House of Demeter (demeter94) wrote in passion_perfect,
House of Demeter

Women's Murder Club/Dollhouse crossover: Parts 16-18

I already threatened that there'd be more of this, here it comes ;)

Pairing is still Lindsay/Cindy, or Lindsay/Echo however you want to see it.

Part 16: Labyrinth
Summary: Claire makes good on her promise.

Part 17: De L'Enfer
Summary: Life in the golden cage, and the wrong body.

Part 18: Eclipse Of The Sun
Summary: Finally.

Parts 1-15

Part 1: Until The Break of Dawn
Part 2: A Light To Guide My Way
Part 3: Libra
Part 4: Storm Warning
Part 5: The Long Cold Winter
Part 6: Dreams In The Mist
Part 7: The Cold War
Part 8: Celeste
Part 9: Echoes
Part 10: Summer Nights
Part 11: Ain't No Sunshine
Part 12: Darkest Hour
Part 13: Ashes And Fire
Part 14: Thin Ice
Part 15: Bridge Over Troubled Water

Tags: dollhouse, fic, women's murder club

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