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Drabble x Icon: Lunch Break (Women's Murder Club)

Okay, I didn't manage to post this for WMC Day and was then going to save it for IDF, but you know... I change my mind sometimes. A while ago, I had the idea to combine my love for WMC with that for grumpybear1031's wonderful icons, because she really makes them tell a story.

So here's the first one:

"Your top is inside out." (Lindsay/Cindy)

#1: Lunch Break

"Your top is inside out," I call after her.

Cindy spins around, a sweet blush creeping up her face. She looks down at herself and grimaces. "Not funny, Linds."

"I'm sorry," I say, but it doesn't sound very convincing. She smiles, walking back to me. I reach out a hand to touch her face, lean closer to kiss her again. Her lips open eagerly, letting me in. The taste of her brings back an avalanche of images, of moments passed just minutes ago. The memory is enough to make my heart race.

No better way to spend your lunch break.

And since I never pass an opportunity to harass people for more WMC fic, I dare you guys to write a drabble for your favorite WMC icons.;)
Tags: drabble, women's murder club

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