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An Absence of Apathy (Part 3)

Disclaimer: I STILL don’t own any of these characters. CBS does. Clearly, CBS never went to kindergarten, or they would have learned to share a little better.
Rating: R-NC-17 eventually, though we’re pretty much in PG-13ish territory here. Give me time. I’ll earn it, I swear.
A/U, kinda, beginning after the canon of the spa trip and San Fran reroute for Olivia.
Author’s note: For those of you who missed it the first time: this is my first fanfic EVER. So… be nice and things? Pretty please? With cherries…and, yeah, you know how that goes. Thanks. You guys are swell. Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for reading!
Additional note: For all of you who read and comment, or read and don’t comment, I thank you from the bottom of my cold, sarcastic heart. It is beyond wonderful to write for such a supportive group, and I’m sorry if I don’t write back soon enough or at all when you post or comment, but I love you, I really do! I’m just busy, and, turns out, bad at prioritizing my time…

Part 3:
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