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Otalia Fic: Cake Nazi

Title: Cake Nazi
Author: Myrth
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Otalia
Rating: PG

Word Count: 327
Archive: Just let me know
Disclaimer: They're somebody's but not mine.
Spoilers: None
Summary: Fluffy cake nazi fun
A/N: This is a chunk of fluffy domesticity, random scene. They pop into my head constantly so I decided to write them down. Could fit anywhere in the current timeline really.

“No more cake for you,” Natalia snagged the plate before Olivia could get her fork into it.

“Wha..?” It was good cake, really good cake and a second helping was almost mandatory.

“You know what the doctor said,” the brunette warned turning back to the kitchen drawer, unaware that her dimples had already won the argument for her.

Olivia settled for mumbling her grumbles at the kitchen table while holding her fork forlornly.

“Cake nazi.”

Natalia didn’t turn around, but Olivia could hear the chuckle in her voice.

“I heard that.”

Clattering announced the arrival of their daughter as she bounded into the kitchen.

“Hey Em,” her mother said, hauling her daughter onto her lap. “You like cake right?”

Natalia did turn around then, mock outrage on her face.

“Olivia Spencer, you are not about to try to use your daughter as a pawn in your wicked plot.”

Olivia’s face dropped into a pout utterly lacking contrition as Natalia smacked her knuckles playfully with the fork she was using to polish off the cake.

“Well not now,” she said dramatically with a roll of her eyes.

Emma sat oblivious to their play on Olivia’s lap, rummaging in her backpack to pull out her latest creation.

“Natalia, come see,” the girl beckoned.

“Yeah come see,” Olivia said sweetly with wickedness in her eyes as she looked at the creamy mess on her knuckles. Natalia’s eyes fixated on the spot too and she licked her lips unconsciously.

Brown eyes travelled to Olivia’s mouth along with the knuckles as Olivia deliberately sucked the cakey remnants off slowly, finishing with a final flick of her tongue and her most salacious smirk directed squarely at the brunette.

“Okay Em let me see,” Natalia said dragging her eyes from Olivia with effort. The slight catch in her voice didn’t go unnoticed by the other woman, whose smirk just grew into a triumphant grin.

This sweet torture was a new favourite game between them.

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