted.  So she agreed to let me post chapters 5 and 6 this week. 

Okay, this is my first time actually posting anything, so here goes!!  Hope you guys like it!

Chapter 5

And then a normal Friday night date night turned into something more.

There they were, standing on Natalia’s front porch. Natalia had looked ravishing that evening, having curled her long locks, decked in a simple white dress that made her tan skin radiant. It was unconsciously obvious that she was at that time of the month where her body was looking to attract a mate.

And a mate she had.

Their kiss rapidly became something much more than either had anticipated. Olivia’s hands were wondering, a thing she usually restricted herself from doing, but she could hardly control her hands as they curiously explored Natalia’s soft back beneath the thin material of her sundress.

And Olivia’s roughly gentle touch sent Natalia’s head reeling; her lower body kicked in on overdrive and it was suddenly much-to-much for her to stand. She needed contact, she needed something, anything. But she couldn’t, it was wrong, it was too soon, they weren’t ready, she hadn’t told Rafe.

Someone was saying her name, a voice nearby. Her lower body was reacting in ways she had never felt it react, her hips almost subconsciously moving of their own accord.

“Natalia,” Olivia was panting as she tried to separate their lips.

Natalia quickly snapped out of her salacious reverie. She backed away from Olivia, quickly registering what had just happened and where they were and with whom she was with. “Sorry.”

“No, no…it’s okay.” Olivia ran her hand through her hair, clearly just as flushed and surprised as Natalia. “Um, I’m going to go…but I’ll…um…we’ll see each other, tomorrow. Right?”

Natalia just nodded, her hands brushed up against her dress for she was suddenly fidgety and flustered and her body felt like it might explode if she didn’t make some sort of contact. She could only nod her reply to Olivia, for words were unfathomable in her state.

Olivia gave her a concerned look, but seemed to know well enough to stay away. She mouthed ‘I love you’ before heading off the porch and away from an extremely hot-to-trot Natalia.


Olivia thought that the younger woman would quickly take care of herself and then blush every time she happened to cross paths with Olivia at work the following day. But to Olivia’s surprise, the Latina woman called her nearly the instant she walked in to her hotel room.

“Natalia?” Olivia’s voice was piqued with curiosity.

“Oo..livia…talk to me.” Natalia’s voice was unsteady, breathless. She was nearly panting in the phone.

“Natalia, what’s wrong?” Olivia frowned, momentarily worried, before she realized…

“NOooth…thing.” Natalia almost moaned. “Just…just talk.”

“What are you…oh Jesus, Natalia!” Olivia cried, her own center’s ache increasing from a dull throb to full out pounding.

“Don’t say Jesus …Olivia…ple..please…just talk to me.” Natalia begged.

“Do you even know…I mean…what are you doing?” Olivia questioned, glad that Emma was out with her friend, for she was quickly undoing the buttons on her pants as she made her way to her freshly made bed.

“I’m…I’m…touching…I can’t…it’s…it’s not enough.” Natalia panted.

“Keep…keep touching, Natalia, harder baby.” Olivia instructed, her hand slipping between underwear and warm wetness.

Natalia let out a strangled sigh. “Keep…talking…” Natalia managed through a slacked jaw.

“Keep going, Natalia. You’re almost there, I can hear it.” Olivia’s voice was surprisingly even as her finger rubbed teasingly around her own clit, fingers sliding slowly between her increasingly wet folds. “Rub, baby. Rub harder.” Olivia winced as she flicked her swollen, very responsive nub. She could hear Natalia panting on the other end. “Keep rubbing, rub harder. Go a little deeper,” Olivia sighed as she let two fingers glide rhythmically in and out of her heated center, her thumb playing lightly over her clit. “In and out, Natalia, in and out. You’re so close. Keep going.” Olivia panted, Natalia’s breath hitching on the other end of the line. She was letting out little strangled sobs and Olivia knew she was close. “You’re doing fine, baby. Now come for me, come.” Olivia whispered, her hips pressing into her own hand. She was nearly to her edge. Natalia’s panting increased until she let out a loud, satisfied moan and Olivia knew she had come.

Olivia felt a new surge of lust flow through her veins and she shifted to stave off her own climax. She began rubbing deeper, her fingers twisting and trailing in and out.

“Olivia,” Natalia’s curious voice whispered on the other end. “What are you doing?”

Olivia let out a held in gasp, “Natalia…I…” she paused, fighting to keep herself from getting off too quickly. “I need you…I need to hear you…can you ju-ah.” Olivia hit a sensitive area and she could no longer complete her sentence, let alone a thought.

“Olivia,” Natalia’s voice was warm and hot.

And Olivia fell over her edge. She was tumbling through her orgasm whilst listening to Natalia repeat her name over and over. And finally she finished riding out her own fingers, and she fell back on her bed, exhausted, but sated.

“Oh…God…Natalia, I love you.” Olivia panted into the phone.

“I love you, too.” Natalia whispered.


The next day at work was extremely awkward.

Olivia was acting as if everything was all right, just fine, nothing had happened, nothing was strange. Natalia only wished that she could see it that way.

And as much as Natalia wanted to avoid Olivia, for whenever she saw the older woman she would blush a deep, embarrassing shade of red, she couldn’t seem to take her eyes off of her. Had they really said and done those things on the phone the previous night? How unashamedly bold Natalia had been…a libido was a strong thing, she reasoned. She had suppressed those hidden sexual desires for so long that she hadn’t been able to think straight when Olivia’s hands had been on her, touching her.

She had waited, calculating the minutes that it took for Olivia to get back to her hotel room. And when she knew the woman was inside, she had called, her hand already aiding her throbbing center.

And it had been out of sexual elation that she has given in and allowed Olivia’s voice to help her over her edge.

The embarrassment hadn’t crept in until after they had ended the phone conversation and it was then that Natalia wished she could climb under a rock. She hadn’t been able to sleep the entire rest of the night, and now she was mindlessly going about her day, trying hard not to let what happened last night outwardly affect her.

But Olivia knew. Olivia could see it in her assistant’s distracted manner.

It was well after afternoon by the time an arm reached out of Olivia’s office and pulled an unsuspecting Natalia, who happened to be passing by, into the bosses’ den. Natalia stumbled forward, into the office, thrown off by Olivia who was now inches away from her.

The office door closed behind Natalia and instantly lips were peppering kisses on her taut lips.

“Hey there, tiger.” Olivia’s voice was calm, mature. She pulled away from Natalia, searching the younger woman’s face for an answer to her distracted state. “Are you all right?”

Natalia let a small smile dimple her cheeks. She nodded, smoothing out her skirt, her hands needing something to do. “Yeah,” Natalia could smell Olivia’s intoxicating perfume swirling in the room.

Olivia had moved to her desk and was sorting through paperwork. “You mean you’re all right with what…happened last night?”

Natalia adverted her eyes from her focused gaze on the older woman, suddenly ashamed to be watching her so closely. “It didn’t…um…that didn’t really…I mean…what we…did…it doesn’t…does it?” Natalia frowned, glancing anywhere but at Olivia.

“No,” Olivia let a small smile ghost across her face as she looked directly at Natalia, “no, it didn’t count.”

“Are you sure, because I’ve never done anything like that before. Ever.” Natalia accidentally met Olivia’s eyes and she nearly gasped.

“I’m positive.” Olivia smiled, delighting in her control over Natalia. “Trust me; the real thing will be so much better.” Olivia went back to filing and immediately felt Natalia’s gaze still upon her. After an awkward moment of silence, Olivia looked up to see if Natalia was all right. She was delighted to find that the brunette had a hazy smile plastered to her face.


“What?” Olivia gave Natalia a sideways frown.

“I want our first time to have lots and lots of candles.”

“Are you trying to burn down a house?”

Natalia laughed. “It’s romantic.”

Olivia’s head shot up and she looked right at Natalia, sultry green eyes pining Natalia with a squinted gaze. “It will be.”

“Yes, it will.” Natalia nodded.

They exchanged a quick smile, finding themselves lost in the other’s eyes.  

And before Olivia could melt from intense chocolate, Latina eyes, she glanced away. “Back to work, tiger.” Olivia winked, returning to shuffling a stack of papers.

Natalia grinned and exited the room, feeling oddly at peace with what had transpired between them and enticed by the prospect of what was to come.


Natalia prayed to God often and regularly. Today she prayed twice as much for today prayer was a necessity.

She was resolute to tell the one man in her life that mattered above all else of her new love. He needed to know. He deserved to know. After breaking his heart after breaking it off with Frank, Natalia needed to let him in, tell him what was really happening.

She had no idea how he would handle it, but she knew she wanted her secret out.

Ava had been told quite awhile back. She had known from almost the beginning of their real relationship, after Natalia’s broken off wedding. Olivia had divulged her love for Natalia when Ava had needed help moving. Ava had been, unsurprisingly, ecstatic for her mother and had been a great source of support for both Olivia and Natalia.

Now it was Natalia’s turn to face the music and tell her own son.

It was a visit day at the house he lived in. Natalia had driven all the way there and the entire drive felt like an anxious eternity. She was nervous. Her palms were sweating and in the back of her mind she wished she had told Olivia she was going to do this, wished that Olivia was with her.

But she had decided she would weather this storm alone, because she felt like she needed to do this by herself.

Rafe was waiting for her at the entrance, a smile flooding his all too grown-up features when he saw his mother. He was getting older. Her baby was growing up right before her eyes. She let him hug her; she kissed his cheek, and followed him to a small, recessed area in the corner of the lawn. They sat in opposing lawn chairs.

“What is it, ma?” He asked, knowing Natalia all too well.

Natalia rubbed her hands against her sundress, nervously laughing. “What do you mean what is it? Why do you think there’s something?”

Rafe rolled his eyes, “Ma, I know you. You’ve got something to tell me…wait…you’ve got someone new, don’t you? I can see it.”

“Well I don’t know if I’d say someone new…

“Oh, ma, you went back to Frank.”

“NO! No…I mean no, I didn’t go back to Frank. Frank and I are…no.” Natalia had to laugh to cover the slight pain that welled inside of her every time she thought about what she had done to the Cooper family.

“Well, then who is he?” Rafe asked, his boyish grin easing some of Natalia’s built up anxiety about telling him that it was, in fact, not a he.

“Olivia.” She nearly whispered.

Rafe’s smile turned slightly into a frown, “what about her, ma?”

“It’s Olivia.”

“Olivia’s here?” Rafe turned, as if trying to find the older woman.

“No, Rafe, listen to me.” Natalia snapped her son’s attention back to her. “I am with Olivia.”

“You’re living with her again?” Rafe was not catching on.

Natalia shook her head, nervousness invading her senses once again. “No, Rafe. I’m in love with her.”

Rafe looked nonplussed for a brief moment, right up until his mother’s words sunk in. “What? Ma! I don’t…no way.” He looked rather upset. “No way, ma. No.”

“Rafe, baby, please. Please try and understand.”

“What are you saying? When you guys were living together before Frank…you were…”

“NO! No, Rafe…it’s not like that at all. Please, just listen to me.” Natalia caught her son with her don’t-you-dare-cross-me eyes and he quieted. “I didn’t know then, but we grew quite fond of one another, and I realized, a little too late, I think, that I wasn’t in love with Frank. Rafe, Olivia was the one who tried to push me to be with Frank because she thought that that was what would be best, for you, for me, for her…but it wasn’t. It wasn’t, baby. Because I loved her more than I could ever love Frank, and she loved me.”

Rafe looked quite confused by his mother’s confession.

“Rafe, we haven’t even…done anything. Everything is normal, nothing has to be weird or different about our relationship, it’s just…it’s just two women who love one another, trying to be together.” Natalia realized she was trying to pacify herself as much as she was her son. But her words held more meaning than even she realized. She was no longer trying to make excuses for her love, but she was defending it.

Rafe studied his mother, surprise etched in his features. He rubbed his hand over his face, trying to bring himself back to reality. But this was reality. His mother was really telling him this. She loved Olivia Spencer.

He wasn’t quite sure what to say, but as he studied his mother, he could see it. He could see the love and adoration fill her features when she spoke of her love for Olivia. He could see how relaxed – albeit frightened – his mother was about her very real love for Olivia. And he knew this was not a fluke, this was real and true.

But even as he saw how much his mother loved Olivia, he couldn’t help but be a bit disturbed by it.

He just shrugged, understanding his mother’s feelings, but not quite sure he was ready to accept them.


“I told Rafe,” Natalia mindlessly stated over dinner at the farmhouse, minus Emma.

And suddenly Olivia knew why she was distracted. She reached out and covered Natalia’s hand with her own. “Did he take it all right?”

“I’m not sure.” Natalia frowned.


Olivia was in a meeting when she felt her cell phone begin to ring. She slid it out of her pocket, surprise and concern clouding her features when she saw that it was Rafe. Olivia excused herself from the meeting and stepped outside. “Rafe, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, Olivia.” He calmly stated. “A ring.”

“What?” Olivia frowned, wondering what in the world Rafe was talking about.

“Get her a ring.”

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