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Can't Go Back Now 11/??

Title: Can't Go Back Now
Pairing: Emily/JJ
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine. Please stop asking..
Archiving: You can have it if you like.
Author's note: Nothing really happens this chapter. Seriously, it's just one plain ol' chapter. But of course, I'll be happy if you're willing to read it. :)

And here we go again...


Chapter 11

The two arrived at the station two hours later. Morgan patted Emily on the shoulder and Reid smiled awkwardly. JJ was nowhere to be seen, and Emily took it as a sign that the blonde woman didn’t want to see her. She felt another stab of pain in her heart but decided to ignore it. She was determined to solve the case as fast as possible. Hotch asked to see her privately in an empty office.

“No interrogation room available?” She couldn’t resist asking that as the unit chief closed the door. Hotch grinned apologetically.

He waited until Emily sat down before he started. “Prentiss,” he began. “I am so sorry for not standing up for you earlier. But I really thought that you needed help. I still do. Something is bothering you and that something has nothing to do with the case. I can’t risk not solving this case because one of my agents puts their personal problems before work.”

 “Then why did you bring me back here? Do you think I have solved all my ‘personal’ problems in only half a day?” Emily said sarcastically. “Wow, I must be so talented in compartmentalizing then, huh?” Emily was hurt because she thought that Hotch was being unfair to her. She was sure if it had been Reid or Morgan, the unit chief would do anything to make sure they stayed in the case. Like when he protected the genius when he had drugs problem.

Hotch sighed. There was nothing he could do to make it up to his female agent; there were not enough words, not enough apologies for him to say to Emily now. He looked at Emily in the eyes, and felt guilty to see the hurt and accusing look in her dark eyes. “Emily,” he pleaded. “I just... You don’t know how sorry I am for letting you down.”

“But we have a case to work on,” Emily cut in. “I understand, Hotch.”

“Do you really?” The man asked tiredly.

Emily shrugged. “Let’s just think that I really do. Now if there’s nothing else, we have a case to solve.” The woman replied. She didn’t want to spend another minute talking about nonsense. She wanted to work. The faster they started to work again, the sooner the case would be solved. And the sooner they solved the case, the sooner she didn’t have to see JJ anymore.


After the conversation with Hotch, nothing more were said about the matter. Morgan and Reid welcomed her to sit with them at the big table and they worked as if nothing had happened. JJ didn’t show up for the rest of the day, and even though Emily didn’t say nor ask anything about the blonde, Reid provided the information that Hotch had sent her to talk with all the victims’ families again, including the last victim’s family – the little girl who had nothing to do with their case, in case there were something more they remembered.

Emily tried her best to stay focused on the case. She scolded herself for not being able to resist looking at the door whenever somebody entered the room; half hoping it was JJ. She didn’t want to admit, that even after all the emotional roller-coaster the younger woman had caused her, Emily was somehow still longing for the woman.

She was reading the files back to back for the third time when she heard Morgan groaned in frustration. The dark man threw the file folder he was holding to the table.

“This sucks!” He exclaimed. The dark agent leaned closer to Emily. “There is no way we could make a profile out of this trash,” he said, half whispering. The files only covered very basic information about the case and the victims, like it was compiled half-heartedly by the local officers.

Emily raised her eyebrows disapprovingly. They were practically surrounded by the locals and Morgan’s half-whisper sounded like a thunder in the small room. “Maybe we should get make our own files, if Hotch lets us go to the crime scenes again. And of course, if you still trust me enough to go with you,” she said calmly.

Morgan smiled encouragingly. “Hey, girl, you know I trust you with my life,” he said. “Come on; let’s talk to Hotch about this.”

Hotch gave them permission to go. He didn’t even say anything about Emily coming along. Emily was relieved because she was given another chance after sort of screwing up their last raid. The older man just reminded her to be very careful before they left.

Emily needed to get her things and she told Morgan to wait in the car. She was about to walk out of the door when she saw JJ.

The blonde woman stopped dead on her tracks when she entered the office. She knew Emily had come back. Garcia told her so. But she didn’t expect to meet her just yet. She wasn’t ready. Her mind raced back to the night before; to the kiss. She blushed. The blonde tried to steady her breath as the older woman approached her.

Emily had prepared herself for this the whole day, yet she still felt her world was turning upside down. She gritted her teeth and held her head high. You can do it, Prentiss, she reassured herself. The brunette walked to JJ’s direction calmly.

JJ went agape when Emily strode past her without even acknowledging her. It was as if the woman didn’t know her at all. The younger agent’s eyes widened in surprise; she turned back to see if Emily ever glanced at her and the brunette kept walking. JJ found it hard to breathe that instant. She was hurt. And she didn’t even understand why.

The older agent didn’t stop walking until she was in the parking lot. She blinked her tears away. Good girl, Emily. What a true Prentiss, said the same little voice in her head. The woman clenched her fists. She strolled to the car and shut the door a little too hard.

“You okay?” Morgan asked worriedly. Emily looked pale. She had been pale for some time now, but this time, she was too pale to his liking. Emily nodded in silence. “Look, Prentiss, if there’s anything... you know you can talk to me.” He said, looking at the woman with genuine concern.

“Just drive, Morgan.” She replied coldly. She saw a disappointed look flashed on her friend’s face and she felt rather guilty. When Morgan ignited the car and drove away, Emily added softly, “Thank you.”

Morgan smiled.


"Friend derives from a word meaning "free." A friend is someone who allows us the space and freedom to be."


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