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Otalia: She Walks In Beauty 2/2

Title: She Walks In Beauty
By: Chrissie aka itsalovestory
Rating: Strong R (might be a NC-17; I'm never good at rating these things)
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia from Guiding Light
Disclaimer: All characters, etc. used belong to their respective owners. I just own my imagination. smile.gif
Summary: Olivia and Natalia decide to be here forever. A look into the future fic. Could be slightly off-canon and may contain spoilers.
A/N: I wanted to write something really romantic, something that has been simmering with me for awhile. It takes place sometime next summer. Hope you all enjoy. And, please leave some lubz!

Thanks for all the comments you left on Part 1. The titles of each part, btw, come from two Aaron and Andrew songs, which have been used on GL for Otalia scenes. "100 Red Bows" comes from the gazebo scene after the non-wedding as Olivia finds Natalia. "Here Forever" comes from the scene where Natalia drops off Olivia and Olivia invites her in.



Part 2/2 “Here Forever”


Olivia came out of the dark forest and into the starry, moonlit sky. As she looked across the open field, her breath caught as she took in the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. There was her home, her safe harbor, her Natalia. Natalia was standing there in the damp, dewy grass barefoot and wearing a simple yet gorgeous dark red sundress that wrapped around her body. Wow. Even after all this time she still manages to surprise me and take my breath away.


Slowly, their eyes met. Natalia smiled, dimples out in full force, and started sauntering towards Olivia who was awestruck into a statuesque pose. The only coherent thoughts running through the hotelier's mind at that moment were a chant of “beautiful” over and over. Once the raven haired woman reached her, Olivia instinctively wrapped her arms around Natalia's waist and gave her a soft kiss.


“Hi,” whispered Olivia against her warm lips.


“Hi yourself,” replied Natalia with a grin. “So, how was your day?” she inquired.


“Alright. I had a terrible conference call with some idiot. But, now it's much better that I'm here with you,” Olivia beamed.


Natalia returned with another dimpled grin of her own. “Good. Let's go eat the picnic I brought.” Interlacing their fingers together, Natalia led Olivia to the meal.


Olivia knew that Natalia was romantic, even if it was a little sappy sometimes. But, tonight she loved it, loved her. Her eyes shimmered with tears of bliss in seeing what the woman she loved had prepared for them that cool summer evening. Natalia has really outdone herself tonight. I am the luckiest person in the world.


Natalia had planned such a romantic rendezvous for them, down to every last detail. They sat down on the clean red and white checkerboard blanket. Olivia set down her lantern next to Natalia's and turned the light off, as there were four tiki torches lit up, illuminating the world around them. As Natalia busied herself getting the food dished up, Olivia took out all of the notes and gifts Natalia had given her. She placed them gently into a pile, careful not to break anything.


“My God Nat,” Olivia said joyfully, “You are just the most amazing person I've ever met. I mean...just...”


Chuckling, Natalia asked, “Oh Liv, good thing I'm a keeper, huh?”


“Oh yes. You have no idea,” Olivia responded as Natalia handed her a plate of food. They began to eat the gourmet spread of pleasure, eat bite feeling like an orgasm on their tongues, in their mouth. Natalia had made smoked salmon with garlic herb cream cheese on whole grain bagels, as well as a crisp, fresh garden salad and plump strawberries. Natalia opened a bottle of Olivia's favorite red wine, while Olivia enjoyed each delectable bite of food. It was simple yet exquisite, just like Natalia.


Pausing for a moment, Olivia set down her plate and grabbed the glass that Natalia gave to her. “To us,” toasted Olivia, raising her glass towards Natalia, smiling.


“To us,” Natalia softly smiled as they clanked their glasses together.


They finished their quiet dinner as Natalia turned on the small portable radio. “So, I have one last surprise for you, Olivia.”


“Oh really?” Olivia said, quirking an eyebrow up, enticed.


Natalia playfully swatted her arm as she said, “No. Not that sort of surprise. But, still it will keep your big mouth busy.” And, with that, Natalia handed a piece of her homemade cheesecake, Olivia's favorite.

“Well, this will have to do for now young lady,” Olivia teased, wagging a finger at Natalia. Olivia took a bite of the delicious dessert her love had made for her. “Mmm...this is really good, Nat. Thank you so much.”


“Oh it was nothing,” brushed off the Latina. Natalia shared the piece of cheesecake with Olivia. Glancing up at Natalia, she saw that the woman had a piece of it stuck on the corner of her mouth. Without hesitation, Olivia leaned over and kissed and licked the dessert off her face. As she slowly drew back, Olivia's breath was caught once again.


That mouth of Natalia's sure had been trouble for Olivia ever since they had first met. In the beginning, it was fiery and angry as Olivia had tried to steal Gus away. And, once Gus had died, it continued to fight and push Olivia into living. Eventually, that mouth had softened the older woman's heart, with sweet words of comfort, of friendship, and finally of love.


When Olivia had heard those declarations of love from Natalia in that gazebo in on that cold spring day, she thought that mouth would be the death of her. I could hardly believe it. “I don't love Frank! I love YOU!!!” How the hell did I get so damn lucky to have someone like Natalia in my life, loving me?!


And, then after it screamed Natalia's love at her, that mouth continued to do things Olivia had never dreamed would come true. Whispering “I love you. I'm so in love with you. You make me happy. You are EVERYTHING to me.” Over and over. Kissing her, lips to lips, tongue to tongue. Exploring every inch of her body, savoring and sometimes ravishing ever single stop along the way. Moaning. Groaning. Bellowing out her name in the throes of passion. Quite simply, loving her, all of her.


Olivia just sat back a little and stared at Natalia, lost in the memories, including the most recent one of how Natalia looked when she walked towards her earlier.


“Breathless awe,” Olivia mumbled, entranced by Natalia.


Natalia's mouth was at work once again as she asked, “Hey Olivia, whatch'a thinking about?”


“Um...huh?” Olivia shook out of her haze.


Grinning, Natalia placed a strand of Olivia's hair back behind her ear and questioned again, “I asked what are you thinking about? You seem to be gone somewhere.”


“Oh...I was just think about you and how beautiful you are inside and out.”

Natalia blushed and shyly and softly said, “Thanks. You're not too bad yourself. You are just...”


“No,” Olivia interrupted Natalia, “I'm serious. I don't think you realize how beautiful you are.”


“Why don't you tell me?”


She's such a little flirt. I love it. “Okay...I will,” Olivia swallowed before she continued, “Have you heard of Lord Byron?”


Natalia shook her head no.


“Well, he wrote something that every time I see you, every time I'm with you, every time I am loved by you, I can't help to think of the beauty of you. And, tonight....tonight when you walked towards me with your beautiful hair and that smokin' red dress and your smile that lights up my heart and touches the dark recesses of my soul, this poem once again drifted through my mind like it so often does.”


“So, what did this Lord Byron say that reminds you of lil' ol' me?”


“He said...Well, no I you walked towards me...


'She walks in beauty, like the night

Of cloudless climes and starry skies;

And all that's best of dark and bright

Meet in her aspect and her eyes:

Thus mellowed to that tender light

Which heaven to gaudy day denies.


One shade the more, one ray the less,

Had half impaired the nameless grace

Which waves in every raven tress,

Or softly lightens o'er her face;

Where thoughts serenely sweet express

How pure, how dear their dwelling place.


And on that cheek, and o'er that brow,

So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,

The smiles that win, the tints that glow,

But tell of days in goodness spent,

A mind at peace with all below,

A heart whose love is innocent!' So, you see, it's all your fault.”


“All my fault for what?!” Natalia exclaimed.


“All your fault that I'm in love with you and that you love me at all. And...and...” Olivia lowered her head.


“Hey now. Look at me,” Natalia gently and lovingly lifted Olivia's chin, getting their eyes to meet each other, unshed tears shining behind both pairs, “if anyone should be blamed it should be you, what with your charm and passion. You are one of the most unselfish people I've ever met. I never stood a chance against your love, my dear. Let's just agree...”


“Let's just agree that neither one of us stood a chance. This is where we were meant to be.” Olivia grabbed Natalia's hand and interlaced their fingers yet again. “Let's just dance. Ms. Rivera would you do me the honor?”


“I'd thought you'd never ask, Ms. Spencer.” Natalia stood and pulled the older woman up to her.


Taking Natalia into her arms, Olivia placed her hand upon Natalia's waist and grabbed Natalia's left hand with her right, clasping them tightly together. Natalia melted into the embrace, resting her head on Olivia's shoulder, feeling the warm and the love surround them, protecting them, nurturing them. They danced in each other's arms, swaying slowly to the soft music from the radio.


Olivia looked down at their joint hands. “We fit so well together. It's almost like...”


“...we're intertwined,” Natalia finished.


“Yeah,” Olivia breathed softly. She began to run her thumb along Natalia's knuckles. “So...” Stepping back from Natalia slightly, she gazed into her brown orbs. It was now or never. Olivia began twitching nervously as she fumbled in her left side pocket. “Natalia, my dear sweet Natalia. You're not the only one with surprises today,” she winked.


Natalia watched curiously as Olivia got down on one knee. “Olivia...”


“You are Emma's other mommy. You are my best friend, my lover, my equal in the work place and at home. But, more than any of that you are just you. You are Natalia Rivera. I am just me, Olivia Spencer. And, I am so in love with you. I love you. Those three words are so simple and many people say them without a second thought. With you though...” Olivia choked up, tears sliding down her face as she looked up into the love of her life. “...with you...they mean everything to me. You fought for me and with me when I didn't even want to live. You have changed me. Changed me in a completely unexpected way. We've built this amazing life together. And, I hope that...” Olivia took a deep breath. “I hope that we can continue to live our lives together, intertwined in the most unbelievably wonderful way. So, I am here, Natalia...” Olivia took out and opened a small black box from her pocket.


Inside the box there was a simple yet elegant ring, just like Natalia. It had three stones. The middle one was heart shaped with two smaller stones, one on each side. When Olivia was shopping for the ring, she specifically told the woman at the counter that she was looking for something classy and graceful, something that showed two hearts becoming one. And, so Olivia looked up at Natalia with the perfect ring and a promise of what that ring represented, a life of faith, hope, and love, together.


Both women were crying, tears of unparalleled bliss running down their cheeks. “So, here I am Natalia, asking you here today, if you would so do me the honor and privilege of spending the rest of your life with me, allowing me to make you as happy as you've made me. Will you commit to me Natalia? Will you be my wife, my partner, my lover, my best friend, and Emma's mom for all time?”


Olivia held her breath as Natalia answered. “Oh Olivia. Don't you know? I've been yours. It's always been you. will always be you. Yes! Oh yes, I will be your wife!” Natalia joyously shouted.


With trembling fingers and tears streaming down her face, Olivia slipped the shining ring onto Natalia's finger and looked up into her beloved's eyes. For the third time that night, her breath was caught in awe at the beautiful gift before her. Olivia slowly stood up, wrapping her arms around the other woman, murmuring against her lips as they kissed, “You make me so happy.” Natala's only response, her reassurance of her own happiness was a deep kiss.


This kiss was different than the others they had shared previously. It was a promise of undying love. Wrapped up in each other's arms, Natalia and Olivia kissed, each one deeper and more passionate the previous. They kissed for their past. They kissed for their present. And, they kissed for their future. When the broke away, leaning their foreheads against each other, they stared intensely into the other's eyes. Instead of loosing themselves, they found themselves there, coming home, finding peace.


In a breathy whisper, Natalia said, “Make love to me. Make love to me, Olivia.”


Oh my god. I thought she wasn't an outdoorsy girl. But, whatever she wants, I'll give to her. “Forever,” was Olivia's response that both women knew was true. Natalia surged forward again, crashing their already bruised lips back together. As she kissed from those plump lips down Natalia's neck to her soft shoulder, Olivia slowly brought down the strap of Natalia's sundress from her soft shoulder shoulder to her elbow, letting her tongue linger at each delicious stop along the way.


Natalia threw her head back in pleasure as Olivia suckled her neck. And, then, a small moan escaped past that mouth again as Olivia unzipped her dress, letting the fabric pool at Natalia's feet in the grass. At the same time, Natalia was trying to unbutton Olivia's blouse. With her fingers fumbling too much, she opted for a much quicker method, ripping it open.


This time Olivia's head rolled back, eyes tightly closing as Natalia unzipped her capris, pulling both the capris and her black panties off. Natalia helped take Olivia's legs out of them, licking her way up her lovers legs, teasing and tempting her of things to come with her soft, pink tongue. Once Natalia was standing again, Olivia grabbed her face, kissing her hard, throwing all her love into that one simple kiss. Natalia snaked her hands around Olivia's back, unclasping and removing her lacy, black bra, fingers finally coming to rest entangling themselves in Olivia's hair.


Gasping and panting for air when they finally parted some time later, Olivia gave Natalia a knowing look, took her left hand, and led her down onto the soft blanket below. After removing the final barrier between them, Natalia's white panties, Olivia pressed her body down against Natalia's flesh. Natalia wrapped her legs around Olivia's waist, their warmth and wetness meeting, allowing hips to easily roll against each other in perfect harmony.


Bodies moved together in a symphony of love. Their eyes never broke contact as they made love, fireworks exploding behind those dazzling orbs as tongues, lips, fingers, hands, legs, thighs, every perfect possible part of them moving with each other building and breaking into a final release of pure pleasure. And, as they continued to make love under the enveloping embrace of the starry sky, both Natalia and Olivia knew that tonight was the ending of yesterday and the beginning of forever, together.


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