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Fic: CSI: Miami/Criminal Minds Crossover

Title: Blondes Have More Fun
Author: bunnie_jitters 
Fandom: CSI: Miami/Criminal Minds crossover
Pairing: JJ/Calleigh
Disclaimers: I don't own. Please no sue.
Spoilers: None. Not even if you squint.
Rating: NC-17
Notes: This is my first attempt at fan fiction, and I know I am not very good, but let me know what you think and please by nice!


JJ normally did not go for other blondes.


But there was something about the Miami detective that struck her deep in her core. Maybe it was the Southern drawl, thick like honey but fluid, golden. Or maybe it was her calm sense of confidence. Whatever the reason, JJ found herself involuntarily drawn to Detective Calleigh Duquesne.


The team had decided to stay in town for an extra night. For once, Hotch lightened up and decided they could all use a break from the strain of the job. The case had been particularly heinous, and although they had caught the bad guy, the toll had already been taken on the BAU. Even Emily seemed to be affected, even quieter and more distant than usual.


A free night in Miami is what everyone needed to decompress. Morgan and one of the cops they had worked with on the case, Wolfe, took Reid to a club in order to “make a man out of him.” Emily and Rossi wandered off to take in the historical sights around town. And Hotch… well, he disappeared to do whatever it was Hotch did. That left JJ and Detective Duquesne.


“Would you like to go grab a drink?” Calleigh asked, flashing one of her mega-watt smiles at JJ.


Mouth suddenly dry, JJ was helpless to do anything but nod until regaining the ability to speak. “Sure.”


Drinks led to talking. Talking led to more drinks. JJ was not sure at first, but as the night wore on, she was convinced that the other blond was flirting with her.


The FBI agent would have been hardpressed to deny the feelings of attraction tugging in her gut. Calleigh was beautiful. Her hair was a different blond than her own, lighter, more golden. It hung in delicate waves to her shoulders, occasionally brushed back from her eyes by one of the detective’s small, delicate hands. Those eyes.


JJ felt as if she could lose herself in the depths of those light emerald orbs. They were bright in their cheerful intensity, but also hinted that there was a depth to her that JJ did not yet know. Every time her own sapphire eyes met emeralds, she felt her breath catch, her heart jump in her chest.


And why shouldn’t they flirt? They were both adults, and it was one night. So the next time Calleigh grinned that bright smile at her, JJ reached across the table and placed her hand over the other woman’s.


When she didn’t pull her hand away, JJ met her eyes again. “Take me home. To your home.” The worst Calleigh could say was “no.” They would never see one another after tonight, and JJ could return to the BAU and forget all about the blond beauty in Miami. But still, her heart fluttered, then thundered in her chest. She felt almost dizzy until Calleigh finally replied.




How they got back to Calleigh’s apartment was a blur. JJ was heady with daring, with the possibility of what the evening still held.


They barely made it in the door of Calleigh’s small but comfortable apartment before the detective’s hands were on JJ’s hips, pushing her back against the wall. JJ surrendered herself to the motion, her shoulders and back hitting the wall, looping her arms around her neck and pulling her closer.


It was Calleigh who ducked her head slightly and brought soft pink lips to meet JJ’s. The kiss sent a frisson of electricity down JJ’s spine, causing her to whimper softly into the kiss. Those lips were so soft, slick with the sheen of lip gloss Calleigh had applied in the car on the way over. As JJ yielded to the kiss, parted her lips slightly to the other woman’s probing tongue, she noted how she tasted sweet, vaguely of the strawberry martini she had been drinking at the bar.


Reaching up, JJ ran her fingers through Calleigh’s flaxen hair, pushing against her. “I want this.” She breathed into the kiss.


“I’ve wanted you the moment I first saw you.” Calleigh replied, barely whispering.


Clothes were discarded in a flurry of activity. Badges and guns joined one another on the bedside table, slacks and shirts were left wherever they fell. Undergarments were all but tossed across the room as they fell back onto the bed, barely breaking their passioned kiss the entire time.


Calleigh’s skin was soft under JJ’s hands and fingers as they roamed, exploring every inch of the blond detective’s body, down the sides of her ribcage, to her hips, stopping to grasp her tight ass. Calleigh moaned softly at the action, then nipped JJ’s lower lip in retaliation.


Their naked bodies tangled together, side by side, JJ rolled onto her back, pulling Calleigh on top of her. They broke the kiss, Calleigh brushing her mouth ever so gently over JJ’s kissed bruised lips. “Is this how you like to be fucked, agent? You like to be on bottom?” She whispered huskily, lowering her mouth to JJ’s breasts.


The question left JJ lightheaded with arousal. The directness with which the other woman spoke caught her off guard again and she was helpless to do anything but moan in response as Calleigh took her nipple in between her teeth. She licked and sucked her nipple erect, her hand paying equal attention to the opposite breast until she switched ministrations.


“I’ll take that as a yes.” Calleigh said, her voice bordering on a low growl as she raised her head to once again claim JJ’s lips with her own. She didn’t fight as the blond detective took one of her wrists in either hand and pinned them over her head. “Which is good, because I like to top.”


Heat and wetness pulled in between JJ’s legs as Calleigh pressed her thigh against her. “Tell me you want this.” Calleigh teased.


JJ whimpered and writhed against the other woman, her arousal heightening when she realized that Calleigh had her thoroughly pinned. She lifted her hips, trying to get more of that delicious pressure where she needed it most. But to no avail, Calleigh kept just enough pressure on her moist center just to tease her, not enough to satisfy her.


“Please,” JJ moaned and attempted to buck her hips against Calleigh’s.


“Please, what?” Calleigh asked innocently, grinning as he sucked and nibbled along JJ’s neck.


Arousal was not solely hers alone. JJ could feel the dampness between Calleigh’s legs against her own thigh. Licking her lips, JJ opened her eyes and forced her voice to work. “Please fuck me.”


Calleigh seemed all too happy to oblige once asked. She began to move against JJ, her creamy skin slick with sheen of sweat. JJ cried out with the first grind of Calleigh’s hips, and then fell into a steady rhythm with her. Her hips bucked, and she lifted her own thigh against Calleigh, loving the slickness she felt there.


They moved against one another, grinding into one another, moaning and crying out their mutual passion. Their movements came faster, harder with impending climax. Calleigh’s grip on JJ’s wrists tightened as each thrust became a little rougher than the last.


Their bodies tightened and spasmed as they rode out the their orgasms together. JJ balled her hands into fists and cried out the other woman’s name, a solemn plea, as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her.


Finally, they collapsed against one another, exhausted and sated.


Calleigh released JJ’s wrists and rolled to the side of her, propping her head up on her elbow to gaze down at the beautiful young woman next to her. With slender fingers, she turned JJ’s face towards her and kissed her gently.


As her breathing slowed and her heart steadied, JJ opened her eyes and gazed up to see Calleigh’s brilliant smile. Reaching up, she cupped the detective’s cheek, smiled when she leaned her head into the touch.


“Is this just a one night stand?” JJ asked, trying to mask the pang of regret in her voice.


Tags: criminal minds, crossover, fic

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